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Charlie Sheen

The Sweetest Deal Ever

... Maybe

8/2/2010 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with the Charlie Sheen case tell TMZ the plea bargain is still a 50/50 toss up, hours before today's court hearing ... but one thing is certain -- Charlie will not do jail time.

Sources tell TMZ there are two options on the table between Charlie's lawyer, Yale Galanter, and prosecutors. We're told neither option includes jail time, and very little or no probation.

But it gets even better for Charlie ... he will plead no contest to a misdemeanor -- not a felony, and his work schedule on "Two and a Half Men" will not be affected in any way.

We're told Charlie is in the air right now flying to Aspen, where he and Galanter will meet with prosecutors before going to court.

If they cannot strike a deal, we're told both sides will ask for a trial date when they appear in court at 3:00PM PDT.

If a deal is struck it will be a remarkable feat that Yale Galanter -- who also reps Brooke Mueller -- orchestrated a deal for Charlie that is beyond sweet.


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#2, right on, and the ad is stupid anyway. As a matter of fact, the teeth on that guy look like the teeth on Satan's disciples in The Devil's Advocate (starring Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves)when they go rogue.

1540 days ago


that whole thing was BS from the beginning. don't the courts have better things to do? ooops I forgot this is ArfoAmerica now, **** on the white guys!!

1540 days ago


this is even worse than the lindsay thing and that's saying a lot. boo hoo, he couldn't smoke in jail, boo hoo..

this is crap, he should do jail time.

1540 days ago


So why aren't you attacking him like you do Lindsay? He's getting WAY more "celebrity justice" than she ever did. So where are all your harsh comments for him and his judge? Oh, yeah, there's not any because it was never about celebrity anything. It's about the fact that you are sexist pigs and about the lowest form of life.

1540 days ago


Boy! Lots of anger problems here.

1540 days ago


Like any of us are seems like the worst people have the best luck. I'm really tired of this.

1540 days ago


I'm not saying knockin the hell out of somebody will work for everybody, but for some thats the only way. If it works for you well thats ok. The world was a better place when you learned to keep your mouth shut out of fear of having the hell beat out of you. Now all the little cowards just call the cops. Where did the courage go?

1540 days ago


I am sick of these damn rich celebrities getting away with murder and everything else.

1540 days ago


their wont be jail. Sheen laughing right to the bank.

1540 days ago


Sweet would be a mistrial

1540 days ago


# 15 - You are right on! Although I love 2.5 Men, Charlie has many more questionable incidents with women than Mel. I think the show is more a playbook from Charlie's real life rather than a sitcom. Not sure they really need to pay screenwriters, since all the episodes are from Charlie's life. I do LOVE Jake on the show..he is the best. My favorite episode is the one with Steven Tyler and the blue hat ...!

1540 days ago


See what happens if you have the best lawyers and a network complaining about their shooting schedule. Time for him to serve his time in jail or picking up trash from the highway. He looks so stupid in that picture.

1540 days ago


This is the prefect picture of Charlie. He always has something big, fat and round in his mouth! LMOA!!

1540 days ago

who dat    

Yet again proving, if you have the right amount of money, you are never held accountable for anything you do.

1540 days ago


Guess none of you have ever done any wrong doing!!!

1540 days ago
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