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Michael Lohan -- Daddy Non Grata at Lindsay's Rehab

8/3/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan has a better chance of getting into a UCLA astrophysics class, than he does of getting in to see Lindsay Lohan at UCLA Medical Center.

Lindsay Lohan Rehab
Sources tell TMZ Lindsay provided a list of people she will allow to visit her during her 90-day court appointed rehab sentence ... and, we're told, it's "safe to say" Michael wasn't on that list.

We've also learned Michael would have gotten the same treatment at Morningside Recovery -- the place where Linds was originally supposed to go to rehab. We're told the staff had strict orders that Michael was to have "no contact or updates" about Lindsay's stay.

Looks like that song Michael wrote for Lindsay hasn't broken the ice just yet.


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Dear No 1: First of all by going to a site called Seekwealthy tells me you are sloppy with conceit and self esteem issues. I live in a very small town and there are plenty of ladies to go out with. Let me tell ya a secret, be nice and humble and you will have more women that you can shake a stick at. I would bet your problem with women begins with you. I bet you are seeking a certain type of “trophy” girl. Remember this, find somebody you enjoy talking to, cause one day that will be all you have. Be happy with the one that makes you happy.

1511 days ago


Would Michael NOW take a hint and leave his daughter alone?

1511 days ago


He will just try even harder now to force himself upon his daughter.
He can freak out and get put into the same looney bin as lindsay

1511 days ago


I love it when reality slams into Michael Lohan. He's giving interviews left and right trying to make it appear that he "knows" what is going on with Lindsay, when in fact he has no clue. Face it Daddyio - Lindsay, the courts and the Drs. think you're poison. Shut up and stay under your rock where you can continue to assault creatures weaker then yourself. It's only a matter of time before you're behind bars again and we can celebrate a victory for justice.

1511 days ago


Dina should not be allowed near Lindsay either. They are both a major part of why Lindsay has become the way that she is and she needs a break!

1511 days ago


Most effective rehabs isolate clients from the outside world for at least a month which includes everyone.

1511 days ago


Lindsay is an ungrateful skanky bitch.

1511 days ago


He has GOT to be crazier then ever to even think that he would have been allowed in ANYPLACE to see her. Sh is the biggest freakin tool bag alive.

1511 days ago


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1511 days ago


Just because he happens to be her father does not mean he is not stalking her. Were this any other person hounding her in this manner, they would be jailed. He should be also. I do not believe her protection and safety are anywhere on his agenda.

1511 days ago


How much money does he get using his daughter? Dina is another media whore.

1511 days ago


I did 30 days in treatment in 1991, alcoholism, depression. I can tell you that it is absolutely critical that you are disconnected from your "life" outside the doors in order to heal. Family contact is very restricted, and needs to be so that you can see - perhaps for the first time - what all these forces acting on your life are, and how they impact you. Everyone worried about me for 30 days, and yet while I was inside, they were the best and most important 30 days of my life. Leave her alone, Michael. You're trying to help, but that's not how it's coming across. You are part of the problem, not the solution.

1511 days ago



1511 days ago


The one person who should be allowed to see Lindsay should be Michael Lohan. He was the only one who gave a damn about his daughter for years. Where was his darling ex-wife, Dina Lohan during all of this? Where? Denying her daughter even has a problem. HELLO! Who gets to pick Lindsay up from jail and transport to rehab? Dina Lohan. Hello! Who has been screaming for years that Lindsay Lohan needs help? Hello! And he is being denied entrance to see his daughter. ONE DAY.... this whole thing is going to come full circle and Lindsay will be thanking her father for helping to save her life. Her mother? She should check into the Betty Ford Center while her daughter rehabs and get some help herself. I admit, Michael has a few rough edges but he loves his daughter... is not in her bank account wella Dina Lohan's 15% .... and only wants to save his kid's life. We are all a bit kooky... but love our kids. The only one I see who really has caused major damage is Dina Lohan... who is at the top of Lindsay's visitors list. Wonderful. Lindsay should have taken up the prison minister's offer and went to 12 months of faith-based treatment. At least there .. they teach to forgive. If you forgive others ... God will forgive you. Very simple Christianity 101.

1511 days ago


Dina and Michael need to stop ragging on each other. Get some forgiveness themsevles and face the fact they "both" screwed up big time. Maybe this will come out while LL is in rehab. It is good she is cut off from both of her parents. They have not really helped that much other than at least Michael identified the drug problem in his daughter's life and spoke up. However, now is not the time for the parents to be still pointing the finger at each other. It is a done deal. Society has stepped in and is taking matters into its' own hands via the judicial system. Now... let it work. Shut both of your pie-holes and get into some treatment yourselves.... both of you need personal help... not just Dina, Michael. You do too. Quit whoring around thinking you are 20 years old jumping from one bad relationship into another.... trying all sorts of media stunts and going nowhere. People can see right through both of you. Maybe you should listen up and get real for once in your lives. You both screwed up. Big time. Your daughter was in jail .... happy? She is sitting in a court ordered 90 day rehab.... happy? She has 12 months of special hard to do supervised probation for one year.... happy? Your parenting skills leave an awful lot to be desired. However, God saved your daughter's life through all of this ... in spite of both of you. He has a plan and purpose for Lindsay Lohan and I hope it includes forgiving both of you so she can finally live right.

1511 days ago
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