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Young Buck's Home

Raided by

Shotgun-Toting Feds

8/3/2010 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Young Buck's Tennessee home was just ransacked by several armed federal agents ... TMZ has learned -- and it was all over $300,000 in allegedly unpaid taxes.

According to Young's rep, IRS agents rolled up to the platinum-selling rapper's house in Nashville this morning to go on a repossession rampage over the alleged tax debt -- seizing assets like recording equipment, jewelry, furniture, his platinum wall plaques ... and even his kids' PlayStation.

The rep tells us, the feds in question were packing heat -- in the form of a shotgun -- and warned Buck not to interfere with the raid.

As for how he fell so far behind in debt, the former G-Unit member tells us, "This IRS situation came about because I trusted accountants, lawyers, and managers to handle my business for me while I focused on making music. From now on, I am going to stay on top of my own business."


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Anon E Mouse    

WTF, we are paying for these guys to act like jack booted thugs now.
The IRS is becoming the Gestapo now.
The Federal Governement has gotten too big and too out of control.
He is an idiot, but this is still not right.

1541 days ago


Since when does the IRS raid homes for taxes?? Isn't this something that should be done via the courts not busting into a home with shotguns? What the hell? Some are so busy crying about us turning into a welfare state that they fail to see we've become a military state.

1541 days ago


The IRS are just a bunch of ***s that need to be dealt with! Our President is a idiot that doesn't understand the law. Our cogress are just a bunch of ***** thiefs and the federal employees are lynch men. It is so sad to be an american when we allow BS like this to take place. The IRS needs to be torn to shreads.

1541 days ago


Hold the presses. So this guy only owes 300,000 to the IRS. Umm Nic Cage owers like 31 million and there are several other stars I read about owing way more thatn that and they raid his home. Why?

1541 days ago


Wake Up People!!! All of you who aren't paying attention to THE CHARLIE RANGLE FIASCO. He has done a hell of a lot worse than this guy and the FEDS didn't come to his house AND HE WAS ONE WHO HAS WRITTEN OUR TAX CODE. RANGLE DIDN'T PAY HIS TAXES!! This makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. $300K does not give anyone the right to come in with guns this is like thug mentality.

1541 days ago


The agents of the Criminal Division of the IRS are always armed. It is not unique to this case.

Secondly, this raid did not happen in a vacuum. The Feds did not just decide to roll up to this guy's house one day. There were many administrative and legal hoops that both parties went through before they got to this stage.

That being said, I always thought it odd that if one wants to challenge an IRS ruling in Federal Court, the money at issue must be paid before the case can proceed.

1541 days ago


I wonder if he voted for Obama and change.. Because like everyone else that's all he'll have left.

1541 days ago

Loves her colombian stud    

And no one storms Wesley Snipes home for millions that he owes......ahaha US is ****ed up like its president.

1541 days ago

john johnson    

hummm.......i guess that freemason, otherwise known as 50 cent has accountants, lawers, and managers who keep him from the wrath of the irs.

1541 days ago


Damn, IRS took his kids' PlayStation??? Was it a 2 or 3?!?

1541 days ago


Hmmm... funny thing that he didn't get any of the notices that I know he received. The IRS cannot do a seizue without personally notifing the taxpayer - even if they have an accountant or lawyer... the seizure notification must be made to him. I bet he just figured that it really wouldn't happen so didn't even bother to try to fix it.

1541 days ago


Does the IRS do this to everyone else who owes delinquent taxes?l No. I they did they, then the deficit would be lot lower. What made this case require such strong arm tactics? They did not do this with over high profile delinquent tax papers (oxymoron). The IRS does have revenue officers--maybe they should all be out enforce to collect and reduce the tax payer indebtedness.

1541 days ago


Buck is a nice young man and I hate to see this happen to him.
I hope he can rebound from this quickly.

1541 days ago


this is nothing new....buck infamously was put on blast as 50 cent used a tapped conversation of buck begging 50 for money to resolve his tax issues (this was over a year ago). i am sure buck received notice and ignored it instead of trying to resolve it so his kids no longer have a playstation and they know there dad is an idiot. Uncle Sam is the biggest OG and for any 'artist' to think that they will win .... just proves their stupidity. (ie - i'm talking to you wesley snipes, chris tucker, nick cage, etc)....

1541 days ago


Obama does not play around you better pay your taxes.

1541 days ago
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