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Lindsay Lohan Gets Rehab Visit from Mom, Sister

8/4/2010 12:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's mother and sister dropped by the UCLA rehab facility last night -- to try and spend some quality time with Lindsay during her 2nd night in the program. 

Dina Lohan -- along with her 16-year-old daughter Ali -- drove up to the rehab facility together ... though it's unclear how much time they actually got to spend with LiLo.

As we previously reported, Lindsay checked into UCLA on Monday morning ... and she's expected to be there for the next 87 days.

UPDATE: After the visit, Dina told photogs that Lindsay was doing "great."


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When society as a whole, begged to stop seeing anything on this monumental train wreck called Lindsay Lohan, no one listened. We don’t care about her! She is a disaster as a so called “actress”. She is a true definition of a Sociopath and has a Narcissistic Personality Disorder, acerbated by her severe drug and alcohol abuse. Does no one understand, she has created permanent damage to her brain, all the treatment in the world, is not going to prevent her from using again, getting in a car under the influence, and eventually kill someone. She thinks she is entitled to behave in this manner and no one will say anything to her. Well, we have a right to speak up and say we are tired of her and those “privileged” so called celebrities. What has happened to our country to allow this? They are no better, and I repeat no better than anyone else on this planet. We all have a right to live a good life without people like her out there to destroy it. Get her out of magazines, web-sites, movies, whatever endeavor she has planned. We don’t care and only those uneducated people, who have dreams of what they think the “good life” is all about, follows people such as her. They need a wake-up call and realize the only true form of happiness, is what you obtain through hard (honest) work, and the compassion for other human beings, and believing in yourself, not some fake celebrity who has more problems, all self-induced.

1540 days ago


The only people following Lindsay Lohan are losers.. including the paps, Lovelace producers/directors, bartenders, drug dealers, money hungry mothers, and her lisbo sometimes user dj buddy/lover. Name one winner who actually cares one bit about LL other than the prison minister who was the only one who actually tried to really help her.. and what became of his generous offer? Zero. Nope. A miracle is in the making for this entire loser Lohan clan. When you reach the bottom the only way out is up... and I think the bottom is getting a bit closer and closer each day. Hurray!

1539 days ago


Isn't worthless Lindsey dead yet?

1539 days ago


I hope they search her purses for conterband before they let her see lindsay.

1539 days ago


man that woman Dina keeps haunting her daughter!!!Just leave her alone!!! Dina is probably scared out of her mind that Lindsay will not make the money she used to!!! look at her in this pic!! the nut looks scary!! Ali run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1539 days ago


Again special treatment for her ... every rehab that I'm aware of doesn't allow visits in the beginning of the treatment process. As the treatment progress things are added like counseling with family and limited visits on a specific schedule! So what is this about with them visiting! I've heard enough about Lindsay - how about no more unless its she has turned her life around and his reaching out to help others!!!

1539 days ago


@Ernie, I have to disagree. Not all American families are like the Lohans. I live in the midwest where morals, ethics and integrity are still a part of life. The young adults and teens in my extended family are well behaved and respectful. They aren't drug addicts who feel they're entitled.

Posted at 10:21 AM on Aug 4, 2010 by Deb
Oh Puleeeeeze... I live in the mid-west too (a east coast transplant) in the MIDDLE of farm country where the supposed mid-west values are. You are clearly unaware of the MAJOR meth problem in the mid-west. Don't pull this holier than thou crap. There are children and parents with drug issues everywhere. Even in your precious mid-west.

1539 days ago


To keyslammer, who agress with me 10000% and Deb who doesn't. Amazing how different perspectives we all have. Middle America Deb says "everything is fine there... no teenage rebellion and get in your face wisecracks." Then... keyslammer.. you warn things are only getting worse out there. I know plenty of people in middle America whose children are running wild. They may not be strung out on dope but it is there .. and so is booze and open and free sex. Parents can not tell their kids one thing. Maybe not all parents... just most. I say a bumper sticker a couple years ago that stated: "Quick, hire a teenager while they still know it all." The problem is our children are dying... many from overdoses. Just look at the state of Mass. The emergency rooms can not handle the teenage, young adult overdoses. Many ... many die. How serious is it in your neighborhood? I pity the high school teachers. AND where are the young people's role models coming from? Where are they learning all of their rebellion? Hello Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, etc. etc. etc. Don't think for a minute your young impressionable children are not being influenced by these Hollywood losers... and musicians. Nothing has changed since the Woodstock generation other than it has gotten worse by the day.

1539 days ago

Peter Sc    

I didn't know that treatment facilities in the states was that advanced. I imagined that they still were stuck in the no-visitation age.

Everybody knows that there is nothing like claiming that addiction should be dealt with in isolation. It is only the religious programs where it is a question about getting the addicts to move from whatever they are addicted to, to the God the treatment program worship. It is really about money and contribution.

All the money people had used for drugs will used on the church. People are still addicted because they are replacing drugs and alcohol with the aid to the higher power chosen by the treatment staff.

Maybe this treatment facility can help Lindsay because hopefully they use the supervised visits to observe the family dynamics to treat the person who needs it more than Lindsay - Dina.

1539 days ago


Peter SC..... wrong. Most if not all faith-based programs are free. A prison minister, Marty Angelo was going to serve Lohan's sentence for her if she enrolled in one for 12 months. They have the highest success rate of all types of rehab programs. It is the secular programs who charge an arm and a leg and according to the minister .. the secular ones only boast upwards of 3 or 4% success. I've been folowing this story since 2007 when Angelo first approached Lohan to help her. I know of no one else who even tried to reach out to LL. And... the sad part is ... nothing came of the offer. LL could have had this whole mess behind her three years ago.. without serving one second in jail, rehab or probation. It will not be until 2011 before she can take a free breath. Let's have it... free and clean in 2007... or probation until 2011 with drug testing, house checks, permission to go out of state???? What would you have taken?

1539 days ago


The girl needs rehab from her whacked out family ... Momma included!!! I agree with the comment above "better get Ali a bed while you're there." So sad and pathetic that Momma and Daddy continue to try to live their lives (and fund their lives) on the backs of their children. No wonder this girl is such a train wreck. Look at the examples she had at home.

1539 days ago


It seems like all of her problems are due to her family & upbringing. I have no doubt that it would do her more good not to see them at all, during her 90 day stay. Removing the toxic people from your life really does do wonders.

1539 days ago


Surprised they didn't get automatically locked in with her when they came through the doors. Must not have insanity detectors at UCLA. Hopefully someone can help straighten out this whacked out mess of a family.

1539 days ago


Yeah.. I would be searching those two! Doesn't this mother have job...or a life that doesn't involve being up her daughter's a$$? I mean really!

1539 days ago


Oh Puleeeeeze... I live in the mid-west too (a east coast transplant) in the MIDDLE of farm country where the supposed mid-west values are. You are clearly unaware of the MAJOR meth problem in the mid-west. Don't pull this holier than thou crap. There are children and parents with drug issues everywhere. Even in your precious mid-west


Lauren, I'm certainly not trying to pull the holier than thou crap you suggest but I do know what the teens and young adults in my family are like. I understand that drugs are a problem everywhere but I also know that children are a product of their environment. Based on your response, I would guess that you just might be one of those parents that has problem children. Am I right?

1539 days ago
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