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MJ Death Mansion for Sale -- Fans Already Calling

8/4/2010 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Holmby Hills mansion where Michael Jackson overdosed on Propofol and died is back on the market for a cool $28 mil -- but the owners are asking for roughly $10 million less than they did before MJ kicked the bucket.


The 17,171 square foot home on N. Carolwood Drive -- which includes 7 bedrooms, a 7-car garage, and 13 toilets -- was officially put up for sale on Monday ... with an asking price of $28,995,000.

Sources close to the estate tell TMZ that several MJ fans have already expressed interest -- possibly in an attempt to get a sneak peek inside -- but the owners have required all potential buyers to go through an "extensive pre-qualifying check" before they can even walk in the door.

Back in 2008, the property owner -- Ed Hardy CEO Hubert Guez -- tried selling the place for $38 million ... but when that didn't work out, he agreed to let MJ live in the home while he rehearsed for the "This Is It" tour.

According to, Guez had recently tried to rent out the property for $300,000 per month ... but ultimately decided he would try and get rid of it all together, with the discounted price tag.

So far, it's unclear if Guez is entertaining any serious offers.


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I think I have finally gotten weary of TMZ's increasing childish disrespect of some things that should be left alone. I am no longer a fan. Bye-bye, TMZ.

1507 days ago


OhWell: You need to go watch the video for #49 comment.

1507 days ago


That home shows just what exquiste taste Michael had, it is so befitting, that the Musoleum is equally as beautiful. May he Rest In Peace in the Arms of our Lord. He will always, be
loved & missed! What a beautiful home and setting in which to
pass away in, when most us - unfortunately, pass on in a hospital of some sort, or our own homes, or worse. I am very thankful to God, that his passing was a peaceful one - he deserved that - over a prolonged, painful one. Michael, I love and miss you! I would very much love to see you when I pass over. Good Bye for now.

1507 days ago


Phantom, thank you for the B&W-video!
I have never understood what actually had been the problem with these scenes!? I mean – nobody can seriously tell that Michael glorified or celebrated violence in this vid, as he merely destroyed the symbols of violence, racism and war. Or has it been the crotch-grabbing thing, or the zipper of his trousers, or the black panther symbol?
I usually don't say that we Europeans take some things easier, but I can't figure out that anybody on this side of the pond had demanded an apology from Michael for that video.

1507 days ago


"Beautiful house"? That place is a mausoleum. Half a blatant demonstration of someone with way too much money, and the other half looks like the decorator was at least 100 years old. Who dug up great-grandma and took the corpse furniture shopping? I can already start to smell mothballs and Vicks Vap-O-Rub. Ewwww.

1507 days ago


I agree with your comment; And honestly, you only have to be with a dying person to understand when their spirit actually leaves the body.
Is there even going to be a trial? I haven’t been keeping up on Dr. Murray!

Posted at 2:44 PM on Aug 4, 2010 by WillOTheWisp

So true, WillO, I know what you're talking about, I've already made that experience.
And of course you're right – it should have been "a POSSIBLE trial". I just hope there will be one, and not too far in the future. People tend to forget so quickly, and I'm afraid that time will work for Murray.

1507 days ago



1507 days ago


Disrespectful article for sure, but what I find most interesting are these mindless morans, Ehecatl, OhWell, John, etc., (probably all the same person), that have such ignorant opinions. I mean, seriously, does anyone with half a mind search out news about people or topics that they are not interested in. Neanderthal mentality, every one of them, they surely are as in love with Michael Jackson as many of us are, they just don't know how to express themselves, they have yet to evolve to that degree. RIP Michael.

1507 days ago

Lee lee    

I do believe the paramedics as well.
I'm no nurse and thus far away from any special medical knowledge or competence (janalal4, where are you!?). But I think "activating" some vital functions even a long time after a person has passed isn't anything unusual with all the medical High Tech a modern hospital has at its disposal. But: It's not "life" in the actual sense of the word what is re-activated then, it's just kind of a reflex, so the paramedics were right
Michael has most likely died at Holmby Hills, long before the paramedics arrived. Hopefully the trial will bring out the truth.

Kathy, so sorry for your loss from me as well.

Posted at 2:22 PM on Aug 4, 2010 by moni

Morning moni..or evening for you : )

I agree with your statements and I do believe that Michael was already dead when the the medics I believe they themselves stated.
Any sign of "life"had long been drained from him and I'm sure if not for everything else I'm sure that he would have been "brain dead ", even if if they got some kind of activity in his heart. ( Go on Oh Well, I know you wont be able to help yourself with this one ).
It was a fruitless effort in my opinion, at the hospital, probably only to please Murray seen he seemed to be calling the shots ( by not letting him be announced dead at the house ). I'm sure janalal4 will shed some light on this at some stage.

And Kathy, Sorry for the loss of your brother.

1507 days ago


... and stop calling MJ a "Father". Anyone with enough money can buy white children. By the way, why didn't he buy his "children" from a third-world country? Isn't that still fashonable?

1507 days ago


MJ estate should purchase the property and make it MJ's "NeverLand"

1507 days ago


First of all I am a fan that is disgusted by this. This is just crazy for "fans" to express interest. I don't think that the "fans" even collectively have 28 hundred dollars, nevermind 28 million dollars, and they need to just get over Michael Jackson's death already. He was and is not your life. Life will go on without him whether you want it to or not. Fans may feel that we knew him, but the truth is we didn't. We only had a chance to meet the image he maintained, we never knew the person. And now the world will never know him as a person. God Bless

1507 days ago


Good morning Lee lee (in my time zone even a "good evening" would be too late, lol, better "good night", midnight's already over, so both of us are posting at unusal times I guess)!
I agree with you on Murray. It was so important for him NOT to have Michael declared dead at home, as this would have inevitably caused an investigation, what he – of course – tried to avoid as hell.
And now, with innocent air, he dares to tell us that there wasn't anything wrong with his "treatment" at Holmby Hills. As if a person with a clear conscience would have acted the way he has done. Jeeze!

1507 days ago


I believe also that Michael was dead when the paramedics arrived. I hope this is brought out in court if there is one.

1507 days ago
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