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Cops Investigating Street Fight Involving ex-UFC Star

8/5/2010 6:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the Austin Police Department has viewed the tape of the bloody street brawl involving ex-UFC star Roger Huerta ... and have opened an investigation into the incident.

We're told cops are interested in interviewing everybody who was present during the Saturday morning brawl -- including Huerta and the man he knocked out.

Law enforcement sources tell us so far cops have not identified the man Huerta knocked out -- or the woman who THAT guy attacked ... but officials are working on it.

As we previously reported, Huerta claims he only launched his attack AFTER the other guy threw a punch at him ... and all of that came after the unknown man socked a woman in the back of the head.

Roger Huerta - Street FightUPDATE: Roger will not be punished by the fighting league he is currently contracted with -- Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney  tells TMZ, "Roger is in no danger at all of being removed from Bellator based on this situation."

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Start of fight = fair. Dude deserved his ass beat and squared up against him to fight, also shirtless. The only thing wrong is the apparent stomp to the head and the end after the guy is down. That may get him in trouble. He could've killed him.

The reason is fine with me. He may have also crossed a line at the end. Sad part is that first dude will continue to beat women I'm sure.

1505 days ago


"Roger is in no danger at all of being removed from Bellator based on this situation."

"If he LOST the fight we'd obviously have to cancel his contract."

Big guys who sucker punch deserve any face kicks they have coming.

1505 days ago


Good Investigate. Then you can clearly tell these idiots, "Roger Huerta is not the guy stopping this women beater at the end of the video". Huerta is clearly last seen without his shirt (light grey) in his last clear image on the tape.

The man seen stomping this guy is wearing a dark shirt. And is seen in the last of the video being held back by a man in a black and white stripped shirt.

Note. The man in black and white-stripped shirt is plainly an accomplice of the woman hitting, bleeding douche bag on the ground. You might want to investigate his sorry self as well.

Good for you Roger.
Sorry the tape doesn't show the whole story.

1505 days ago


At the end of the video it wasn't Roger stomping his head. I missed it. BeeMan02 pointed it out to me.

"The guy seen kicking and punching the "woman hitter" is wearing a grey shirt.. looks alot like the guy with long hair wearing a grey shirt yelling and telling the guy to get up as people hold him back at the end of the video.. WoW so many people and no one can see that or put two and two together.... Watch video again Roger doesn't need to stomp this s*** bag...Get it right people... WATCH IT AGAIN"

Posted at 9:40 PM on Aug 5, 2010 by BeeMan02

BeeMan02 is exactly right. I missed it. I just posted otherwise. There is someone who zips in trying to throw a punch that "woman hitter" ducks at the beginning. That guy had a gray shirt on.

No problems here.

1505 days ago


to the minority of black folks supporting this ****, everyone knows your retarded and yall know your retarded. its true sometimes a bit deserves to gety hit. but this girl got sucka punched and the dude still couldnt knock her out. rodger showed this dude how to knock someone the f out. rodger huerta is the man. to all the weinies sitting on the sidelines watching this **** go on yall should be ashamed. to rodgers homeboy whos trying to pull him away from the fight your a weenie, you need to do an about face and back up rodger in that fight. know the enemy . to all the men out there, this is how you stand the f up for what you belive is right and nut up and fight even if you have to take an ass woopin. rodger you got love out here in cali. keep up the good work. aug 5th is officially rodger huerta mack of the year day!!!!

1505 days ago


I have never heard of him until now but I am his biggest fan. I do not care what happened that was a huge man that walked up and punched a woman in the back of the head. That man got everything he deserved. I do not care that this was a trained fighter. I am glad one was there to knock the crap out of this man. To bad he didnt to it the the guy who thought it was so funny that his fat friend hit a lady. If he just so casually walked up and hit a woman that way you can be sure it was not the first time this idiot has hit a woman so I dont care if this guy stomped his face in. I applaud this man. Try researching him and his upbringing like I did and you would know he did not do this for a show.

1505 days ago


"You are wrong and I am right," (5:09 am) What utter bull****. Your silly, juvenile name says it all; closed-minded idiot....

1505 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

I think this big bad punk got what he asked for.I mean a big bad punk like this s*** sucker punches a woman and knocked her out and then he got his ass kicked but good.YES.

1505 days ago


just to let u know c,this happen in austin tx.so LAPD has nothing to do wht this case,just to remind you,,

1505 days ago

Mario Rangel    

As my adopted son,I can certainly tell you that Roger being brought up,the way he was does not incline him to be a bad human.The only thing he did as you saw,was not to ever hit a woman.So I know that he has a lot of respect for humananity,he doesnt go around displaying his ability.

1505 days ago


If a white guy cowardly ran up behind a black chick and punched her in the back of the head the TMZ Nazis would be calling it RACIST, a hate crime, blah blah blah. Yet when it's a black guy and white girl it's all good. You people are disgusting. They should ship the banana eater back to Africa and let him run from tigers and lions all day with his relatives where he belongs.

1505 days ago


Interesting story

1505 days ago


harvey i hope roger gets a good attorney and puts you out of business for reporting a lie

1505 days ago


harvey your days at tmz may be numbered. You are about to see the biggest defamation suit in history roger huerta vx harvey

1505 days ago

dutchess k    

I agree Melissa. Thats what happens when i go to clubs now. There is always some guy picking fights with a lot of innocent people and because they are big no one ever steps in to put them in their place. Ive seen people bump into each other in the clubs and usually is the bigger persons fault not paying attention and blames the one who was standing there. Then big guy things hes all tough and most time people just watch cause hes big. Need more Rogers in our life =) I want one in mine lol. Me and my girls are soo going to watch Roger fight. After seeing the video i have respect for him. I never even knew who he was until now. I cant wait to see him in person. What a hottie =)

1505 days ago
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