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Conrad Murray Wrongful Death Suit Tossed ... Almost

8/6/2010 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray could be temporarily off the hook in the federal wrongful death lawsuit involving Michael Jackson -- all because Joe Jackson left some key information out of the paperwork.

TMZ has learned a federal judge is taking Jackson and his attorney Brian Oxman to task for failing to specify where two of the defendants -- health clinics where Dr. Murray practiced -- conduct their business.  Without that information the judge can't determine if the federal court has jurisdiction over the case.

The judge has given Jackson one week to amend the complaint or have the suit tossed.

Even if this case is dismissed, Dr. Murray might not be fully in the clear. Jackson has a lot of options -- including refiling the federal suit with Murray as the lone defendant.


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Go! GO! JOE!

I really think it time to Toss "Atty Brian Oxman" off of your Wrongful Death case (ASAP), if you want to WIN this case! I must agree with others posts, He's sleeping on the JOB again!!

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1543 days ago


cheerwoood, you referred to brain activity.This is just a minor
point i wish to make.In a comatose pt without spontaneus breathing this can be difficult. A simple and routinely used
test is the reaction of the pupil.Michaels pupils, were they non-reactive to light? There is nowhere any mention that murray even used this to test the depth of Michaels unconsiousness.He
does mentrioned that Michael slept with his eyes open. The
pupillary reactions absence is not 100% proof of absent brain activity, but is a serious sign that things go the wrong way.
It is indeed conspicious and suspicious that murray never speaks of it and maybe never performed it. Maybe now more than 1 year later he will change his story on that point.A flashlight, small and pointed, an ordinary one will do also is a regular part of any dr´s bag.Only EEG can for certain estimate brain activity.Now they got some artificial brief heart activity, this does NOT mean Michael came back to life briefly.I am sure everyone has heard of organ transplants.Those are from recently dead people, not all organs" die" at the same rate. You can not bring back brain actrivity, heard of any braintransplants???

1543 days ago


Where did my previous comment disappear? I wanted to clarify the
issue on unconsiosness v. death i.e. brain death. Only EEG can for sure exclude brain activity,however once the brainstem
has stopped functioning it is pretty much 0 for the person, maybe some can be kept alive on artificial, i.e.. mechanical breathing.When higher braicenters have gone the person can thus be kept alive like a vegetable.A very simple test re brain activity is the pupillary reaction, this ia routinely checked on anestesia patients and recovering from anestisia pt´s.I am
surprised that murray never says anything on that.In any dr´s bag a small pointed lightflash is routine, even an ordinary flashlight will do.--It is also nonsense that Michael was brought briefly to life in the hospital. His heart reacted to some electrical stimulation.Ever heard about organtransplants?
You can transplant hearts, but brains???

1542 days ago


You can not bring back brain actrivity, heard of any braintransplants???
@ rschildt
Loved your post!

1542 days ago


To Cherwood and Danger Baby:

Maybe you should exchange your email addresses and can continue your private arguments there!
With respect, but this has nothing to do with this article nor MJ nor is it helping at all. Really I do not care who started it-it is a thing between you two. So please stop, forget about it and lets continue to try to figure out what happened last year.

1542 days ago


Just a few more things:
-#419,420: Hey r.schildt! Thanks for the great analysis. Just to clarify, are you saying that once the brain goes dead, there's no chance for breathing to occur? Also, perhaps you can help me with something else that's been nagging at me about this. Regarding dehydration, can it be severe enough to lead to stroke or coma? Also, are there meds that someone can be given that can bring on severe dehydration?
Bodyguard Alberto Alvarez stated that when he came in the room, Michael's eyes were wide open and his mouth was open also and Murray began performing his half-baked CPR. So we don't know if he did any of the routine checking of the pupils or anything else. I'm sure that will come out in the trial courtesy of the Prosecution Team along with tons of other info that Murray and his team has successfully squashed up till now....
In any event, the theory I support of what happened is just that--theory, but one thing's certain: something triggered Michael's distress which either resulted in his lack of breathing, followed by Murray's feeble attempts at resuscitation which is MURRAY'S story, btw, IF we want to BELIEVE what He says; and then there's the theory I adhere to which is that MIchael went into distress due to either dehydration or reaction to the benzos, which may have led to a COMA....and then after deliberation with his partners in crime, MUrray administered the Propofol that killed him....
This theory may explain why so many hours went by before Murray called 911. I think the whole Propofol thing was added as an after thought to make it look like it was Michael's fault--an easy sell thanks to the Media's campaign to ruin Michael's image since the late 80's, and speculation of Michael's usage of Propofol during the History Tour (which was never confirmed, btw.) According to Murray, Michael begged for Propofol, so he gave in and claims he only administered 25Mg, when there was way more than that in his system according to the Coroner....
-#421: Hey Mymjj5! Where have you been?? I either can't see your posts or you don't post like you use to. It's great to see you back!!
-#424: Annette, I wholeheartedly agree! Thing is, it's already a done deal for me and if you look at the dates on those regurgitated posts from me, you'll see that they're from the past.
Sorry for any aggravation this has caused you, but know that it won't happen again for my part!
No Peace till Justice!

1542 days ago


Post # 424 Annette

I also agree with your comment was very stated and on POINT!

We need to stay forcus on this Article:

"Conrad Murray Wrongful Death Suit Tossed...Almost a Conrad Murray Verdict!!

CAUSEd by:"Atty. Brian Oxman" not Joe Jackson who left some key informaton out of the paperwork that he summitted to the Judge!

My Question: Was this by accident or a Design Plan?
For all I know he could be working for Joe Jackson and Conrad Murray!

1541 days ago


Hey Cher,
you were asking r.schildt some questions about brain death & dehydration, just thought i'd contribute although he/she may have more to add..
A person in a deep coma will show some electro-activity, while a brain dead person will not.
There is no chance of recovery once this diagnosis is made, when the brain ceases to function breathing immediately stops, soon after the heart stops through lack of 02. Often this is initiated by the heart stopping.. Sometimes it is the breathing that stops first, the lack of oxygen leads to brain failure and later the heart also stops. the pupils will not react to light.
Coma is decreased blood supply to the brain & is the end result of severe dehydration, the pupils react to light, and the limbs move in response to painful stimulus.

Dehydration- With many prescription medications dehydration is a serious side effect. The remedy to this is rehydration ie Water.. Michaels had very strenuous rehersals, was not eating or drinking enough fluids, it's well known he suffered from dehydration when he was in prep for his world tours, didn't he say that Sony had him walking around the studio's with an Iv hooked to his arm?
So....Murray ''the Doctor'' has much to answer for.

1541 days ago



Hi Db, re - the Coma theory & the cell phone issue, what if murray had a second phone, many professional people- not that I consider murray to be- have two mobiles (as we call them here) ie a pe-paid or maybe one registered to someone else?

If for example, he had a prepaid which wouldn't be registered, he could have called anyone knowing it would not show on phone records & he had plenty of time to dispose of it if he wanted to & if he had one registered to someone else the LAPD wouldn't be any the wiser..just wondering.

1541 days ago


Joe Jackson,

I Strongly beleive that it time to let Atty. Brian Oxman GO NOW!! And hire a more Aggressive and Qualified Malpractice Lawyer, that Specializes in Wrongful Death law Suits...

1541 days ago


SaraJane more or less answered the coma questions. Think about it this way: If somebody drowns and cannot get air for their
system the brain is the most sensitive organ to lack of oxygen.
Now if the person is rescued within 5 and poss even 15 min.
he/she has a chance to be revived by rescutitation.It depends a lot on several factors. There are these professional deep-divers
who has trained themselves to survive without breathing during a dives.-Now Michael was probably mild to moderately dehydrated from exercises and heat.A mild dehydration is corrected by drinking water ,if more severe a drip will do the trick. The question also is did murray find him in a coma or was he already dead?I do not have much trust in what that character has
to say.Also if he was in a coma+dehydrateed his bloodchemistry may have been all f-u.Not having access to a laboratory in such a serious condition also speaks for lack of foresight on murrays part.Drips all contain water + 1. glucose or 2.NaCl that is ordinary salt.And there are other specific solutions too.
The coma Michael suooposedly was in, was caused by lack of oxygen,here=air, not breathing.-;Murray acted all wrong that night or morn ing,but not trusting any of his timelines I will not speculate further.

1541 days ago


Meds to cause dehydration? Dehydration literally means loss or lack of water.All our tissues contain mostly water and our body
keeps its chemical balance.Put a person out on a hot beach without fluids and you get one kind of sunstroke.If you are out to kill someone by artificial dehydration, inject strong salt solution iv.The word comes from Greek: hydros=water.Some meds may
supress the feeling of thirst.

1541 days ago


r.schildt, you ar correct regarding drowning, it will kill the brain through lack of oxygen, if 02 Etc is administered in the specified time frame then chances are, the person will live.
IMO Michael was probably more than moderately dehydrated, not from just exercise & sweating..not eating is a contributory factor.
I saw him during one particular song / dance rehersal in the TII do***entary where he staggered & looked disoriented then quickly got himself together. Also sweating excessivly is a symptom, did anyone observe him gesturing to someone while going off- stage when he finished a routine for something to wipe the sweat from his face?
Did murray find him in a coma? maybe he did..we dont know yet & can only surmise, but definitely the lack of 'foresight' on murrays part as a DOCTOR is say the least.

1541 days ago


-#431: Hey SaraJane! Thanks so much for your response about the coma vs. brain dead issue. I was having a bit of a "moment" and needed clarity on exactly how this all works together.
I read about this theory on a blog called "Campaign for Liberty," and it just sounded right to me based on the facts in the detective's report, the timeline of events in the LAPD Affidavit, but more importantly, the fact that Michael had been complaining of dehydration that week and when he got home from the now famous "last rehearsal," he called Murray and said he wasn't feeling well and so it began....
And we know this was his first rodeo with dehydration, which is the reason why he always had juices available on Tour--they even had breaks during the HIStory Tour so they could give him his juices.....and he had that scare with **** Gregory right before the end of the 2005 Trial--remember when he was saying someone was trying to kill him and Gregory took him to an ER where they said it was dehydration and he would've died if had arrived any later?
The thing I kept focussing on is the fact that he said someone was trying to kill him...and it wasn't the first or last time he said it. I think we totally underestimate this. What reason would he have to just say that if there wasn't some truth to it?
And if you watch the "They don't care about Us" portion of TII, you'll see that at the end of the performance, he looked totally distressed and out of it, but then he smiles, so it makes you feel better, but that alone has always bothered me. He looked like he was sick in that clip and trying to work through it. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE that performance, but that end part sours it for me because I know it was the day before he died, so there's got to be a connection.....
Bottom line, I agree that if the Prosecution is thorough enough to look into this, Murray will be in deeper than he thought......
BTW: Regarding the phone call issue, I read reports that stated Murray called RANDY PHILLIPS of AEG live on his cell that day. Matter of fact, I thought it was TMZ who reported it. I will try to find the article I read that on. I know he left a vml for a patient, but he also called Michael Amir according to the reports I saw on CNN. Not to mention the fact that there were reports stating that RANDY J. and TOHME were at Holmsby when it happened, then later, these reports were taken off of the INternet, but one of the Posters had saved a copy and posted the link for us so I have it somewhere, I just need to figure out where and repost it here....
-#434, 435: Hey r.schildt! See this is why I ask you and others like SaraJane because I am NO expert by any means, just an inquiring mind who is willing to analyze and pick this thing a part to find the truth.
SO Michael COULD'VE been right when he said someone was trying to kill him. If they were giving him the salt solution, knowing he had certain meds that suppress thirst--not to mention that EVERYONE knows how Michael neglected his health when prepping for a Tour....this is why I know the ones who actually committed this crime with Murray had to be people who were close to him and knew his ways and habits.....unfortunately....
BTW: what meds suppresses thirst? I googled and only found Hoodia and Cyclosporine, but I know there's others.
Also, didn't Murray submit an order for medical supplies to AEG? Wonder if that equipment was more so for dehydration than for administering Propofol........
-#436: SaraJane, I did notice excessive sweating on some parts of the film, but on others he was over dressed but not sweating which makes no sense....unless the clips where he was sweating excessively were all on that last day, which I think is true but will need to review the film again......
I think the clip where he was walking off stage gesturing for a towel was also on that last day of rehearsal where he's wearing my fave outfit--the grey jacket, red embroidered ED hardy shirt, and black pants. You'll notice him in this outfit throughout the film, even if it's just for a few seconds of any given song because Travis Payne and Kryss Grant said Michael was eager to perform that day and Orianthi said he just jumped up on stage with them and went for it.
There were also reports that he had a slight Bronchial infection and may have been taking meds for that, but I doubt it because they didn't show up in the Coroner's report....
Bottom line, the Coma theory may or may not be the truth, but I have a gut feeling about it, and those feelings rarely ever fail me...add the facts that support it and you have MURDER, in no less than the 2ND DEGREE!!!
No Peace till Justice!

1541 days ago
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