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Conrad Murray Wrongful Death Suit Tossed ... Almost

8/6/2010 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray could be temporarily off the hook in the federal wrongful death lawsuit involving Michael Jackson -- all because Joe Jackson left some key information out of the paperwork.

TMZ has learned a federal judge is taking Jackson and his attorney Brian Oxman to task for failing to specify where two of the defendants -- health clinics where Dr. Murray practiced -- conduct their business.  Without that information the judge can't determine if the federal court has jurisdiction over the case.

The judge has given Jackson one week to amend the complaint or have the suit tossed.

Even if this case is dismissed, Dr. Murray might not be fully in the clear. Jackson has a lot of options -- including refiling the federal suit with Murray as the lone defendant.


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Sorry, I posted the wrong link.

This is the one which proves that Dr. Murray is INNOCENT !


1472 days ago


Leave the man alone !


1472 days ago


Go0 for it Joe! Clinch the 2 La-La girls for aiding and abetting.

1472 days ago


Ofcourse there is more to it than the medical aspects,though I think medical mismagement& willful malpractice was intertwined with
other sinister acts.Trying to get some clarity re phone calls is
one way of getting closer to the sharks circling their prey clos
ely.Was it dileo and thome thome who had brunch in a hotel nearby?
And what about Jeremy´s remark "he was long gone before the"Was La airport closed for 2 hrs or is this just some rumor.And then an asortment of "friends who had been fired show up at the hospital.And is it true that muray has 2 bodyguards assigned to him,Against whom?And he is treated with kid gloves and receives receives money.Now add up all this.

1471 days ago


To return to the iv bolus ,one of the iv´s in the inguinal area
was like an upside-down Y ,with the lower part ie lower leg pictured Y going into the vein and being safely anchored there, then there are the 2 "branches" ,the v-like ones, one is attached to the tube from the iv-solution,the other is there so you can
directly add meds, which then enter the one going into the vein.Thereby you avoid puncturing yet another vein and it is as
fast, or really faster because you do not have to search for another vein.It is then the plugged or sealed.This route can be used
several times if necessary.It is really simple, but I can´t draw it here..I think in the autopsy they had found some "traces "in this sc distal part of the tubing. There were no meds in a 1000cc iv bag that was attached to the tubing.

1467 days ago


Mimi from Indy this is Kim . I mean no harm. i am just like the other 25 million people who loved Michael Jackson. If I have hurt you by my statements. I will take the time to say I am sorry and offer you my applogy. But the reason I write so much is when i first brought this computer. I began to play the Jackson's and email to germany to joseph jackson. This was before his passing. I was so excited of the thought of Michael Jackson new recording. and his stateing this is it.
The tour was going to be somewhere else not in the usa. but i was still interested. I to have grown older, also. Manly all I do is write on this computer. Now all I want is Justice for Michael. i will continue writting. we can talk to each other from this column. If you like. Just take care. and Good night I am going to bed. I am tired of typing. write back to kim again I will respond.

1466 days ago

michaels angel    

omg are you kidding me why is joe in control of this anyway? if that doctor walks it will be joe fault once again for letting hhis son down what a degrace for a father. dam give me the freakin crap ill take care of it make sure thatn doctor pays for killing mj. i love mj with all my heart an i would of protected him from that doctor. joe your his father i know your jealous of your son an want his money but get over it maybe if you were a better dad he would of put you in the will. grow up man an make sure justice is served

1465 days ago

michaels angel    

bill get your head out your ass. that doctor murdered mj an anyone with a brain knows that. unplug your puter idiot. now the facts.

1465 days ago
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