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Mounting Security at MJ Death House

8/8/2010 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the Holmby Hills mansion where Michael Jackson died is getting a serious boost in security -- so nobody messes with the super-expensive property while it's on the market.

Holmby Hills - Inside Michael Jackson's House

Sources connected to the home tell us ... now that people know the home is "vacated and for sale, the property owners have increased security to keep it safe."

As we previously reported, the owners are requiring potential buyers to go through an "extensive pre-qualifying check" before they can even walk in the door ... just to keep out the riffraff.

The home is currently on the market for a cool $28 mil.


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Why don't you butt out? I know EXACTLY what you are doing. Go away, stalker!
Posted at 7:41 PM on Aug 13, 2010 by danger baby

danger baby, most Michael Jackson supporters hold Cherwood in high esteem and have done so for the past year....we consider her one of us and our friend. This is uncalled for and please don't bother telling me to butt out too, as this is a public forum.

1532 days ago


thank u danger and cher for your kind words..
danger i remember seeing that clip of sneddon saying he didnt owe mj an apology. i think i saw it on the mezz on larry king...
they had the full version of the jurors on that jetzi site and i used to be able to access it, it is in his video section, but now u have to click on something and add something to your computer..i am computer challenged lol.but u might find stuff there.
bunny is right , they took alot of sneddon stuff down from youtube.we now know that when some thing exonerated mj , sneddon just made that stuff disappear and would not inform the defense as he was supposed to by law . an example of such is no kiddie porn on any of the fourteen computers in mj house..that says alot right there , doesnt it.just another way for ole tom to tamper with the evidence , or lack there of...if it doesnt fit his account of events, he just yanks it ..jerk

cher i guess i really do get intense with this stuff because when something like this can happen to michael jackson, it can happen to any of us ,
these were very serious charges . a mans life was being held in the balance...
to see these educated man in suits making fun of mj music in a court of law during closing arguments, things that had nothing to do with the charges,just an opportunity to belittle someone having NOTHING to do with evidence ,and then backslapping each other on the way out was beyond unprofessional and a disgrace imo.

.from what i read they had their victory celebration for destroying mj a few days before the verdict and i would imagine there was a lot of fist pumping and chest thumping going on.
it is comforting to me to know that the erection they had for michael for a decade left them limp when he was exonerated on every single count...
there is a line in a movie called philadelphia that says we dont live in a court of law and its true . prejudice abounds ,hate envy etc, but in a court of law , truth and fairness are suppose to prevail and they did in this case,,,doesnt necessarily transfer over to the real world , does it?
i didnt like bullies in the schoolyard either and the only way to stop them is to confront them .
all the talking heads on tv were smoke and mirrors,as my boyfriend said this case was built on sand, but the garbage gets perpetuated. i just do what i can to get the truth as much airtime as the trash.
have a good day all :)

1531 days ago


danger baby, don't sink to the same level as OhWell....learn to play nice please.

1531 days ago


michael je t'aime fort et tu restera toujour le plus t'artiste de tout les temps tu et une iconne une légande je pence que tu es nn messager de dieu et que a traver t'est music tu voulait nous transemettent a tous des chose et je c'est que tu me voient du paradis j'espaire que ta famille tien le coup et je les embrasse tous tennait le coup.

1530 days ago


Falling asleep at the wheel again i see TMZ. Congratulation Michael Jackson. Being inducted into the Museum of Dance and Hall of Fame. That is a great honor and he deserves it.

rip mj

1530 days ago


Falling asleep at the wheel again i see TMZ. Congratulation Michael Jackson. Being inducted into the Museum of Dance and Hall of Fame. That is a great honor and he deserves it.

rip mj

Posted at 4:08 AM on Aug 16, 2010 by kim
thanks for the info kim... as mj said , good news doesnt sell
tmz would always rather run something negative..
congratulations michael!

1529 days ago


to all mj fans. here is marlon's interview and the dance tribute they did to michael at the ceremony when he got inducted into the dance hall of fame yesterday:

rip mj

1529 days ago

Jane (England)    

Hi TMZ, Heard on the grapevine yesterday that hypnotist Paul McKenna is set to buy the mansion for a cool £19 million.
Apparently, an LA property expert said that during an open day, held last weekend, McKenna spent longer in the house than any other prospective buyer.

1513 days ago

Angela Culberson    

Although it was Michael Jackson's house where he and his children lived. I don't think that i could stay there. I loved him dearly. I miss him so much. Michael was a part of my life. We grew up together. same age. His music was my whole life. I would cry everyday in that house. I truly miss him. I wish time could go back and things would be totally different. I regret never being able to meet him. If I would had known. I would had jump high waters to had meet him before he had passed away. I love you Michael.

1238 days ago
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