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Fantasia Barrino

Named in

Divorce/Sex Tape Scandal

8/7/2010 3:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Court documents filed this week by a woman in North Carolina allege her husband had an affair with former "American Idol" champ Fantasia Barrino -- and that the two made a sex tape.

According to docs obtained by WCNC, Paula Cook filed for child support against her estranged husband Antwaun Cook last week and cited an alleged affair between Cook and Barrino. She claims the two met at a T-Mobile store and, beginning in August 2009, began their "covert adulterous affair."

Cook goes on to claim, "Throughout the course of their adulterous affair ... Defendant/Husband and Ms. Barrino have at times recorded their illicit activity."

Rumors of an affair between Barrino and Cook have been around for months -- and Barrino has always denied them.

Calls to Fantasia's management were not immediately returned.


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Mike Cooper    

People rightly or wrongly have had affairs throughout time. But it has got to be sign of our growing national stupidity that we are now TAPING them!

If you want to keep a secret why would you... No. Why bother?

Best of luck to everyone trying to get through life on luck.

1544 days ago

Gsharon 710    

@ # 62.......And you want that zebra male don't you?

S. L. U. G.

1544 days ago


This really isn't news...Doesn't make sense that Ms.Barrino would even do something like that...If there is a tape it's probably Cook and the Husband trying to scam Ms.Barrino...Does'nt even remotely sound like total credibility...

1544 days ago


this will really get simons pist off...

1544 days ago


Simon Cowell has said that Fantasia and Carrie Underwood are probably the two most Talented singers in the history of American Idol. She has starred in the Color Purple on Broadway and blew the audience's mind with her talent. When things like this recent story happens it gives an excuse for all of you mean spirited racists to come out of the woodwork and start your racially driven rants---questioning her talent, gender, claiming you are black,etc all the usual transparent drivel that feels like the junior tea party mentality...Get a life and know anyone with half a brain can see through what your doing and saying...lets make sure all the facts are out and correct..she's not the first woman to fall for a married man or be unaware of a sex tape being made

1544 days ago


try again. no one cares.

1544 days ago


I read these comments and i am just amazed by the ignorance. People throwing out these evil, racist would never show your are not the majority...keep hiding behind blogs!

Misery loves company...Get a life!

Yeah, Fantasia is indeed wrong for what she is done and will be dealt with by a familiar thing we all know, KARMA! But you are more wrong, unintelligent, and indecent to post such racist comments. Shame on you.

1544 days ago



1544 days ago


I wonder if the wife would have sued if Fantansia was the hotel maid that she was before American Idol?

1544 days ago


This is not worth commenting on! Though I am commenting!

1544 days ago


Sarah Palin should release a sex tape any minute. Mediawhore that she is, it's the only thing she hasn't done.

1544 days ago


Broeheem (#46), you are absolutely right. A "successful blaaakman" will toss "LaSqueeshia" aside for a woman who exposes herself to a 10,000-degree fireball (i.e., the sun), and plumps her lips up for a "full" look, just so she can resemble "LaSqueeshia." (These days, she may pad that flat ass, a la Coco Marrow, as well.)

Now, THAT is who you should waste your silly lecture on --the LEGIONS of women (and, wtf -- MEN too) who would flirt with skin cancer and show no RESPECT to the sun, just so they can look darker, like the people they purport to despise.

You may be thinking, "When we risk life and limb trying to get darker, it isn't to look like blacks." That's excellent, because black women who straighten their hair are not trying to look like YOU.

1544 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Just read that there is a tape of Fantasia calling the Cook's home to speak to the husband. I so hope this is false. If it is so, Fantasia, you disrespected Mrs. Cooks family and that is wrong, wrong, wrong. If the things Mrs. Cook said you told her are true, you need to learn something.

Keep in mind first that I still love your music and always will, but here is a tip:

It matters not if a husband is a cheater, he can say what he wants to about his wife, but you should zip it. Men do not want their mistress bad mouthing the mother of his children.

If you indeed do have something going on with him, then you must know, he has two very young children, and if he was so quick to hop into your bed, and also record your intimate moments, and be seen and photographed with you on pleasure trips, he lacked respect for his family and himself. A bell should have bonged.

You are beautiful, you have talent, you have a spiritual background and many fans. This is not good.

Just turn the situation around and think how disrestpected you will feel when Cook's next girlfriend calls your mansion to speak to him. Even at that, you cannot completely feel how a wife and mother of babies must feel.

My prayers are with you all involved.

1544 days ago


To all the haters and igoraunamouses out there first Goodmorning.
We the black people will always stay exactly where we are.
To tear this woman down to shreds is not the answer.
If any of this is true she has to pay for her discretions from a higher power than anyone out here trying to tear her down.
Before you mouth off about someone else you better tyake a look in your own backyard.
How many people on this line are PERFECT and have never made a mistake.
Hmmm funny that it is o.k for Alicia Keyes to get pregnant and date a married man while he was not even divorced yet.
But that is o.k why??????
Because she has caramel skin? good hair? sexy?
Wkae up my people this qworld is not based on plastic.
The white has yet again dogged the hell out of the black race by igoranomous comments on the sister.
But instead of we the peoploe trying to build each other up we sit back and yet again let these white racist talk about our kind and we amuse in i with them.
Will we be destined to stay ignorant??????

1544 days ago


What wholesome image....? For those of us who actually live in the Charlotte area have always known Fantasia to be a "hood rat". 50 relatives piled up in a 6 bedroom house eating cereal and watching cartoons all Money only magnifies the weaknesses and strengths of her case..weakness

1544 days ago
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