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Kelsey Grammer -- The Camille Kiss-Off

8/9/2010 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer wasted no time moving on from Camille -- and was caught holding hands and kissing on a new woman just one month after his third wife filed for divorce.

The "Frasier" star was getting cozy with the new blonde this weekend in Manhattan.

Camille filed in July, citing "irreconcilable differences."  We're guessing the feeling is mutual.


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How completely disrespectful. AND he's married! He has no morals or tact for an old man... ANY man. Hope the third gets what's left of his money. He's clearly a jerk

1537 days ago


I love this conservative Republican hypocrite! He supports people who want to tell you how to live and he can't even get it right!

1537 days ago


What do people have against being alone? Why do some jump from one relationship to the next?

1537 days ago

South Beach    

A transition girl, wow, THAT'S unusual. Not. Hard to find? Please, all he had to do was open his wallet. 10 minutes, tops.

1537 days ago


He just want an unattached single man's life.

1537 days ago


I'm 100% behind Kelsey's actions. He is getting some incredible women and dumping them before moving to the next one. He would nails the most hot women wins.

1537 days ago


omg who cares! how do any of you people on this blog know if he does or does not talk to his kids?! it doesn't mean he doesnt love his children if he's seeing someone new. he's fighting for joint custody which he should. they're just as much his kids as they are hers, she didn't even have them herself. and i doubt he was cheating, he could have left her long ago if he wanted to. he's an older guy, maybe they're just hanging out, people can kiss on the forehead and hold hands and not be having sex 24/7.

1536 days ago


hmm number 8, either you are not straight, (not accusing here so don't jump on my back) or you have been scorned not once but many times, and badly. there's no other reason for you to say what you did. most women do not prefer to be alone but it happens. and you have no proof of the cheating and she doesn't deserve all that money. oh my because she really cooked and cleaned constantly in those homes and did so much work. its fact they had a nanny for some time if not even right now. even though a nanny is asanine to have for only two kids, because she can have one and kelsey can afford it, she will. who do u think took care of her all these years. those kids and here were never hungry or without nice things, ever. and it doesn't mean he was cheating then because hes now seen out with another woman casually holding hands and kissing on the forehead. im sure camille has some coals in the fire as well. they're not together anymore, who cares. why should either of them be alone. if they can get a date, they get a date. not a big deal.

1536 days ago


ASH are you the girlfriend?

Thank you Kelsey. He's sticking to plan exactly as I laid out weeks ago! Well, the knocking up of the girlfriend was not laid out but I never thought he was that stupid! Phase 6 here, home wrecker exposed! Phase 7 next up. I will admit I didn't think the next victim would be so unattractive but I digress.

So far so good as I posted weeks back he's keeping to the game plan exactly as predicted. Phases 1 through 4 complete, now working on 5 as this article couldn't be anymore mundane. Word is number 6 is a tough one there's some confusion about his fling from earlier this year being a male or female though his current from the April time frame is a female. He may have to stick with phase 5 for awhile because it's still to early to introduce the female home wrecker.

Kelsey's game plan.

Phase 1) Media statement about respecting their privacy especially the wife. Look like the hero.

Phase 2) Go to media and make statement to diminish his wife and clear his name of any wrong doing.

Phase 3) Have a story released to a media rag about his wife or girlfriend to have the publics view of her so low. This is were he shines. He collaborates with others and has the final say on what's to be released. It always must be juicy! The last go around was she was crazy and tried killing me and herself. This time? Drugs, adultery or what? We are waiting for this phase, it's always the most scandalous. I'm sure this heartless person even gets physically aroused by hurting his duped woman. What an awful despicable excuse for a human being....

Phase 4) Play coy about phase 3 knowing full well he was behind it. Never deny or admit that it's untrue because the damage to the ex has been accomplished.

Phase 5) Work on and publicize any acts that he can which are contrary to the damning truth about him. You'll see pictures of him doing mundane things that no one cares about. His PR people are great at getting this BS out to the public.

Phase 6) Be seen out with his new girlfriend***. "Who he just met!". That's the comic relief. Anyone with a brain knows the new girlfriend is one he's been sleeping with for months.

(***whomever you may be dear lady, I beseech you to get your fastest running shoes on and head for high ground, YOU ARE HIS NEXT VICTIM, ITS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME!)

Phase 7) Publicly defend new girlfriend to the world.

Phase 8) Push the envelope on having more torrid things said about his ex. You know just in case people see through the first round BS. He always needs to be the one who has done no wrong, heaven help us, if only he could just be a man.

Phase 9) We don't have to worry about at this point as everyone is sick of the man.

As it goes, it's exactly the same thing every time with this narcissistic misogynist a-hole. Please see his other break ups in this regard. Always a different pretty lady hung out to dry by the same ugly insecure man and his cold soulless character.

Posted at 12:17 PM on Jul 18, 2010 by Edguardo

1536 days ago


It has been confirmed, this is the woman he was making out with months ago who his publicist claimed was Kelsey's daughter. Pictures don't lie. Sorry.

1536 days ago


Also ASH, how do you know so much about this man? It's very interesting how you seem to know his life and thoughts and vigorously defend such a pig. Hmmmm....

His ex deserves all his money not just some maybe he'll learn from it? Word is she'll be writing a tell all, probably more interesting than the women hating garbage he had published.

1536 days ago


Too great to pass up from Page Six New York Post. I just had to post this here.

This is all a publicity stunt forced on by Mr. Grammer’s PR representatives.

No one has heard from his wife Camille because she is rumored to still be in shock and completely devastated.

As the rumor goes….not yet fully confirmed…she flew in with their children to NY for a visit a couple of months back. It was a Thursday unfortunately for all Kelsey thought she was coming on Friday. As it goes she went to their rented apartment and found Kelsey in bed, get this, with a male dancer from his show. Mortified, she gathered the children summoned a car and headed straight back to the airport. Apparently, there are airline accounts to verify this odd travel schedule of flying back within six hours of their arrival. Still to this day, to spare their children from the media frenzy that would ensue from the truth being told, she has kept to herself and is dealing the best she can. Unfortunately, one of the people whom work for them has spoke to others about the ordeal. Kelsey needed to proactive allegedly before the real story broke hence the unattractive female who may or may not be pregnant.

So in the end this is all a PR stunt by Kelsey because word started getting around about what really happened. Sadly, I believe this might be more than a rumor.

Read more:

1536 days ago


oh my, I love how people love to comment on what I say like THEY ACTUALLY HAVE FACT PROOF ON EVERYTHING HE DOES. first off, it was him, not his PR guy that said he was with his daughter spencer at that five guys place or whatever. spencer is blonde as well. and there were no pics of that, is there?? prob. not. and he's not exactly 20 anymore, how hot of a girl do u want him to have. personality is more important as you get older, and that's true for most people. do i think she is less attractive than camille, yes I do, but its up to him who he goes out with. is it that everyone on here only dates people their friends think are suitable? bull ****. and i doubt shes pregnant. that would come out right away. they were just walking together, jesus christ. i dont understand these comments, if he wanted to leave camille and was unhappy, he could have done so long ago. also, you can call him what u want, but he isn't fat. If you live anywhere on this planet, feel free to look around and notice that most people his age are disgusting and let themselves go. I think he looks pretty good for his age. and as far as 'women hating garbage' that he published, well I'm pretty damn sure I have met some awful, crass, violent, crazy women in my life and I didn't have to look far. i beleive he wasn't in the right state of mind to find a good healthy relationship at one time and he would admit that, but to say that everyone always dates ms or mr right the first time around and theyve never gone through a tragedy or several as he had in their lives or had problems with drugs or alcohol at some point or knows someone who did..o boy, there would never be another book written.

1536 days ago


to 35, a republican conservative doesn't like big government telling them how to run their lives, telling them what they can and can't do. smaller government equals bigger a book

1536 days ago


so what if he's walking around the city with someone else? it has nothing whatsoever to do with his kids. you don't know how often he talks to them or sees them. wtf. and they are legally seperated, he can do what he wants as camille can do what she wants. they are no longer responsible to each other. they had a good marriage for awhile and maybe they did try and work things out before, you don't know. THAT STUFF is private, and should be. but as long as they are seperated they can do what they want at their discretion. it isnt hurting the children as long as they know he loves them and how can they come up to NY constanly if he does two shows a day. they can't stay by themselves, they're little. And were not gonna know if she is seeing someone else because that wouldn't be highly publicized anyway.

1536 days ago
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