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Oksana's Sound Dude --

Witness to Abuse?

8/9/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva's audio engineer allegedly witnessed Mel Gibson verbally lashing out at her for months -- and, we're told, he's already provided a legal declaration stating so.

The engineer, whose first name is Jimmy, has told multiple sources (both professional and personal) close to Oksana the same story -- that he believes he is the "star witness" because he was with Oksana and Mel every day over a 10-month period.

According to the sources, Jimmy claims he frequently heard Gibson blast Oksana verbally -- using words like whore, slut, bitch, and c**t -- and that the rants were always fueled by jealousy when other men were around Oksana. 

Jimmy does not say he ever saw Gibson physically abuse Oksana ... we're told. Also hugely important -- Jimmy says he was not present for the January 6 meltdown when Gibson allegedly struck Oksana.

We're told Jimmy gave Oksana's lawyers a written declaration that includes his "eyewitness account" of several alleged fights between Oksana and Mel. L.A. County Sheriff's investigators have not spoken to Jimmy yet.

Gibson's publicist could not be reached for comment.


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im first

1500 days ago


Could this perhaps be the same "sound dude" who helped her edit the "tapes"?

1500 days ago

The Blog of Simple Things    

Well I don't think Mel is a church door but I don't trust what Oksana says either.

1500 days ago


Big dam.n deal! People get into fights all the time. Just come to these boards and you'll catch a fight here, too!

1500 days ago


And what did Oksana's publicist have to say?

1500 days ago


How can he be the "star" witness if he wasn't even at their home Jan 6th? Oksana claims she has numerous witnesses for Jan 6th. Could she be telling lies again ? hmm.....

1500 days ago


that he believes he is the "star witness" because he was with Oksana and Mel everyday over a 10 month period.

no one else believes ? hah

1500 days ago

solar panel    

What did Oksana's shoe salesman, underarm deodorant saleslady and toilet paper clerk have to say? What did Oksana's neighbor 26 houses to the southeast have to say about anything at any time? Personally, if I want sports wagering advice, I check the sports pages.

1500 days ago


What?? Boinksana lie?? Surely you jest!! Lol
Why all of a sudden out pops the "sound guy" making comments and written declarations?
If he was working on her album when this occurred then I'm surprised he heard anything with all that screeching and caterwallin' going on as she "sang" into the mic!
Another "witness" blown forth, I mean brought forth. Does he know where those lips were before him?

1500 days ago


Jimmy is new in town, Jimmy would like to get to know Oksana... Hands off Jimmy! Don't touch Jimmy!

1500 days ago


Well, she is all of those things he called her so I don't see what's wrong with any of this. Good for Mel.

1500 days ago


So at least we know who helped her hatch her plans to record Gibson and possibly helped edit the tapes. This indicates to me that she knew how to push Gibson buttons and sound guy cleared the decks and wasn't around on the day of the BIG blowout. Gibson was set up, just as we all suspected.

1500 days ago


What jealousy??? Mr.Gibson tried twice buy off her!!!! Last year media told he arranged his relationship and dialog with his wife Robin. Oksa didn't sign first deal in 2009 and he was upset...I guess Mr.Gibson would glad to present her to somebody...but who wants same "gift"???

1500 days ago


Whore, Bitch, Slut, C*@t... I have never called a Woman any of these awful names in my entire life. And the fact that Gibson does so ROUTINELY says quite a bit about him. Nazi POS!

1500 days ago

solar panel    

Who wouldn't lash out at that Soviet Syndicate Sally?

1500 days ago
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