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Fantasia -- Police Report Cites 'Suicide' Attempt

8/10/2010 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The police who responded to Fantasia Barrino's home last night were told the "American Idol" champ had attempted to commit suicide by ingesting pills ... this according the police report obtained by TMZ.


According to the report, cops received a 911 call at 10:13 PM last night  ... and responded to Fantasia's home in North Carolina.

Once they arrived on the scene, they listed her injury as "serious" and then transported her to a local hospital.


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Wow! tsk tsk... guess her child means nothing to her if she's willing to leave him/her motherless. DISTURBING!

1534 days ago


What a shame, hopefully she is okay and for those of you with negative comments, this is really no time for that foolishness

1534 days ago


Serious situation and leave it to TMZ to make a mockery of it by putting that dumb ass picture up. SMFH

1534 days ago

Too Blessed    

Ye without sin cast the first stone!!!!!!!!!!!

1534 days ago


please get some help man is worth the stress....

1534 days ago


Kimba - what a shame Fantasia makes the choices she makes.

1534 days ago

Gsharon 710    

You vicious snakes. We are speaking of a life here. You and I don't know if the reports are correct. Suppose she just need rest.

Haven't we ever just wanted to sleep and let our problems rest for a minute? I happen to know dehydration and tiredness in this heat was very quickly delete needed minerals from our bodies.

What has this child ever done to you to be so ugly?

Fantasia is a beautiful and talented person and I am thankful the majority of her fans do not play the silly game you are playing.

One day, when you least expect it, the things you said about her dying will come back to your memory and hit you where it hurt the most. Believe that.

If you need to go off on someone, go off on the MARRIED MAN who left his very young family to try and live the good life Fan struggled to achieve. Fantasia made no legal promises to Mrs. Cook.

1534 days ago


Brrrrrr.... that Fantasia gives me the heebie jeebies!

1534 days ago


Fantasia got a beautiful daughter and a family that loves her and a career in broadway so she wants to kill herself just because a married man fooled her and lied about divorcing his wife for her? She is dumb.

1534 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

commit suicide for a man? If she indeed try to commit suicide because she is sleeping with a married man thn maybe she should reevaluate the situation.. How selfish, does she even care about her daughter?

1534 days ago


It's sad but you reap what u sow... gullible? Stupid...or whatever you want to call it . Some black women deserve the misfortune that it brings especially when women know what type of men they willingly get involved this case, she did not give-'uh-rat's -Azs about her career or the negative publicity this would bring, or her self-respect. This is a confused woman desperate for the attention and affection of worthless, so-called players who seek to only 'toy with' the lives of gullible black women. But hey, u ain't heard this from a real black man, so in the words of u so-called players (LOSERS): "DUNT H8 THE PLA-Y'UH...H8 D'UH GAME!?!?"

1534 days ago

your momma    


1534 days ago


Shame on you attention seeking whores leaving dumb spiteful comments trying to capitalize on another person's suffering. Shame on TMZ too for being in the smut slinging business they call reporting news. Fantasia will be fine, her career will flourish and all you losers will still have is the internet.

1534 days ago


first of all god is good all men lies they will do any thig to get what they want, so keep your head up and let god handle the rest,May god be with you always,

1534 days ago


Shame Shame Shame! These comments on this post are very disturbing! Is this what the "United" States of America has come to? Or Is this the true face of America finally surfacing? I had no idea "Americans" were such hateful and cruel hearted people. The very people that have posted these callous and evil comments are the very reason the moral fabric of this once great nation is unraveling at such an alarming rate!!! WHERE IS THE LOVE?

1534 days ago
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