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Fantasia -- Police Report Cites 'Suicide' Attempt

8/10/2010 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The police who responded to Fantasia Barrino's home last night were told the "American Idol" champ had attempted to commit suicide by ingesting pills ... this according the police report obtained by TMZ.


According to the report, cops received a 911 call at 10:13 PM last night  ... and responded to Fantasia's home in North Carolina.

Once they arrived on the scene, they listed her injury as "serious" and then transported her to a local hospital.


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gOOD lUCK Fantasia. We all makes mistakes. Please learn from this situation and becaome a better stronger person.

1535 days ago

latisha nichols    

Are you freaking serious. All of these negative comments about Fantasia oh my God. Regardless of race no women should ever by hurt period. You all should be ashamed yes maybe she was wrong but really you all will talk about someone like that what it wrong with you all. May God Bless all the negative spoken people in this world

1535 days ago


Goodness gracious, must we all be temporarily blinded by the hideousness that is Fantasia? Maybe they named her that because her parents (if both were even a part of her life) so desperately wanted to be whisked away to there.

Taking a bottle of aspirin. She had NO intent on killing herself. She just wants attention. Plus someone found her before she even passed out? Oh please.

1535 days ago


I'm not sure if all of u with negative comments can really understand what really happened concernin fantasia issue which she have had a ass off issues throughout her life & might have thought abt harmin herself which is natural to feel that way based on how much u maybe going through but fantasia is a warrior and if anyone follow her stories of triumph if she didnt harm herself when her father sued her or her being raped when she was in high school why would she even stoop to that level now she hasnt been in the media alot lately she have a new album abt to drop and people r tryin to sell stories and makeup anything that is believable she probably was tired and stuff they stay busy alot anyway promoting their albums & doing interviews & premiers so that is alot of stuff to bear and it is easy 4 someone to make it out to be somethin it is not i dont believe 4 one min that fantasia was going to commit suicide 4 one person and she has been hurt so much by bad choose of men and family issues that she so openly talked abt 4 those who r real fans of fantasia knows that she isnt a weak individual or nothing that she goes through make her that vulnerable she just get more stronger with each trial & tribulation we must understand she is a regular person just like me or u everybody got to go through something she aint no different because she is a celebratey & i think she knows that thats why she is always straight up with her faults and mistakes she isnt perfect only god is and she always expresses it in her music only real fans of fantasia would understand stand this and like she got through her other problems with the help of god this shall to pass and she will learn and move along with life but as long as she is who she is the media will ALWAYS make it seem worser then it really is fantasia fans a show will come out abt this & she would clear up this mess but she will be ok it comes with the territory & the business

1535 days ago

g ray    

you never know what someone is going through in their life, I agree with the person who said " he without sin cast the first stone" EXACTLY! iF THIS STORY IS TRUE OR IF NOT I WILL CONTINUE TO KEEP FANTASIA AND HER FAMILY IN MY PRAYERS! AND FOR THE PERSON THAT SAID HER KIDS MEAN NOTHING TO HER !!!! YOU DO NOT KNOW!!!!

1535 days ago


It is going to be ok Fantasia keep ya head up... Its not over yet!!!!

1535 days ago


Wow reading all of your negative comments makes me very sad for humanity. What kind of human being can find pleasure in the pain of another human? We really have not come very far in the past 100 years. In a time when the entire country is struggle economically, socailly and spitually, when we as a people as humans should be pulling together, loving and supporting each other, you can still spit venom and hate and racism. We still don't get it. God is not pleased! Remember we reap what we sow.

1535 days ago


If Crack Killed Apple Jack, Bobby and Whitney, what did she think it would do to her. LOL

1535 days ago


NO one knows what she's going through it's not right seeing a married man but i'm sure he was telling her a lot of bull crap and she believed him.sometimes things get overwhelming. fantasia he's not worth it,I hope you get better your to talented to let that go to waste.I'm gonna pray for you, don't listen to that negativity and get your self together for your daughter sake peace and love.

1535 days ago


she is trash that whats she get marriedddddddddddddddddddddd lady

1535 days ago



1535 days ago

Nice xD    

Fantasia is beautiful. Everyone is beautiful in there on way! & some ppl can be so rude. Why would you say someone needs to commit suicide? Like really? Ugh! It's so disturbing how ppl are these days :/

1535 days ago


all my prayers go's out to fantasia and her family. Hope all is well and keep believing and God will answer her prayers.

1535 days ago

Curtis Robinson    

Its people like some of yall that make people try to kill themselves. With your harsh ass comments. Rather trying to judge a person pray for them. Keep your neg. comment to yourself. Why you pointing fingers trust me some pointing at you. If you was important you would in the media but I guess you are not that damn important.

To be continue.....

1535 days ago


#32 Bob You really are a lowlife! I may not like Fantasia, might think what's she's done is wrong and that a) she was a knowing nail in Paula Cook's marriage, b)a SELFISH person for trying to commit suicide and leave her kid motherless!
However, the fact that Fantasia has worked hard to drag herself up from the levels of poverty she lived in, has started to get the education she missed out on for whatever reason, and tried to make something of herself should be admired!! So she couldn't read, you'd be absolutely stunned at the figures of those in the US who can't read and amazingly some of them are wealthy business people! When you have nothing, your desire to succeed is a damn sight stronger than those who live privileged, educated lives!!

1535 days ago
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