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Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush -- Drunken Wedding Fight

8/10/2010 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush got into a drunken fight that was so intense ... bodyguards had to tear them apart from each other at a wedding reception.

Sources close to the former couple tell us the blowup went down last month while Reggie and Kim were at the L.A. wedding of his Saints teammate Bobby McCray and her friend Khadijaq Haqq.

We're told Reggie started chatting up Kim about working things out and getting back together -- totally understandable, by the way, considering how Kim looked that night (above). But you know how wedding receptions go -- lots of booze.

Sources tell us the convo got more and more heated and Reggie got more and more "aggressive due to drunkenness." We're told it never got physical, but eventually bodyguards stepped in to "pull Reggie away from Kim."

At about 1:00AM the bodyguards got a cab for Reggie and one for Kim and sent them home.


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People keep calling her a hoe,but wasn't she married at a young and marrying this guy...2-3 years. Then, she make a sex tape with her boyfriend of 2-3 years...Ray J. From Ray J, to Reggie bush, another 2-3 years. Now she is in a relationship with the cowboys football player. How is she a hoe? She appears to always be in relationship for some length of time. I never hear or see of her out partying and sleeping around casually. What gives? Oh, I know. People are just being jealous HATERS. I don't knock her hustle. She and her family appear to be very business smart.

1533 days ago


TMZ, stop getting using Kris K. as your "sources". There's no way that he was trying to get back with her. He was probably going off on her for being a user whore. Im sure Reggie is not heartbroken over losing that plastic skank.

1533 days ago


Oh brother!!!

1533 days ago


Use a little self control on someone elses big day. I'm surprised the bride and groom didn't kill them!

1533 days ago

Physical Graffiti    

I'm all for making improvements where necessary, but oh how I miss the olden days when people just looked like themselves. Isn't anyone real anymore? That's rhetorical BTW.
If you've got a big old beak for a nose, have it fixed. If all of your teeth are crooked, see an orthodontist, etc. I don't know folks, I just can't see spending all that money for vanity's sake - she was fine before all that fakery.

1533 days ago


Considering how she looks. She looks like someone with a huge ass packed in a sausage casing.

1533 days ago


I love her

1533 days ago

Yep I said that    

ALl the money and tight dresses doesn't change a thing..... skank with no class

1533 days ago


What MAJOR TRASH that Kardashian family. What WHORES those women are from Momma to the ugliest/fattest one. And, for the record, they DO LOOK JUST LIKE GEORGE LOPEZ! I am super serious! I couldn't believe that photo I saw, and all those disgusting, fat women smiling like it is normal to be linked to look like an UGLY MEXICAN man! He looks JUST LIKE Kloeh!!! I can't get over this garbage. Where is the honor, where is the pride? I better just calm down.

1533 days ago


I thought she does not drink alcohol like she has declared so many times on the Kardshians show. Whatever, go sit in cu***ber garden, you lying skank.

1533 days ago


Good thing it wasnt Oksana. Bltch would have pulled out a tape recorder and accused him of abuse.

1533 days ago


And Kim is the one who is all high-and-mighty to Kourtney ragging on her about Scott?? Look in the mirror, b%$#h!!

1533 days ago


Appears Kim has moved on, it's Reggie who has the problem with that. Reggie, you had your chance, you messed up, so leave her alone. Next time Reggie you see Kim, say hi and behave like a gentleman and leave her alone.

1533 days ago


I call BS on this story. You can smell Kris and Kim's people behind this. If this were true it would have come out right after the wedding, not a month or so later. What was reported right after the wedding was that Kim and Reggie did not even speak to each other, or came into contact with each other. They were avoiding each other the entire time. Kim just wants Reggie back and it's killing her ego that a man doesn't want her. Reggie wised up and probably didn't like how Kim messed up her face with all the plastic surgery.

1533 days ago

Kimberly W.     

WOW! He is human!!!

I love them together but you never know just because she is pretty does not make her a great girlfriend.. They need lots of privacy inorder to make it.. It is clear that just because they are in the spotlight does not mean they like it....

Reggie has always seemed to be one of a few celebs that would rather date and marry the girl next door vs the girl that everyone knows..


1533 days ago
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