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Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush -- Drunken Wedding Fight

8/10/2010 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush got into a drunken fight that was so intense ... bodyguards had to tear them apart from each other at a wedding reception.

Sources close to the former couple tell us the blowup went down last month while Reggie and Kim were at the L.A. wedding of his Saints teammate Bobby McCray and her friend Khadijaq Haqq.

We're told Reggie started chatting up Kim about working things out and getting back together -- totally understandable, by the way, considering how Kim looked that night (above). But you know how wedding receptions go -- lots of booze.

Sources tell us the convo got more and more heated and Reggie got more and more "aggressive due to drunkenness." We're told it never got physical, but eventually bodyguards stepped in to "pull Reggie away from Kim."

At about 1:00AM the bodyguards got a cab for Reggie and one for Kim and sent them home.


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I just hope that both of them get it together

1501 days ago


Kim Kardashian is great with fashion incentives. I think she may just have small melodramas in her life right now. I think Kim is also one of those people which could sneak up on you at any dynamic red carpet occasion. I think Reggie Bush will be fine, but sometimes alchol can get the best of the personality. Kim isn't attracted to Reggie for any old reason. Cute couple!

1498 days ago

Catherine Malllory    

Would someone HELP K.K. pick out a decent dress to wear to weddings? This woman dresses likes she is going to a nightclub when she attends weddings. I am old, by ya'lls standards, but in my day there was a rule, "Don't try to outshine the BRIDE!"
I know KK is looking for a husband herself, but this is TAKCY girl! Please learn to dress appropriatly. I wouldn't be saying anything but you made such a big issue out being "supportive" of your friends. Dressing like a tart at a wedding, is NOT supportive and, for the record, a quality husband is not going to WANT someone that dresses like you do at QUALITY functions.
Cover up your body in church, knucklehead. God MADE your boobies, you don't need to flash 'em at Him.
It is stunningly true that no amount of fame or money CAN buy CLASS.
Good luck, KK, I know you are trying so hard to come across as classy, but somethings, sugar, simply can't be forgotten.

1496 days ago


Reggie Bush can still do no wrong to me but Kim seems 2 be a pretty nice person

1490 days ago


check out kylie and kendall's facebook page, 12 and 14yrs. bruce must be thrilled to know his meal ticket will continue with these two. this family is all about greed and ego with no regard for the degradation of women/girls. this family promotes it, along with ryan seacrest and E and every other news outlet that loves the Kardashian/Jenner millions spent on ads. FANS, GET EDUCATED about SEXISM and domestic abuse and the toll it takes on all societies. most young men will respond with profanity if you ask their opinions of any of the females in this family. sad. we protested and marched in the 60's for equality and birth control, this family wants to take us back to being nothing but superficial sex objects. WHEN KHLOE, KIM, AND KOURTNEY TALKED ABOUT SHINING THEIR VAGINAS WITH MAYONAISE WITH THE BELL HOP THEY JUST MET THESE ADULT WOMEN SHOWED HOW LACKING OF CHARACTER THEY ARE AND TRASHY!

1485 days ago


This is how it starts--it is like dipping your toes to test the waters. This is the beginning of damaging a black man--insinuating that he is violent. There is nothing to this story, but the headline is very, very, dangerous. STOP NOW!

1479 days ago


I guess all of the athletes who want to do Kim are still in their harmone stage. I see nothing but a platic fake face, a huge ass, hips, and tits. There is nothing all that sexy about this broad. At 40 all of the above will be hanging down to the back of her knees, out to the sides, and to her lower stomach. Would you really want to hit that. She trying to get as much out of what some guys like as she can now. Maybe enter another athlete. I doubt whether Ronaldo is remotely interested in her. If he was, you would see them all over the place. I think she was making a play for him and he told her to get lost.

1472 days ago


Kim k need to go find her self and leave reggie bush alone, he can find a better women and not a slut! he too fine and know he deserves way better!! Leave that bitch alone REGGIE!!!!

1416 days ago


f**k haters.i lov u Kim

1410 days ago


Why is everyone hating on Kim K... Ive read some of these comments, and she is bangin like African drums potna'... If Reggie wanna hit again and she wanna let him, GO FOR THE GUSTO... ****, all yall dudes hating on her and Kim, WHY... ****, truth..., ID ****...!!! Kim K that and her sisters... and her momma... Im just keeping on frontline G... hmmmph, like yall wouldnt... HIT IT AGAIN REG...

1389 days ago


omg!!!! bitches stop hatin evry1 makes mistakes... bt these two together are no mistake!!!! they r perfect n love eachother... and lala if u r just an ordinary woman dnt hate because others strive to be different

1347 days ago


101 are you the sluts sister mom or brother NO!! y do u care..loser..we can hate as much as we wana biatch so can u...she is an attention seeking hoebag as simple as that and she paid for this story to be published or leaked information...thats just how attention seeking sluts roll!

1302 days ago

mariam bashir    

its apetty the two didnt end up together

1168 days ago
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