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Leo DiCaprio's

Alleged Slasher

Pleads Not Guilty

8/11/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who allegedly sliced up Leonardo DiCaprio's beautiful face back in 2005 was just arraigned in an L.A. courtroom -- where she pled not guilty to assault with a deadly weapon.

Leo DiCaprio Slashed
As we previously reported, Aretha Wilson is accused of attacking Leo with a drinking glass while at a house party in the Hollywood Hills -- causing 17 stitches worth of damage.

Wilson has been in custody since she was extradited back to the United States from Canada last month -- and is currently being held on $150,000 bail.

Wilson faces up to four years behind bars if convicted. Her next court date is August 23.



No Avatar


First!! Use Inception Leo and get into her dreams and totally plant the idea she dosent want to stalk you anymore,but wants to stalk Simon cowell

1532 days ago


Where do all these crazy women come from? Send them back!

1532 days ago

I Luv TMZ    

Where on his face did she cut him? i never noticed a scar. Leo must have a good plastic surgeon. How did this whack job get into a party that Leo was at?

1531 days ago

Bill C.    

Has it been reported as to why she cut him? Is she a crazed stalker or did little Leo send out his "entourage" to see if she wanted to pull a train, so she taught him a lesson?

1531 days ago


It's funny how Canada can extradite a woman for a cut in the face but the U.S cannot extradite that Survivor Producer for murdering his wife who by the way is a US Citizen....then again, time will tell.

1531 days ago


To #4 Bill C. supposedly she somehow entered the party he was at and mistook him for an ex-boyfriend. Hopefully she will get the punishment she deserves.

1531 days ago


From what i read on another site, it was a beer bottle slashing.

1531 days ago


What I want to know is, how did these two happen to be at the same party. I wouldn't think that they ran in the same social circles...

1531 days ago


To #5 Lisa - no kidding! You are so right on...

1531 days ago

nancy jo    

I Hope They Get Better!!!! If You Want a Really Good BBQ, Go to the White Mountain Sherriff's Posse BBQ up in Lakeside,AZ This Saturday the 14th From 1pm to 7pm!

1531 days ago


Life without parole is too good for her. What does that leave? Hint, you only need one bullet.

1531 days ago


This doesn't look like ANY stitches should have been needed, to me. Also, he has no scars- a wound that requires stitches would leave scars for quite a long time, if not forever.

Picture here:

1531 days ago

I Chinee    

It's funny how Canada can extradite a woman for a cut in the face but the U.S cannot extradite that Survivor Producer for murdering his wife who by the way is a US Citizen....then again, time will tell.

Posted at 1:35 PM on Aug 11, 2010 by Lisa

This happened in 2005 and they are just now extraditing this girl... And like your dumbass said time will tell about what they do with the guy. So shut the **** up.

1531 days ago


First of all to people with the comments of "that they don't see any scars" my face got slashed open and i had to get 13 stitches and my plastic surgeon left no scar whatsoever ! Second this woman should go to jail for a long ass time slashing his beautiful handsome face I hope he gets on the stand and makes her look like the trash that she is!!! Love you leo !!!

1531 days ago


what if he tried to rape her in the bathroom and she faught him off and then later when his entourage tried to extort her so she shuts up she went ape **** because they disrespect her...

we never know the true story.. and when the rich are cornered they throw around alot of money that makes people say whatever it is that the money wants them to say.. and mean it... so even what she says is the reason MIGHT not be the reason ... its just damage control..

money makes people do 10 steps to convince you of just 1 thing.. but if it was true it wouldnt take all those steps.. its as easy as telling the truth.. but the truth is dangerous .. what if its public that leo abuses women and rapes them? who the **** knows! we don know leo, we know the actor.. thats it.. we dont know who he realy is.. just like you dont really know your co-workers.. you have a perception and its easier to keep up appearances than tell the truth.

1531 days ago
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