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Steven Slater -- Dude Was Fired Up on 'Blue Juice'

8/11/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Multiple JetBlue employees who recently worked with Steven Slater tell TMZ the rogue flight attendant was flying high on something called "Blue Juice" in the days before his meltdown ... and apparently, that's a good thing.

Steve Slater - Blue Juice
We're told "Blue Juice" is the company's equivalent to "school spirit" -- and Slater was so "juiced" up -- all the time -- that many people considered him to be "Mr. JetBlue."

In fact, we spoke with a JetBlue flight attendant who had recently worked on a flight with Steven -- and he tells us Steven was one of the nicest, easiest people he ever worked with.

The flight attendant also told us he distinctly remembers the way Slater defused an explosive situation with an "irate" passenger in the weeks before Monday's meltdown.

Our source also tells us Steven had so much "Blue Juice" -- that he was recently nominated for the Inflight Values Committee by his peers.

Despite his accolades, Slater is still facing up to 7 years in prison if convicted on multiple charges stemming from the incident. However, JetBlue has not officially fired Slater ... he's just been "removed from his duties pending the investigation."



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1500 days ago


Throw this psycho in jail. If I inflated the escape ramp and slid away with beers I would still be locked down. People need to see this behavior will not be tolerated. Quiting your job is one thing but screwing around with aircraft because your PMS-ing is insane. Dont defend this nut. Next time he gets cramps he will crash a plane...would you let your kids fly with this guy?

1500 days ago


Why has the female passenger who started all this not been identified and charged?

1500 days ago


U can not understand if u are not in the service business. People are just mean today, this lady should explain her why she did this, I work in the service industry and have for 28 years and I can understand his reason for reacting to her in this manner.

1500 days ago


JetBlue would be stupid to fire him right now, people love him! He'll probably get a reality show and quit on his own anyway.

1500 days ago


When I worked for an airline , Blue Juice was the stuff we would put in the toilets on the smaller planes....I think someone is getting the wording messed up

1500 days ago


first of all I have to say that I like the guy. but the job is not for him, so he better look for another position.

that said I have to say that I'd rather see female (young and pretty) attending me on a plane. I just feel more comfortable (dunno why) interacting with a female waitress (I mean flight attendant).

OK they are in fact waiters 'cause all they do is to bring snacks and stuff (not food anymore..but that's another story)

but after that they need to take care of the passengers, being soft and polite and warm and that kind of stuff: I just picture a (young and pretty) female waitress doing that better

to the guy.. find another job...

1500 days ago

Mulholland Drive    

Somebody tell me if he's gay. They're all extremely short fused it's part of their mental illness.

1500 days ago


Activating the chute was dangerous, and yes he could have handled the situation better, but what is more disturbing is the fact that the public have become monsters. They are completely out of control. I work in the service industry and I would NEVER dream of doing some of the things I see people do. The public is incredibly abusive and seem to have this sense of self entitlement. We are there to serve but not take abuse. People seem to think it's perfectly ok to treat a service worker like crap. Maybe they are unhappy in their lives and it makes them feel better about themselves, or maybe they are just plain *******s. What bothers me the most is when people act this way in front of their kids. They are teaching them that it's ok to treat another human being this way. It makes me sick.

1500 days ago


JetBlue, PLEASE DO NOT FIRE STEVE. I'm a long-time loyal True Blue customer and love this airline; but realistically, from a marketing perspective, this man is PR GOLD! The airline is getting more free publicity right now than they could EVER hope for! Being that JetBlue is the number one entry in search engines at the moment, NOW is the time to strike with some great flight deals! Take advantage of this!

In addition JetBlue, please find and charge the passenger who assaulted Steve. She should be charged. She cussed at him, called him names, and assaulted him with her baggage, and LEFT PHYSICAL EVIDENCE of this attack on your flight attendant. I saw the mark on his head in the photos. She needs to be found and CHARGED with unruly behavior on a flight and ASSAULT of AIRLINE PERSONNEL. with u. Don't lose perspective. Steve didn't just 'snap' for no reason.

The JetBlue that I know and love is a reasonable company. Fine, Steve was wrong, blah blah blah...but I'd like to think that JetBlue will take a look at what realistically caused this, instead of just looking at him and saying 'tut-tut'. He should NOT go to jail for seven years, and JetBlue needs to do what it can to make sure that doesn't happen. What message are you sending the world when you prosecute a hard-working employee who has taken all the abuse he could stand from lousy people after two decades! Heck...he grabbed a couple beers and took off down the giant slide. He COULD have gone Columbine on people. Count yourselves blessed, stand by your employee and get him counseling. Don't abandon him.

The world isn't gonna back down till this woman who behaved CRIMINALLY on that flight is identified. I wonder if she feels any shame at all.

1500 days ago


I am a former Flight Attendant and agree with #11 above. Justice will be served when the female passenger is punished. I personally could not work with the blatent actions of passengers these days. They have no respect and are out of control - being abusive mentally and physically. Sadly, they are able to get away with it. The FAA and Airline industry should take care of that!! I hope Mr. Slater does not go to jail.

1500 days ago


Helllllloooo?!?!?!?! JetBlue, You CAN"T fire him! There are no "duties to remove him from pending investigation." He QUIT!!! That's what the whole emergency slide, I'm-Outta-here scene was about. Morons.

1500 days ago


Throw him in prison and make him pay to repack the slide. One good thing has come out of this though, and that is that many flight stewardesses have outed themselves as lunatics by supporting this loser. You think people didn't respect you before? Wait until you see how little people respect you now.

1500 days ago


This guy is obviously unstable. He sounds like he's classic manic/depressive. He needs help. He's not a hero he nuts.

1500 days ago


I can't believe the outpouring of support for this nutjob. I imagine FAs deal with rude people ALL the time - but they're trained and paid to respond in a professional manner. Imagine if EVERY FA reacted the way that this fruitcake did when some jackass passenger caused trouble?

And yes, this guy is as gay as a 3-dollar bill - another one of those ANGRY in-the-closet queens. Shockingly he was married - but plenty of gay dudes try to cover up the truth by entering into a phony relationship with a woman. This loose cannon should be tarred and feathered, not celebrated.

1500 days ago
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