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Steven Slater -- Dude Was Fired Up on 'Blue Juice'

8/11/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Multiple JetBlue employees who recently worked with Steven Slater tell TMZ the rogue flight attendant was flying high on something called "Blue Juice" in the days before his meltdown ... and apparently, that's a good thing.

Steve Slater - Blue Juice
We're told "Blue Juice" is the company's equivalent to "school spirit" -- and Slater was so "juiced" up -- all the time -- that many people considered him to be "Mr. JetBlue."

In fact, we spoke with a JetBlue flight attendant who had recently worked on a flight with Steven -- and he tells us Steven was one of the nicest, easiest people he ever worked with.

The flight attendant also told us he distinctly remembers the way Slater defused an explosive situation with an "irate" passenger in the weeks before Monday's meltdown.

Our source also tells us Steven had so much "Blue Juice" -- that he was recently nominated for the Inflight Values Committee by his peers.

Despite his accolades, Slater is still facing up to 7 years in prison if convicted on multiple charges stemming from the incident. However, JetBlue has not officially fired Slater ... he's just been "removed from his duties pending the investigation."



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The passenger should be charged. I travel several times a year and the repeated rude behavior of passengers is appalling. I've had luggage banged down on me in the passenger seat by over-zealous early sprinters, seat disputes, obnoxious drunk passengers verbally abusing the attendants. Everything is crowded, everyone is in a hurry. The job is hard enough to begin with without suffering abuse on top of it.
Shame on that passenger. Book her, find her, identify her.

1500 days ago


Why would he tell cops he's ... positive that's too much information

He's probably going to jail as an example for other's not to do the same.

Poor guy

1500 days ago


I can't believe the audacity of some of the posts sound like some of the in grateful idiots that want to be A number one jackasses. I have seen how 90% of the passengers act and I stopped flying due to people like that some of them made me want to smack them. There is nothing in the flight attendants job description that says they are to be treated like sub-serviette butt wipers. They are there to help you enjoy your flight not to be treated like dirt under your shoes. I think any airlines that hires this guy would be getting a good employee...just remember we ALL have a breaking point and I think the female passenger should be prosecuted or put on a no fly list for aggressive behavior toward in flight personnel

1500 days ago


When he blew that slide(among other things)if there had been a person or persons on the flight line they could have been hurt or even killed.He will go to to jail because its a federal crime.If you cant stand the heat,get out of the kitchen

1500 days ago


Why are all of you stating that the passenger was female? Do you just assume it was a woman? Every article I have read stated that it was a MALE passenger! Get the facts before you spew.

1500 days ago


"22.Why are all of you stating that the passenger was female? Do you just assume it was a woman? Every article I have read stated that it was a MALE passenger! Get the facts before you spew.
Posted at 5:38 AM on Aug 11, 2010 by SickofTMZ"

Might have to do with half of the news outlets saying it was a women and the other half saying it was a man. When the story broke Smoking gun said it was a guy but then NBC reported it was a women. Some of the news stories are reporting that Slater was seen drinking on the plane and others are ignoring that little tidbit of info. Eventually the actual facts will come out.

1500 days ago


We all have break-downs. Society has no morals or respect for one another. I can relate to Slater- On my first job as an X-ray technologist, the doctor called me a stupid Puerto Rican and I proceeded to show him just how stupid I was by exposing his darkroom (film) to light and contaminating the developing solutions, which cost him more than my salary. Then I walked out, but not before threatening to sue him for racial discrimination. That happened many years ago. I say Kudos to Mr. Slater and as for the woman that sparked the incident, she should be arrested for assaulting Mr. Slater.

1500 days ago


awards@3. Exactly! I fly a lot and seriously wish there was some official misdemeanor charge that could be applied to idiot customers--maybe a 'flying while being a douchebag' law or something. There's always at least one passenger who is completely unwilling to follow simple directions and whose sense of entitlement causes delays for everyone else. Most flights are what? 2 to 3 hours? Seriously, can people not just sit down and behave themselves for a couple of hours these days?

Plus, I think an outburst like this was inevitable. The tension surrounding flying has been growing what with all the airline nonsense (stupid fees, overbooked flights, ridiculous tarmac policies, etc) and poor customer service. Passengers are tired of being treated like **** by the airlines and they take it out on the flight crew. The flight crew is tired of being treated like **** by the airline they work for and by rude passengers, so they take it out on flyers. It's become a vicious circle and something has to give.

1500 days ago


I agree with #23. All the facts have yet to come out. There are so many apparently contradictory details being bantered around --- the passenger was a woman, the passenger was a man, the passengers had been give the clear to get up, they weren´t, etc., etc. ---- and the media seems to be so determined to make this man into a hero for the average working person, that it is hard to be objective about the case. Let´s get all the facts first.

Please, media people. Give us facts rather than trying to get us to jump on the bandwagon and shout "I´m as mad as hell and I won't take it any more".

1500 days ago


I worked in customer service for many years but only on the phone, thank heavens. It's unbelievable the way some of the public will treat you. You answer the phone and before you can say more than, "Good morning," they start cussing you out.

I day dreamed about saying something mean back, but naturally I never did. Just thought about it.

1500 days ago


This fellow should be classified with Bernard Goetz. This is not a compliment.

1500 days ago


"removed from his duties pending the investigation." yep Lol good for him..

1500 days ago

jim stretch    

I think as much attention should be put on the passenger in question as the flight attendent.

Let's hear her story and those of people around her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1500 days ago


Huah! Here's one "I'm not gonna take this .... anymore"!
All you sanctimonious commentors, are you kidding me? Read more about it, this woman stood up early, got her bag out early, was asked nicely to sit down, was very rude, then hit him in the head with the overhead compartment door...he has a lg bump on his head. Was he CORRECT? NO. Was he probably one of the most sane people I've met? YES. This guy just said enough of the bs. They and we have to deal with the self appointed overpriveliged everyday. The one's who cut ahead in a line, the one's who walk over you without a bat of their fake eyelashes, and on and on. So he snapped look at his service record, a friggin felony chg? Come on law enforcement catch a criminal...Steven, declare temp insanity and get a talk show, cannot WAIT! Will watch it regularly!

1500 days ago

Freddy digs UFC    

" diffused an explosive situation "
DONT use these words together in a story involving an AIRPLANE.

1500 days ago
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