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Rodman's Wife -- The Worm Got Me Evicted ... TWICE

8/12/2010 6:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis Rodman's estranged wife claims she just got evicted for the second time in two years -- and according to her, it's all because The Worm fell behind in child support ... to the tune of $500,000.

Dennis Rodman Wife
Michelle Rodman filed new docs in Orange County Superior Court last week -- obtained by TMZ -- claiming Dennis failed to pay her rent twice since 2009 ... and as a result, she has since been evicted from two separate apartments.

Michelle claims Dennis' child support bill has reached an all-time high of $527,745.10 -- because according to her, the former NBA star hasn't been keeping up with his monthly $50,000 payments.

As we previously reported, Dennis' child support was increased in March ... and he was ordered to ante up for every month starting last September -- but his reps tell TMZ, he can't afford it ... and he has been trying to get it lowered ever since.

Dennis' manager, Darren Prince, tells TMZ, "It's not a matter of Dennis not being able to afford it ... it's a matter of the court and Michelle thinking he makes $4 million a month ... which he doesn't."

Prince adds, "Michelle needs to learn to live within her means."

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No Avatar


A***hole crawl under a rock!!!!!!!!!! N stay there!!!!!!

1533 days ago


Michelle, ever heard of getting a job and paying your own rent?

1533 days ago


Dumb broad. Maybe consider getting a place you can afford on your own just in case your baby daddy forgets to pay $500,000 in child support. Dumb gold digger. Get a job.

1533 days ago


Seriously, why do so many woman expect their rent to be paid for life because they had a kid? People get divorced and somehow the guy is supposed to pay for his own place, and also the place for his ex, and usually a bunch of her other expenses. How about get a job and take care of your own bills? After all, you would have to pay for somewhere to live even if you didn't have kids, right? What were you planning on doing to pay it before you got knocked up and found a way to get someone else to pay it for you?
I say this as a divorced mom, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.

1533 days ago


Woman, get a job instead of just sitting on your rump waiting for the money. You have only yourself to blame for being evicted. Like #3 said, get a job & a place you can afford

1533 days ago


She didn't get evicted because the man she no longer has a relationship with didn't pay her rent. She got evicted because she lives in a place her job can't afford her. If she has no job, then she should be living with friends or family in exchange for chores, and spend more time looking for one, less time in court trying to get money from someone who shouldn't owe it to her.

Paying for your kid is fine. Paying for your former lover's apartment? Not so much.

1533 days ago


$50K per month is some very expensive tail!

1533 days ago


That poor woman. How can we expect her to live on only 50k a month?

Take this as a lesson people. DONT GET MARRIED!

1533 days ago


Hey.. Here's the Deal... You Play Big Time - You gonna' LOSE BIG TIME !... Eat it Dude !

1533 days ago


Tiffany - white girls that marry black athletes are after the money as much as anything. They know (or should) that they are trophies and expect to be treated and paid as such. This one is lucky, she could have married O.J. Of course it ain't over yet.

1533 days ago


she deserves to get evicted if she can't pay her mortgage on $50,000/month. she did this to her children.....stop crying the blues and work like the majority of us.

she is a good companion for the jackson brother's wife who cried the blues when she had to move out of katherine's house. LOSERS!!

1533 days ago


any girl who involves herself with this useless, nauseating piece of garbage deserves exactly what she gets.

1533 days ago


What the HELL do you need $50.000 a month child support for? No.1 dude is not even bring in any money. he does not live in a lavash lifestyle because he is retired from the NBA. that golddigging wife needs to a real job like the rest of us normal folk and pay her own damn rent and raise her kid. Why the hell should he keep her in a place living like a Queen. What did she do to earn it? besides spread her legs. and if he wasent famous she would not give him the time of day as he is wreck in the face. this story is a joke

1533 days ago


Why would anyone need 50k/m to live on?? That's crazy! I'm sure it's more expensive to live in that area but come on 50k?? I'm sure she could live very well on 5k/m and if she can't she needs a reality check, maybe make her own living for a while.

1533 days ago


i put 1000$ she didn't work period, i mean 50grand a month that probably what she lived on.

1533 days ago
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