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Mel Gibson:

Can You Hear Me Now?

8/11/2010 9:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... L.A. County Sheriff's investigators are waiting on Verizon, AT&T and other carriers to supply them with the last bit of evidence before turning the case over to the D.A.

Mel Gibson Investigation
As we have previously reported ... text messages and emails between Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva play a part in piecing together what happened on January 6, during the now-famous blowout.  Although lawyers for both sides have anted up the texts and emails, Sheriff's investigators want to turn over the official records -- under the law, only official records from the carriers are admissible in evidence -- it's called the "best evidence" rule.

We're also told investigators may conduct several other interviews before turning the case over to the L.A. County D.A.'s Office -- possibly the week from next.

One more thing ...  We've learned the domestic violence investigation is being handled separately from the extortion investigation -- the latter is being investigated by the Major Crimes Bureau of the Sheriff's Department.  The goal, we're told, is for both investigations to be submitted to the D.A. at the same time.


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I think Mel Gibson needs counseling, which he is doing, for his ranting but Oksana and ROL has failed to convince me that Mel did anything to her. I want to know if Oksana has a temper, if she hurts her children, shakes her baby, throws herself down on the ground to create bruises, why a Russian newspaper doing a puff piece on her by her "friend" claimed Oksana needs 30 pills a day to stay calm...that is not a stable person, that is a drug abuser. What mother taunts her alleged abuser when she so called fears for her life and does not worry about the consequences for her children? Everyday she adds more outrageous details as if she is desperate to sway public opinion or sway next mark, err rich man.
The more one digs in Oksana's past, as everyone seems to want to hang Mel Gibson on his past, the more a pattern appears of what type of dishonest and money hungry person Oskana (and her family) appear.
Some adult children that grew up in abuse can tone out what Gibson is saying completely (not excusing him either) and just listen to the total manipulation and button pushing of the equally sick, narcissistic, cold and money hungry Oskana. There is no emotion in Oksana's voice, at last Gibson has emotion...and feelings.

1540 days ago


again: oksana is a puppet.

1540 days ago


Been a bit sick for a couple of weeks so finally got up today and began reading these posts on this story. I found myself wondering why all these 'post-ers' here are so involved and emotional about it all. I kept reading enjoying the humour and wit of you all and the personal attacks on the contributors had me shaking my head.
I just thought to myself "whats the point of all this?" AND THEN I SAW IT! POST 61 from Krista.
Krista, that was an awesome post! You brought my mind to a much bigger and widespread problem to which we all need to pay attention.
It's not that I dont know about DV,(BELIEVE ME!)but now I see the point of my initial question, "What's the point of all this?"
The point is..regardless if it's MG and OG, or complete unknowns,the issue of DV has once again been glaringly thrown out into the spotlight. This is a good thing..
To me, the whole episode is not about Mel and Ox, it's about the violence, hurt and destruction we as human beings, bestow on our fellow man when, simply put..we don't get what we want..
As the insightful and intelligent Krista reminds us, DV is the key issue not what the movie star did what to who etc..
I am a MG fan..clearly he needs to learn to control himself..
I must admit my first thoughts were.."What on earth did this woman do FOR this man behave like that?" She has to have made some always takes 2 to tango..but then again..some pple are just off their rockers..without facts, we can only speculate!
But, while these celebrities bring our unspoken and often awful truths in front of our eyes, it is the silent, battered and frightened who continue to suffer.
More pple as Krista are needed to help us put the thinking where it needs to be...maintain perspective..cheers

1540 days ago


wow! so it means they foudned a whole load of evidences agaisnt her!
she is goig in ofr 20 years jail sentence and will be extradited if she is lucky.

i can se in this lsit severla stuff like the klillign of jharvey levi assassination plot.. and it proves that Mel Gibson 's life was threatened by her.

they msut have foudn a lot of missing links.

this is getting DEAD serious!

Posted at 4:18 PM on Aug 11, 2010 by Sweetheart



Are you saying that Oksana's bogus claim that Gibson was planning assassinate Harvey was actually a veiled threat on Gibson's life?

You know...I wouldn't put it past her. I'm sure she is acquainted with a lot of shady characters!

I makes sense...why would she make up such a crazy story otherwise?

1540 days ago


And you know what..If I were Mel Gibson, I would be very concerned with allowing Oksana to bring the child to Russia. Who knows what kind of plot her thugs will come up with...

Dead serious indeed!!!

1540 days ago


True-true Story of Hoxanna?

No matter the endless witchhunting among the ever loaded cheerleaders of Braveheart, the book of evidence against Hoxanna remains thin.

Ox´s break from a teenage weeding in Saransk & mingling into the London jet-set was no big deal, could be the ouverture to the life of any downtown girl.

Her relationship with Tim Dalton & the legal support received from Ed Kennedy reveals a stylish climb among the celebrities, but where is the evidence of anything real nasty? Okay, an anonymous “ex-friend” has slammed her as a golddigger, but is Mr. NN’s testimony even worth citing here?

Next, the conspiratory theories: Black eyed gypsy, female fatale & powerfull prostitute, mysteriously connected to muslim terrorists & moskovskye criminal consumers of wellfare dollars? Sounds like a plot from a secret agent movie, but so far only connected to the real story by artistic hokus pokus. Hardly of any value to a decent jury?

So, let’s have an astral view: Ox’s birthday says January 1st, Mel’s is January 3rd, their first domestic fight was on January 6th, solar multiple conjunction lights up a fury: bang, bang, bang, bang, bingo!!!!!

The tremendous echo of Mel’s mad rage still sounds through the galleries, while the eternal whores are basicly scheming to exploit, still no easy task to judge domestic cases.

Cheerleaders please calm yourselves.

Posted at 1:00 AM on Aug 13, 2010 by Sorntolc


Love it!

1540 days ago


Loved last nights show on E NEWS.

It clarified that Mel was the one who approached Oksana, while she was playing piano. He introduced himself, and initiated the relationship.

Mel was still married, so he's a ho.

Mel was allegedly sleeping with another gal while Oksana was pregnant. This blond alleges that Mel turned violently on her, and displayed frightening rage when he feared that this relationship was going to be public.

Mel's a creep. A controlling son of a gun who sleeps with others while married. What a s***bag. What a ho. Oh, and he has a church?


1540 days ago


Yes, dear. Mr. Mel is an ACTOR, not an icon.

1540 days ago


It's good Oksana exposed Mel and what type of person he is behind closed doors, these celebrities walk around thinking they are invincible.

1539 days ago


Mad Mel needs to spend a few nights in jail.

Posted at 3:45 PM on Aug 11, 2010 by jessup

For having a potty mouth?

what??? is threating to kill a woman considered a "potty mouth"???
i think it is more like what they call "terrorist threats".
if this was your daughter being spoken to this way, would you feel so kindly towards mel gibson?
he is a well known racist, mean, drunk with a temper.
is she a golddigger? probably, and so what?
he, with his hair implants, had enough lust to create a child with her and her "fake boobs".
shoulda seen it coming, and if he did not, he could have backed out gracefully, without the threats. plus, he admitted on tape to hitting her. said she "deserved it".
soooooo much a tired excuse of abusers.

1534 days ago
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