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Steven Slater -- The Media Storm Hits Home

8/11/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

JetBlue's most famous flight attendant Steven Slater returned to his home in Queens this morning -- and was greeted by a paparazzi storm usually reserved for Brangelina or Britney Spears.

Steven Slater Video

Dude told the media swarm he was "glad to be here" -- and then quickly made his way inside.

Slater is currently on leave from his job with JetBlue -- so far, no word if he plans on returning.


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lots of attention...Gay guys dream.

1501 days ago


what a frickin ***go!!!! enough of her already! I bet her dad is sticking out his chest proud of his daughter/son! "come here son and bounce on my knee again." blllaaaahhhhhhhhhh

1501 days ago

Kimberly Gilmore    

Hello, could someone please focus on the person that was rude enough to hit this man with her bag and not apologize? Need her in the news. Enough about his about the rude, crass person that caused someone a physical injury and said "to bad"" need to see her face so I can stay clear!!!!

1501 days ago


THIS guy a hero - give me a freakin' break! He is nothing more than someone who threw a hissy fit over a customer while he was working as a customer service representive! If you can't handle the pressure by others, don't work a customer service related job!!!! He should be fired and fined and never able to accept a customer service related job again - NOT glorified!

1501 days ago


I wish ALL service people who so despeartely HATE their jobs would just quit, already. I'm so sick of lousy service and terrible attitudes everywhere I go. Jeezuss--just quit and stay home. Who needs you? I hate this guy and all he stands for.

1501 days ago


I predict a new career in acting for Steven Slater. Even now he is rehearsing his lines for the remake of the 1980 hit movie "Airplane. "

"There's a sale at Penny's!"

"Where did you get that dress, it's awful, and those shoes and that coat, Jeeeeez!"

1501 days ago


To all DOUCHEBAG passengers who get up before coming to a complete & full stop. YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED! You people put yourself & everyone else at risk if the plane jolts when coming to a complete stop. I saw this happen on a flight! Stupid man in a suit got up - refused to sit back down - plane slammed on breaks - he went flying - and everyone laughed. GO STEVEN!! You were doing your job. The passenger should be fined!

1501 days ago


Steven Slater is a HERO, this guy won't take it anymore. Somebody cross the line and hit him in the head with a carry on. He did what he had to do, curse the bitch out, grab a couple of brews and flew the chute. I stand behind you Steven Slater, I won't take it anymore.

1501 days ago


This guy is great ! America loves this guy. Hope he gets an agent. If he gets a really good lawyer then he will get off or plead to a lesser offense(s).
He was hit on the head and clearly dealing with stress also. The blow on the head caused him to act irrationally and he should NOT be jailed for that.
If they don't arrest the passenger then I bet JetBlue and other carriers start having problems with unruly customers who will feel empowered by all this hoopla.

1501 days ago


Addressing the comment made by "Truth"!! You are one self absorbed person who needs to get a life!!!!!! While Steven Slater may not be a hero, he has made a serious point and drawn attention to the issues faced by flight attendants everyday. First, flight attendants are not glorified waiters and waitresses. They are trained professional who come to work everyday to save your ASS and not Kiss it!!! If you call making 45K a year to serve drinks, pick up trash and deal with nasty passengers like you and your friends on every flight glorified, then why don't you apply for the position? Second, passengers get on these aircraft and act like just because they bought a seat, that they own the whole damn plane! They go into the galley, stretch, steal personal papers and magazines from flight attendant jumpseats, change baby diapers, go into the carts and help themselves to whatever. It is a business, not a free for all! Third, since you seem to think so negatively about flight attendants, take a bus next time you need to travel because your business is not wanted!!!

1501 days ago


Steven, you did the right thing. These deicable pax's who pay nothing for their tickets, are usually dirty, and have big attitudes towards flight crew should get more of this. 5F/A's have to bring this motley group of pax's safely and cheaply to their destinations, we do not have to take their ignoranat crap!!
Raise ticket prices once and for all!! Getrid of the s*** the airlines have to carry. Bravo Steve for a job well done!!!

1501 days ago


WHO GIVES A CRAP!!!! quit talking about this dumbass!!!!

1501 days ago


Who's the passenger who provoked him? That's the real story here.

1501 days ago

Michele Roberts    

What difference does it make if he is gay or not, was married or not? And maybe he should have reacted to the hit on his head by the passenger in a different manner, but if had been me that got assaulted by a passenger I would have either hit her or had her arrested. We all have had moments that we could have reacted in a better manner. So he just snapped!!!!. The passenger should have charges brought on her. Because the way Jet Blue is handling this I won't be flying with them again.

1501 days ago


I'm an airport police officer and what I can tell you is that the airline workers take so much crap from the public (Passengers) on a daily basis. They get spit on, shoved, kicked, and called out of their names all the time and according to company policy they HAVE to take it. They are told to take it and call police. I arrest mean, nasty and downright violent passengers on a daily basis. Let a good thunderstorm hit somewhere in the country causing weather related delays which automatically means missed connections and rebooking. This is what makes passengers get real ugly with the airline. This is clearly not the airlines fault. Blame mother nature, not Delta I always tell them, but nope, its always the airlines fault and the airline sucks because the weather caused you to get in late and miss your connection home.

1501 days ago
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