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Steven Slater -- The Media Storm Hits Home

8/11/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

JetBlue's most famous flight attendant Steven Slater returned to his home in Queens this morning -- and was greeted by a paparazzi storm usually reserved for Brangelina or Britney Spears.

Steven Slater Video

Dude told the media swarm he was "glad to be here" -- and then quickly made his way inside.

Slater is currently on leave from his job with JetBlue -- so far, no word if he plans on returning.


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Wow people have to get a life he is a flight attendant not brad pitt

1498 days ago


As a retired FA, I do not condone what Slater did, but i do understand.I was a Flight Attendant for 30 years and in the early stages of my career paxs had class. Now it just like a bus and a FA can take so much. So he had enough and it is understandable. Pax you are treated the way that you treat FA.

1498 days ago


I'm all for arresting the passenger. She obviously broke federal rules.

1498 days ago


If he gets fired, Southwest should hire him.

1498 days ago


What's it cost to replace an emergency slide? $30k or so? What if the door or some other part that flew off hit and hurt one of the innocent workers on the ground? He could have injured someone just because he had to throw a hissy fit. This guy is a moron and should be on the no fly list for the rest of his life.

1498 days ago


All these people who think this guy is a hero is not facing felony charges and up to 7 yrs in jail. Stews are trained to handle all pax crap. Slater lowered himself to her level. Slater had no way of knowing where ground crew was when he re-armed and deployed the slide. THIS WOULD BE A WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY IF SOME GROUND CREW GOT HURT.

1498 days ago

Hollywood Troll    

Drama Queen

1498 days ago


if my daughter was on this flight with me and this as**** went that bad i would have pushed him down that slide.

1498 days ago


He's not talking because someone told him to get the big bucks he needs to hold out for paid interviews. Great story though. 2 beers and jump!

1498 days ago


Yeah, hire the alcoholic freak back so that next time he can open the door in mid-flight when he decides it's time for another sissy fit. But let me know what airline hires him so I can avoid flying on it.

1497 days ago

David E    

Flight attendants used to be a highly paid, highly trained bunch. Now they are paid like waiters, but not tipped- they work extremely long hours and consecutive shifts, sleep in airport lounges and crappy hotels four nights a week, are constantly jetlagged and disoriented by changing time zones and a lack of natural light, breathe bad perfume, filtered passenger farts and BO constantly, and to top it off, are treated like abject slaves by most of their passengers. If Steven snapped, at least he didn't just slap the bejesus out of someone. There's very few of you out there that could stand the rigors of that job.

1497 days ago


by having all this attention and followers, the court system is just going to give him all that they can to teach americans that we cannot reward people for their wrong doings, (deployment of emergency slide, taking off across tarmac, etc.,), what happened inside the plane, i probably would have decked the lady, after all she hit him first...

1497 days ago


Yeah, hire the alcoholic freak back so that next time he can open the door in mid-flight when he decides it's time for another sissy fit. But let me know what airline hires him so I can avoid flying on it.

Posted at 3:47 AM on Aug 12, 2010 by Carvey


According to Jetblue, technically he is still on the payroll, he hasn't been fired yet pending the outcome of the investigation. But if and when he get fired, i want to know what airline hires him so i can scratch that airline of my list.

1497 days ago


Customer service is not getting any easier as lack of common courtesy and respect for one another diminishes to a fond and distant memory. Ever been in a restaurant, library, concert or movie and have someone answer their ringing phone and carry on a conversation without regard to those around them? As one who's been hit in the head by people trying to carry everything on a plane besides, but soon probably including, the kitchen sink...I say...good on yah, Steven Slater.
Why hasn't the passenger been called out for her behavior? Was she a fearful inexperienced traveller? Or, just plain rude?

1497 days ago

Flagrante Delicto    

I am watching HLN/Showbiz Tonight and I am amazed how you, the media, are treating the jet blus flight attendant like some kind of hero or celebrity. Just to put things in prospective, try reporting on this:

This douchebag caused a perfectly good aircraft to be taken out of service, towed to a maintenance facility and have the emergency slide replaced. Then the aircraft has to be re-certified and cleared for flight. This cost the airline easily $100,000. Then there is the incovenience to the passengers who were scheduled to board that aircraft for departure at the time of his hissy fit. Reserve flight crews had to be called in because the scheduled crew had timed out on duty time regulations, thus costing the airline even more money. And lets not forget the damage to Jet Blue's reputation, at no fault to the company. I just hope this girly-man is convicted of just one of the felony counts against him so he is disqualified by FAA rules from ever holding a required crewmember position. This primadona has yet to issue an apology to his former employer, or his fellow crewmembers, and that just goes to show the character of an emotionally insensitive assclown.

1496 days ago
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