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Steven Slater -- Itching to Get Back to Work

8/12/2010 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steven Slater let his lawyer do the talking today at a press conference outside his home in Queens, but he did take a moment to thank his newfound fans.

According to his lawyer, Steven hopes to return to being a flight attendant very soon -- because it's what he loves and it's "in his blood."

Steven chimed in briefly, expressing his thanks to all of his supporters: "It's been amazing ... the support and the love."


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In what fantasy world does he live???? Good luck on that plan.

1499 days ago


To the person who thinks us NY'ers would let this idiot easy. The justice system has room to house all of their idiots at Rikers, unlike in LA where felons walk in 10 days. LiLo would have been incarcerated for 60 of her 90 days if she pulled that s@#t in NYC. Lil Wayne is serving 8 months at Rikers.

This guys will get a jail term in a plea. 30-90 days with 3 felony charges, all the press and tons of eye witnesses. And a jury would convict because the facts are what they are. People don't feel sorry for patheti,c ill tempered people. He lost it and made a very stupid decision and it will cost him dearly. He should keep quiet on the matter and not talk to the press anymore. Also, JetBlue will most likely sue the pants off of this guy for destruction of property, etc. He needs a good therapist and attorney to get him through the real, self inflicted crisis.

1499 days ago


Dude is my hero! I'm so tired of having to deal with passengers who don't follow the rules or treat the flight attendants like slaves. Next time the a-hole in front of me doesn't put his seat back up before landing or turn off his idiot gadgets, I'd love to see a flight attendant smack the guy in the head. And I can tell you this, if I have to go down a slide and someone ahead of me is grabbing their luggage .... let me just say that they will not be going down the slide ahead of me and when they do go down they will not have their luggage with them. :) Thank you and have a nice day.

1499 days ago


Keep that fat freak out of the air...he's obnoxious and very unstable. What a jerk.

1499 days ago


This was the second funniest thing I heard today aside from the new peopleofthemta site, come who hasn't want to tell their job to f off and walk out,

1499 days ago


The only way that dude flies again is with pixie dust.

1499 days ago


I wish him all the best. If Jet Blue won't let him back, he should go to Southwest.

1499 days ago


This jerk thinks he will get a job back as a flight attendant! What planet is he on!!! lmao

1499 days ago


Um, I don't think he will be flying the unfriendly skies ever again as an employee. I put the nail in that coffin. No one will take a chance on a potential freak out again. He may as well cash in on his fame since he shot his career to hell. Btw, that bitch who caused this hell should be prosecuted.

1499 days ago


oops- typo above. I meant HE put the nail in his own coffin

1499 days ago


GREAT JOB Steve! I worked for a bunch of *******s b4 too, and dealt with the gen public, cust service is tuff, and I can only imagine what you have put up with ... olf jid broads, too arrogant for their own good, and too stoopid too. Due, seriously - - make that movie, write the book, go on Leno, Kimmel, etc.. go chill in the Bahamas, do a few lines, drink some cold suds, eat some exotic foods. Forget about it.

1499 days ago


The guy is clearly not playing with a full deck. Fortunately, Jet Blue is taking this lunatic's actions more seriously than some in the public, who wish they could get away with acting like a lunatic, too.

1499 days ago


What he did was "VERY DANGEROUS AND VERY COSTLY" higher prices now huh?

YOUR NOT HELPING HIM OR THE PUBLIC BY CHEERING HIM ON like a hero that's not the way to deal with workplace stress or conflict.

Can anyone that hires him guarantee that he


1499 days ago


Wants his job back!! R U Kidding!! He'll never fly again. Seriously, what airline would hire this nut job, and how's he even going to get on an airplane? Granted, I give him props for entertaining me this week with his bold exit, but that's as far as it goes. It's human nature to enjoy watching people do stupid things at their own expense We've all had our laugh, thank you very much, now you can apply for that waiter job at your local diner. You've had your last airplane ride bud.

1499 days ago


The female passenger who swore and assaulted him should be arrested.

1499 days ago
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