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Mel Gibson Back in L.A. With Fish Tales

8/14/2010 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson flew back to L.A. today with two of his sons -- back from a two-week fishing trip.


Gibson landed at around 2:00 PM PT.  He's been fishin' in Fiji ... where no one -- not even Oksana -- could find him.

Sources tell us Mel's deposition in the custody case will go down next week.


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koko #76. I agree completely that he's a brilliant artist. He possesses that delicate sensibility that cannot be faked. And because he has that delicate artistic sensibility, his work takes moviemaking to another level where it becomes cinematic art. If he were just some joe schmoe journeyman filmmaker nobody would care about him for either good or ill. But there are scenes in Braveheart, Apocalypto and Passion that are so stunning -- they're on another level. As a filmmaker, the guy's a genius. I think. I want to see him direct more movies.

1345 days ago


#72 Dana Got the XXL Rabbit did you hm lol?!!
Mel actually looking good, refreshed and happy after spending some time with his kids!! For a man of his age he's still damn hot lol!
So I guess this week's stories will be Octomum's double's lawyers blowing wind with p.r releases that are making her look even worse, then next week during deposition it'll be Mel said this, Mel took a breather, the toilet cleaner says Mel urinated in the john and his urine is yellow, green and orange lol!!
Will wait for the actual facts before hanging someone on such flimsy, ever changing testimony by Oskansa, her friend of 12 years the dentist and the paediatrician, all of whom never, ever reported abuse to the cops! The dentist and the paediatrician are required to by law - so let's see, IF Octomum's double pulls this off the dentist and the paediatrician should both lose their license to practice for their part in helping her endanger her children!! She should lose custody of both kids (her meal tickets gone) and IF it's proved she tried to extort Mel she should do time like the 5 years those other attempted extortionists got minimum, and still lose custody of the kids!!
Anyone who thinks her smug, smirking face is that of an abused woman lives in a parallel universe!!!

1345 days ago


I wonder about the big fish caught by the MCB? Surely not the PR guy? Or was truth told?

1345 days ago


The way she's been out and about (bruise free...) she certainly does not exhibit that of an abused woman. Anyone with half a mind could figure that out. With all she claims he did to her, she should be hiding in a corner in a "safe-house" somewhere in the fetal position with Doctor's care. She should be terrified to leave the house, in fear of her life...she's quite the whore-ish con artist, but not good enough to fool many, many people.

1345 days ago


...and extortion, false accusations, illegal tape recordings, harassing Robyn Gibson, fraud, attempting to recruit professional people to falsify her abuse claims...jeez...I'm not even a lawyer and I see the laws being broken here. Ox should be the one to pay. She should be hung out as the example for what she has done and punished for it.

1345 days ago


ahh so thats what the stench was. i get it now.

1345 days ago


Life is good...

Oksy has almost reached her expiration date and I'm counting the days. Ahhh, I love the smell of napalm in the morning...
Considering her "real" age is somewhere in her mid 40s, her window of opportunity is closing fast too. Losing your Passport only works once.

Soon, she may have to actually live on her own income!

Yes, she will still receive $10k a month "for the children" but that won't even start to cover her current lifestyle.

For the first time since Oksy was in her teens, she may have to actually pay for her own housing, her own car, her own meals, and her own nanny. Leftover Attorney bills that Mel hasn't covered for her [and I imagine there are several hefty ones] will be an extra bonus.

Without a chartered jet standing by, even visiting her handlers/family in Mother Russia won't be quite the same, flying coach.

Plus, living with 2 kids in a second floor 1000 sq ft apartment in Sherman Oaks, just wont be the same as enjoying a 3.3 Million dollar estate with 1/2 a dozen rooms. Tooling around town in a used Mazda 3 won't attract the same glances and media attention as a hand made Maserati, I'm guessing.

Team Mel!

1345 days ago


Mel, I hope that you and your sons had a great time together and you were able to relax. Stay strong, do not let this get you down. Everyone makes mistakes in life, find that anchor you once had in Robyn. You always had that spritual connection, it just got clouded through the last couple of years. I do not believe much of what has been put public, you have many who do care. Find yourself again, reconnect with your family and you will get beyond this.

1345 days ago


Hi Team Mel.....

SWEETHEART WE NEED YOUR PORN NAME.....your first pet and the street you grew up on....

1345 days ago


KM, just go through the list and put a check by the Russian ones, it will save time.

1345 days ago


Michael... I will enjoy the pictures of moving day....that is if anyone would dare to be near her.....UHaul

1345 days ago


Michael...we did our porn names last take your first pet as the first name and the street you grew up on as your last name....we had some pretty funny ones...Shell is our PIMP....King Stanley

1345 days ago


KM & Michael...

She doesn't smile now. Even with the temporary wealthy lifesyle, she never smiled...Sociopath. Moving day is coming.

1345 days ago


damn...I missed the porn name night!

1345 days ago


Welcome back Mel!! Love you!!!
Stay strong. and have no pity for this skunk. Let her feel the full force of the law...It's payday for her and she knows it.

1345 days ago
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