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Steven Slater Story: Fuzzy Wuzzy

8/13/2010 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steven Slater may have made up the whole story about a passenger attacking him on the JetBlue flight ... this according to sources involved in the investigation.

Steven Slater Story

Sources are telling us investigators still have not identified the elusive female passenger who allegedly went off on Slater ... curious to say the least. 

We're told the airline and Port Authority investigators are not at all convinced the incident ever occurred.  As one source connected with the investigation put it, "Crazier things have happened."

One source familiar with the situation tells TMZ investigators think some of Slater's story just doesn't track.  

Slater's lawyer could not be reached for comment.



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Moe Greene    

Day one I called b.s. on this guy. He should be deported. Send him to some Mexican drug lord for processing.

1533 days ago


You can tell that this guy is a twirly, sparkling, drama queen. I didn't believe his story one bit. Like most men that want to be women, they are full of drama and love attention. He is no hero in my book, and should be arrested for putting people's lives in jeopardy. The customer service in the airline industry is in the pits, flying today is torture, many of the workers are hostile, suffer from low morale and take their anger out on nice passengers such as myself. Its not my fault they get low pay and work long hours.

1533 days ago


Here it comes....the epic push to discount and discredit what happened to this flight attendant. JET BLUE will spend millions trying to diminish this. They already have a bad reputation for cleanliness on their planes. They can't afford any more to knock them down. This is SO OBVIOUS!

1533 days ago


I can't believe they don't know who this "mystery woman" is that clocked Steve in the head. What if she was a terrorist? How does one disappear from a plane, airport...??

If this was me I'd be roped, tied, jailed, and interrogated by everyone involved in this ridiculous fiasco! And worse...I'd miss my vacation!

1533 days ago


This guy is an idiot, And what is wrong with his mouth, He need to got hide somewhere, ugh.... gross

1533 days ago


He was drunk. That explains the beer balls to drop the slide and also why he took a couple with him. Cheerz IntelliShot dude!

1533 days ago


Jacqueline13 - There was no mystery woman. Steven Slater made it up.

1533 days ago

Le Singe    

He's just a drunk actin-a-fool. But you must admit the slide thing was brilliant.Blog post for my thoughts on this whole mess

1533 days ago

Pound Sand    

I can't believe people care about any of this. The american public will buy anything! They are facinated with the most idiotic nonsense.

Posted at 9:55 AM on Aug 13, 2010 by blstheone

Well apparently you care or you would not be commenting!

1533 days ago


He gives gay Flight Attendants a bad name!

But then, there are drama queens who are straight men, too! [Mel Gibson? Spencer Pratt?]

1533 days ago

Mike Del Rey    

I doubt anyone is cussing out flight attendants in the era we live in. I would fear getting tazed, tackled and arrested by a plain clothe officer.


1533 days ago


I'm a reserve flight attendant for ASA, and I can assuredly say that many passengers are *******s, and would never dream of treating a serving at O'Charley's the way they do Flight Attendants. Yet, FA's are solely there for your safety, and if time permits, your comfort. So, seriously, listen to directions, shut your mouth, and enjoy the flight.

1533 days ago


Another passenger said he noticed the "gash" on the head of SS before the flight ever took off for JFK.

Regardless of what actually went down, they have him on tape acting violating the rules and regulations and he needs to go to jail. No Oprah no reality show, do not pass go, JAIL.

1533 days ago


How hard can it be to track this woman down? Everybody`s assigned to a seat, so whats the problem? His boyfriend`s going to be so jealous when he goes to prison.

1533 days ago

deborah mcdermott    

if this story is true which it probably is, then i am sorry that i made a huge mistake in supporting him. something is fishy when they cannot find the passenger that slater claims cause the ruckus.

1533 days ago
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