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White House Crasher -- Unwanted at Family Winery

8/15/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned White House party crasher Tareq Salahi had a run-in with police just a few weeks ago -- after his own mother called the cops, claiming he was trespassing at the family winery.


According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, it all went down at the Oasis Winery in Virginia -- a place Tareq's parents founded back in 1977. Tareq and his parents have been at war over Oasis for years, because his parents claim Tareq ran the winery into the ground and then tried to interfere with the sale of the property.

But on July 27th -- Tareq's mom called the Fauquier County Sheriff's Office in Virginia and reported that her son was trespassing on the property ... and was "changing the locks on the doors to the winery, and possibly removing items from the building."

Once police arrived, Tareq -- who now stars on "The Real Housewives of Washington D.C." -- advised the officers that he still has an apartment located above the winery and should be allowed to enter his residence.

Cops determined that Tareq was right ... and he was allowed to enter the apartment. The situation ended without further incident.

As for the winery -- Tareq's mother told police it's still involved in bankruptcy proceedings.


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1533 days ago

samuel bronkowitz    

The Salahis are broke dead beats who have multiple unpaid judgments against them in multiple courts. It looks like their creditors are catching on that they are getting $50K per episode so the summons are gonna start flying.f They already got hit with one at their premier party. Michaele has been trying to be famous for years. She lies constantly about her background. She says she was a redskins cheerleader although the redskins deny any connection. She says she was a make-up artist...well if you count the makeup counter at Nordstrums. She says she is an international and "national" (yes her words) model. Her big international modeling gig was a Japanese Mattress ad.
She is lying about being invited to the White House. They were Begging Michelle Jones from the Pentagon starting 3 days before the event. The only reason she asked for their information to be vetted was in case she got them tickets which Ms. Jones has stated she never got.
Public emails show they went to the WH not knowing if they were invited. Michaele said recently she would not go to the White House chancing it but their emails totally contradict that. Compare her statements she is making now and read the emails and you will see she was not invited. You are only famous for crashing the WH party and nothing more. No one cares about your style or clothes you wear. Get over yourselves!

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1533 days ago

A. Conda    

I am SO sick of these two. The Real Housewives of Washington DC was mentioned when they were found to be crashers at the White House. The recent View story was publicity as well. The wife's "talent" is wearing nice clothes and white/blonde hair and the husband is her sidekick who smiles. Really pathetic couple.

1533 days ago

South Beach    

What a pair. At least their creditors may have a chance to recoup something. I don't know whos "reality" this tv is but I'm glad it's not mine.

1533 days ago



1533 days ago


Nice guy. Bury him in the back forty...

1533 days ago


Posted 10 hours ago and only 6 comments. I think that tells you what the real story is here - they're over.

1533 days ago


These two are nothing but low life fame hounds. They are broke and losers. She make's me gag and he is old and ugly looking. When your own Mother dosen't want you around that should tell you want kind of people they are. She will do anything to get her old puss on tv ...and I mean anything.Fame Whore.

1533 days ago

Y do he got    

a apt ABOVE^^^ a winery thats a keeper 4sure!

1533 days ago

maxine sabatino    

What a surprise!

1533 days ago


When your own momma calls the Po-Po on you it's time to check yourself...He looks shady anyway..

1533 days ago


when a story about these clowns comes up, let's all just ignore it. Best thing you can do with people like this is just ignore them!

1532 days ago


I'm ready for THE REAL HOUSE OF ATL... that's whats up... who cares about DC...the only one i feel for is Stacey she is real around fake women.

1532 days ago


It's sad and pathetic when your own mother calls the police to have you removed for trespassing. Beyond sad and pathetic. Perhaps the mother should make the publicity rounds and tell her side of the story because this is not what the two fame whores are telling on TV.

Also, $50,000 sounds high for Bravo to be paying per episode when two of the other shows just got increases from $3000 and $3333 to $10K per episode.

Why aren't these two in jail???

1532 days ago


They have the classic narcissist complex. They really think they are special and they are just trash.
I agree, with the limited amount of comments they are done.
They are an older version of Spencer and Heidi Pratt...
They should double date!!! The four of them have no friends!

1532 days ago
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