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Tila Tequila Makes Hospital Trip After Return to L.A.

8/15/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tila Tequila landed in Los Angeles last night and immediately made a trip to the hospital to get her face stitched up -- because cuts on her face were squirting blood.

Tila tells TMZ she didn't get the stitches done in Illinois because she wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. She says when the nurse at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center took off her band-aid to check out her wounds, blood squirted on everywhere. Pleasant.

As we first reported, Tila was attacked by fans at a concert on Friday night -- leaving her with several cuts and bruises.


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she is going to milk this as much as she possibly can. She needs to realize what people actually think of her. She wants attention, she got it. May not be the kind she wanted but she'll twist it and play the innocent fame whore. God I wish she'd just crawl under a rock somewhere.

1527 days ago

Tired of toxomom    

Blood doesn't squirt unless it's from an open artery. A band-aid doesn't stop an artery from bleeding.

So once again- BULL and Drama!

1527 days ago


lol and I guess ripping her shirt off and flashing the crowd didn't get the response she wanted. Does she have THAT many 'yes' people that she doesn't see what people think of her? She lives in her own little world and I wish she would stay there and never show her nipped, tucked, tattooed, botoxed, fake, over-stuffed and inflated ego or boobs again.

1527 days ago


gotta call b.s on this, why is the 'blood' on her shirt pink? is she bleeding out big red cuz blood sure doesn't have that color when dried on ur clothing..PR stunt by tila..

1527 days ago


She is a true skank. She is just plain nasty. What concert was this and what was she doing on stage?

1527 days ago


TMZ, why won't you realize that tila is LYING?!?! She only had two minor cuts and you're giving into her attention whore tendencies. She's an annoying mosquito, leave her alone and she will go away.

1527 days ago


To all of you who are celebrating the attack on Tila, you should be ashamed of yourselves. At what point in your life did you lose your soul?

1527 days ago


every one who say she lied and deserve the brutal attack needs to be killed

1527 days ago

OZ is just a little man behind the curtain    

Wow... lots of haters... and so sad but she kind of created this herself.
She looks so pathetic. I think she thought those pics would generate sympathy. So she ripped off her shirt and got plummetted? Hmmm? A taste of hell so soon? Perhaps she is getting a second chance to look at her life before it is too late?
NO ONE deserves to have fecies thrown at them but hell is not fair. And you are on your way honey if you don't start re-routing your map for your future. Check out your blogs... your fan base your percentage... you need a life change or at least a new publicisit!

1527 days ago


Wow, Tila... after flying across the country your wounds are still "gushing?" I think you might have a blood clotting disorder. It's funny, because in your pictures from last night they already look closed up.

And who decided to have Tila perform at the gathering of the juggalos? Oh man. Maybe some juggalo somewhere owns a camera and ccan prove what really happened.

1527 days ago


This woman was hit with bottles an feces by men...or so i have read. I'm sure some women threw things at her too. All of which if true. I find to be appalling! I realize Tila has issues an does bring a lot of things on herself. But honestly no one deserves to be treated in this manner. Unless you're a friggin child molester/rapist! Everyone here have made some really cruel comments. Is our American socity so far gone...that everyone really enjoys seeing a woman beaten an humiliated on stage? It makes me sick to see that people lack compassion. I ask this...what has Tila ever done to any of you? So what if she sleeps around or lives her life in a fashion you wouldn't. It's really no ones business. Truly disgusted by the evil that humans commit against one another. Peace out all!

1527 days ago


keep your no talent A$$ out of illinois

1527 days ago


What a crock!!! There is no way "blood squirted everywhere" when a bandaid was removed. And I doubt she got stitches. Typically if a wound is open for hours, the risk of infection is great enough that its better to clean it out and leave it open

1527 days ago


Any future "performer" invited to do an act on stage at the Insane Clown Posse festival will think twice before signing the contract. The "people" who attend every year are proud to be the lowest pond-s*** on the planet.

1527 days ago

OZ is just a little man behind the curtain    

I agree with Steven that it is not right to be "celebrating" about the attack but I did not get the feeling anyone was celebrating... they were just more or less putting things in perspective. This little career is coming to a head and this girl needs H-E-L-P! NOT just stitches. Whoever is handling her career should be ashamed. She is one hot mess and everytime she is in the news it is not a good thing. I think that if she had a life changing show where she did a 180 now that would be a SHOW people would want to watch! A make over show of how to teach her new things not a whore show of who to have sex with that night!

1527 days ago
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