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Joe Jackson: I Get No Respect

8/16/2010 7:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson's lawyer claims, his client has not been treated with "dignity and worth" by the judge in the Michael Jackson probate case.

Joe Jackson
Jackson's lawyer, Brian Oxman, filed papers with a California appeals court, claiming the probate judge was wrong in shutting down Joe's attempt to 86 executors John Branca and John McClain.

The trial judge ruled Joe had no legal standing to object to the duo, because Joe himself was intentionally excluded by MJ as a beneficiary under the will.

But Oxman claims Joe was financially dependent on his son and should therefore have a right to object to the appointment of the men who are making financial decisions for the Estate.

Although Joe is alleging various misdeeds on the part of the executors -- including fraud and embezzlement, which the executors strongly deny -- the lawyer for Michael Jackson's kids claim Joe is actually harming them with all the "procedural wrangling."  Margaret Lodise, the kids' lawyer, says Joe only cares about his stake in the Estate and, therefore, he's "the ultimate dog in the manger."


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ROFLOL!!! Joe Jackson wants respect! I nearly pissed myself laughing when I read that!! After all the abuse Joe handed out to MJ over the years, now this whoring, gold digging, abuser wants respect?!
MJ made it clear himself BEFORE he died that Joe was not to benefit in anyway from his estate, MJ when he realised how ill he was also made sure his will specified Joe was not to be allowed near his kids or to be allowed to exploit them financially!! I do believe MJ's biggest mistake was naming his mother Katherine as guardian for his kids, because she has become sucked in by Joe! Both are far too old to be caring for any kids, MJ's Randy's or anyone elses!! It is sickening when you see the fight for money after a person dies, especially if they are wealthy or famous!! Unknown kids, relatives and all kinds of worms crawl out to lay claim to the estate! A WILL means that is the dying person's wish, regardless of how anyone else feels about it family or otherwise!! It's shocking how many will's are never probated and therefore the terms never adhered to because of sticky fingered relatives! What is even more shocking is that the law will permit someone to challenge the person's will and overturn it (though I understand some wills are malicious and score settling) without a fair fight.
You got money, spend it while you're living, make out the trust funds and have them firmly in place now, set up the charitable foundations now and make their funding from your earnings or estate a legally binding instruction now!! Then live, live live while you have the chance to! I was absolutely stunned when Paul Newman's kids got into disputing how much money his charitable foundation would get per item sold of the Newman's Own range - this was a man who put so much back and the last thing he would have wanted is that sort of money grubbing behaviour from his kids!! Still, everyone has got someone in the family tree like it I guess - so sad though!!

1506 days ago


Of course you get no respect because you don't give or show respect to others. Another media whore who deserves to go on that island with other media whores - AKA Lohans, Gloria Allred and her band of Mistresses, etc. And never be voted off. EVER. We'll just drop food and water to you...

1506 days ago


Were this me, I would be ashamed and embarrassed to admit I had been living off the backs of my children (or child). That entire family is a disgrace - living off the back of their son/brother/uncle while pissing away their own life.

That family was afforded every opportunity and they squandered it and drove their brother to an early grave too boot. But still they try to pick the bones.

1506 days ago


Michael left him out of the will for a reason. That in itself speaks volumes. Michael may have forgiven his father for what he did to him but he never forgot.

Face it Joe, Michael didn't want you to have any of his money!!

1506 days ago


WHY would a so called grown man have to depend on his son to support him??? That man has no dignity or self respect for him self.. He is a low life moocher and needs to grow up. MJ left him out of the will for a reason..

1506 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

Respect.... Give it to get it!
Joe you NEVER gave RESPECT to anyone... so YOU get NO respect... maybe you should have that oriental hoochie who was at the L.A. Zoo with you on Thursday give you some money if she has any... I dont get WHY any young girl would be with a lizard faced butt hole like you? But Katherine DESERVES respect... something YOU never ever gave her... what... all those hoochies whahoos are made of gold? Maybe you should sell them then get your blood money that way you old PIMP you!! You Have never respected your wife and STILL have the nerve to celebrate anniversaries? WOW! no wonder some of your kids haven't any successful marriages you sent the WRONG messages.. the only two to have successful marriages are Rebbie and Marlon They are the exception to your Bad rule!! And as for Michael ... you beat, Berate, shamed, embarrassed, hurt, antagonized, tortured, harassed, belittled, hurranged, horrified, and traumitized Him and YOU expect to get money from him.. he may have forgiven you to a point... but no further, he knew all you were looking for was your way into his money you old leach... Go collect Social Security and shut the crap up you old Goat ( No disrespect to old goats every where) Joe you get no respect because you never ever give it! Time for people to STOP looking in the clouds and see the facts you beat the hell out of all those kids and Michael bore the brunt of it all because you tried to kill his spirit a long time ago!! And YOU were Jealous of his potential and ability to become what he will always be... THE KING OF POP!! You sir just the the king of NOTHING!!! Get gone you old FART!!!

1506 days ago


Going to see an MJ Tribute at Canobie Park in NH.

I have been doing a lot of research about Michael.

Not sure what to say about this.........eye brows look the same.....did they go to the same tatoo artist?

1506 days ago


I didn't even bother to read this article. The title says enough for me. Joe Jackson, you will NEVER deserve any respect for the way you treated your kids, especially Michael. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Michael's mental problems all stem from your sick mind. You are a hated man Joe Jackson. We grew up watching Michael pretend he was a happy boy. You made his life miserable. You don't deserve anything. Especially respect. In fact, replying to this article is too much attention for you. You are a creep.

1506 days ago


Any why should ANYONE respect him. He used to beat his kids and they feared him so of course they did what he said so they didn't have to endure the beatings. He lost all respect when he layed his hands on his children the way he did.

1506 days ago


Joe Jackson is not that much different than his kids....Joe is a connected guy...yes that is what I said...Joe is a wise guy want to be, just like some of the kids...they are surrounded by Organized crime people....LaToya was a Mob wife for a few years...and there is Mr. Malnik and Mr. DiLeo....etc. etc. ...take a look at my Blog..brian n. everett pi...Joe Jackson should be...."Joey J"...

1506 days ago


as long as mj was alive we didn't even hear a peep out of jj. mj kept him under control paying his bills. now that mj is dead and the money has stopped coming in he is on the news every chance he gets trying to get a payday from family association. when he went to a concert after mj died and the pap's were following him around he thought he was the star of the show. isn't this man like 78 years old. and to make statements like mj is worth more dead than alive. trying to sue the doctor so on so forth for a payday and now he wants respect. even a blind man can see what he is up to. no wonder the family is dysfunctional with his leadership and guidance it's a wonder they got to where they are at all.

1506 days ago


Tell that money grubbing piece of **** to drop off of the face of the earth and die. He is a big reason his son is dead.

1506 days ago


Daddy Dearest at it again...

1506 days ago


Since Joe Jackson is out for money, he should stop trying to get it from Michael (who had the final word when he left Joe out of the Will. Joe worked just as hard with Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Randy trying to make stars out of them, and they never received the severe a** whippings that poor Michael had to endure. Collectively, maybe the five surviving brothers should pay Joe off to sit his butt down and stop making legal matters worse for Katherine and Michael's Kids.

1506 days ago

Brigha from UK    

59. If no family member is allowed to see that those men are not stealing, then Joe is correct. I don't think Joe wants to be over it, Just get someone who can be trusted to do the right thing.
Now if you want to call someone gold diggers, call the men that is over the estate. I am sure they are living the good life for life....Where were these men when Michael was using too many drugs? If he was. Were they concerned that he could not make good judgments or did they care. Did they get him to sign papers when he was under medication? Has anyone checked to see?

Posted at 5:44 PM on Aug 16, 2010 by Gsharon 710

Absolutely agree with you.

MJs will was drafted during the height of his Demerol addiction (as evidenced by the 'rehab' letter found during the Neverland search and dated within 2 weeks of the wills creation.
So, was MJ under undue influence? Probably.

Branca had been fired previously as MJ suspected him of embezzlement. We only have Brancas word that he was rehired 8 days before Michaels death.

MJ asked Branca to send ALL his paperwork to his new lawyers - but Branca retained the will. Why?

The will was supposedly signed in LA when everyone knows MJ was in New York on that day.

The will has a clause which states that any beneficiary will lose their inheritance if they contest it - so Katherine cannot question it. Joe is the only person who can investigate the executors.

As I understand it, Joe does not want the money - he simply wants the executors replaced AND WITH GOOD REASON.

I have never known a will give executors such COMPLETE and ABSOLUTE power. They can give themselves a pay rise at any time without asking the court, and they will have full autonomy until Blanket is 40 years old. They will make an absolute fortune for themselves from such a large estate.

What man in their right mind would ever let their lawyer have such autonomy. A man on drugs perhaps?

1506 days ago
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