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Joe Jackson's Attorney: Law is a Pain in the Butt

8/16/2010 3:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Practicing law is a pain in the ass, and Joe Jackson's lawyer is living proof ... because he literally broke his preparing legal docs in the Michael Jackson wrongful death case.


Attorney Brian Oxman was walking down a flight of stairs last week with his MJ appellate brief in hand.  The brief was in response to the judge's threat to toss the wrongful death lawsuit because certain things were not alleged as required by law.

Oxman was going downstairs to hand a brief to the messenger ... when he slipped and fell down the stairs and badly injured himself, forcing him to ask the court for a delay in getting the documents to the court.

For anyone who has practiced law, it's a metaphor for the ages.


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#3 You should have used the magic word (please). You dolt...

1491 days ago


Joe Jackson is a pain in the butt

1491 days ago


I sure hope that staircase sues Brian Oxman and Joe Jackson.

1491 days ago

Hugh Jass    

Lessons for Today:
1 People who live in gla.s.s. houses shouldn't break bones.
2 Never say that someone "is a pain in the ass" nor that one is "busting one's a.s.s." for them. The subconcious mind listens and obeys, it's the Law of Attraction (here, the Law of A.s.s. Traction).
3 If a lawyer, never say one is busting one's a.s.s. trying to get a legal brief or pleadings out the door on time!
4 If your name is Oxman and you fall on your a.s.s., you should change your name; no if's and's or butts...

1491 days ago

Juke Box    

OMG that's a freaking hilarious comment! LOLL

[I sure hope that staircase sues Brian Oxman and Joe Jackson.

Posted at 12:27 PM on Aug 16, 2010 by *78]

1491 days ago


Exactly the problem with the courts, lawyers filing lawsuits without knowing the proper way to do so. Where did Joe dig this one up from? Anything for a buck.

1491 days ago

Are you sure?    

His excuse is right up there with "the dog ate my homework"!

1491 days ago


I'm sure he is honest as the day is long- I mean he is a lawyer after all- they are always out for justice, right? There is no way he could've intended or planned that witnessed fall...yeah ok

1491 days ago


Guess making up reasons why he should profit from the death of his son is harder than his Lawyer thought.

1491 days ago


mmmkay, i hope he doesn't screw this up.

1491 days ago


Brian Oxman is a pathological liar. Remember he boldly stated that Michael's children were biologically his and were really black? Oxman has been disciplined by the State Bar for making false accusations. Look it up.

1491 days ago


They are Michael's biological children. Last time I checked Michael isn't a liar. He said they are his, so that is the way it is. It's all For Love. L.O.V.E."

1491 days ago


Dear Tellit, thank you for this :)

I love it, almost made me cry :(

the end is the best

I like 711 license plate and red and yellow bunting ;)


Mike, we miss you....:* really miss You



1491 days ago


Joe Jackson Atty: LAW is a Pain in the BUTT!!

Nevertheless, you still as a Professional Lawyer for your client Joe Jackson is Your responsibility to not to leave any KEY INFORMATION out of the paperwork that you Submitted to a JUDGE!!
If you are found Guilty of this error give grounds for a Legal Malpractice Suit against you by your client!!

1491 days ago


To Atty. Brian Oxman,

I agree with you LAW can be a "Pain in the Butt", But you have a Professional responsibility as a Lawyer to represent your client Joe Jackson with Due-Deligents.

But when it a FACT that " Conrad Murray Wrongful Death suit Tossed...Almost...a Conrad Murray Verdict", because you left out some KEY information out of the Paperwork that YOU not JOE submitted to the Judge!!

Sloopywork like this is unexcuseble and can cause Joe to loose

his case,and I also think that you should be FIRED (ASAP )!!

You are Sleeping on your JOB again!!!

1491 days ago
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