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Dr. Frank Ryan -- Autopsy Underway

8/17/2010 2:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the Ventura County Medical Examiner is currently conducting an autopsy on Dr. Frank Ryan ... to determine, among other things, if drugs or alcohol played a role in his death.


As we first reported, Dr. Ryan -- a famous plastic surgeon to the stars -- was pronounced dead yesterday after an apparent car accident on Pacific Coast Highway. 

Ryan's manager David Weintraub tells TMZ, "I've known Dr. Ryan for ten years ... he's never drank, never smoked, he's never done drugs."

TMZ has obtained a photo (above) showing the area where the Doc was discovered by emergency medical responders yesterday. The photo was taken this morning -- and it already appears that the wreckage has been cleared.



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#47, yes, something instigated it. Blunt force injuries may have been what took his life, but something caused the accident.

1525 days ago

Bring back the 80's    

What a sad world we live in when the welfare of a dog overshadows the death of a human. I myself am a dog lover but I would never make such ridiculous comments. I'm sure 90% (not all) of these comments are being made by the younger generation who think they are funny and witty and are trying to get a reaction. How sad for you people. How sad that you can't see how stupid you look. How empty your lives must be that you feel the need to make such stupid remarks due to your lack of education, morality and social skills. A true reflection of how your lives have been tainted by the freedom society has bestowed upon you. How sad for the children you will bring into this world who will carry on your legacy. Shame on you!! I thank God that I was a teenager of the 80's. A time when respect for people was non negotiable. A time when teachers and Police actually scared us!!. A time when we genuinely felt emotion when someone passed away. A time when technology didn't run our lives, we didn't have cell phones, computers, ipods, digital cameras or instant access to peoples lives. A time when songs actually had words and the singers were older than 12!!Yes, we were naive but THAT!! was the best part because it made us the respectable people we are today.

1525 days ago

me in Canada    

Tweeting,texting and talking on cell phones should be banned everywhere. Here in Ontario Canada, talking on cell phones is banned and hefty fines are administered and posible loss of your license if you get caught and so they should. Surely no call or message is so urgently important that it can't wait until you get home or pull off to the side off the road. Any distraction that takes someone's focus off the road, is going to end up causing an accident at some point -and in many cases - a death. BAN THE USE OF CELLPHONES NOW!

1525 days ago

Just sayin    

# 50 you are right on!!! How sad that these idiots get away with posting crap like that! Yes he screwed up alot of faces JMO,but the guy didn't derserve to die because of it.Also if he was texting or even talking on the phone for that matter well........then I can say it was due to his own ignorance.Remember you ass holes !! He has a mother and family that are greaving have some damn class and compassion!!! Do you kiss your mother with that foul mouth?

1525 days ago


I wonder if the dog jumped on him and csused him to swerve. Mine is about that size and used to do that to me. He would get excited and jump all over the car and on me till I got him a seatbelt pet item ever!
How sad that he was at the top of his game. I hope it wasent the tweeting that did him in?

1525 days ago

The Goose    

These messages are absolutely disgusting. What is wrong with people. The man is dead and this is so cruel. Ashamed to be a human.

1525 days ago

South Beach    

What is going on on the PCH? Gibson wrecks now this guy in the span of just a few days and pretty close proximity.

1525 days ago


Mel side swiped him while yelling at Osana...He was pretty good at his work..meaning the doc...I think he re-did that ass Bruce Jenner and made him look somewhat human..

1525 days ago


Um, it is a huge shame he passed away, but the photos of the "celebrities" he did work on is not exactly any sort of good advertisement for his practice. I don't mean to be rude, but all of the people look horrible and look like crap post surgery.

1525 days ago


Is there ANY logical reason why there are NO guard rails on a road like that?

1525 days ago


Oh, shoot, wait a minute! Is he the one who made Heidi into a robot face? Soooo not good or cool of him to do to an emotionally unbalanced person. She no longer looks human. I guess he had no shame when it came to the work he did.

1525 days ago


Heart attack? Not a fun stretch of road to have an accident on! Poor guy.

1525 days ago


Wow is so agree with the 80's guy and a few others. This poor family does not need to hear any of this. I think the problem today is parents are told how to raise their children. My mom would have beat my butt if i did something to disrespect someone, and i would not dare let my father hear me say anything disrespectful. Parents need to stop being so scared of child protective services and start teaching your children some respect. I feel so sorry for the Doctors family and friends and hope to god they do not click on this website. Also one more this i was wanting to throw out there is I am a proud owner of a pair of perfect C cups and proud to say it. And if the truth be know half of the people on here bashing this doctor has prob.. had a tuck or two. Again my sympathy to the doctors family.

1525 days ago


Some of you keep saying what a pos a 1995 Jeep Wrangler is.With the money he was making I doubt that it wasn't lifted with big ass tires and he enjoyed taking it off road.

1525 days ago


Reply to Anony Moose's: "I think the car crash killed him, chief."

Actually, I think it was the sudden stop at the end...

1525 days ago
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