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Method Man -- 'I'm Suing Those Motherf**kers'

8/18/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Method Man is planning to drop a serious lawsuit on the "motherf**kers" responsible for the bloody wound he received while performing at the Gathering of the Juggalos this past weekend ... because as everyone knows ... Wu Tang Clan ain't nothin' to eff with.

TMZ spoke with Meth -- who didn't specify exactly who he intends to sue ... but insisted that he's not messing around.

Meth -- who continued to perform even after blood was dripping down his face -- also told us, "It's not OK ... I don't condone throwing things at the talent while they're performing."

As for why he kept going after he got hit, Meth said, "It takes a lot of heart and balls to continue performing after you've been hit in the face" and noted that continuing his show was the "right thing to do."

As we previously reported, Tila Tequila has also threatened legal action after she was nailed with some unidentified flying objects at the festival  -- thrown by fans of the Insane Clown Posse -- just a couple nights earlier.



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Why is no one on Method Man about using the "N" word? If he were white this would been a huge issue. I just dont get this world today.

1494 days ago

Tired of toxomom    

Man up! What does it say when 15 year old Justin Bieber gets pelted with a bottle and it doesn't become public for months, yet a rapper goes crying like a little girl?

1494 days ago

dan the man    

suwu if bangin ma****a

1494 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

ICP has fans? Ridiculous.

1494 days ago

dan the man    

Didn't ICP get detroyed when they were on WWF?

1494 days ago


Why do they even bother inviting/hiring music acts? It's obvious that these people only come to this event to throw stuff and act like animals. The promoters could save a lot of time and money by simply hiring some poor/homeless people who could just walk back and forth on stage and get pelted. It's not like ICP fans actually care about the quality of music they listen to just so long as they can be angry at something.

1494 days ago


That is bull**** meth didnt get hurt that bad. your goin to the gathering that **** happens every year. suck it up and take it like a man. im a juggalo im tired of everyone sayin juggalos aint nothin but rednecks or white trash or meth heads or crack addicts. im not any of those. tickets are 150 Dollars and mother ****ers r sayin we aint nothin but white trash or drug addicts. **** all u mother ****ers. im a upstanding person. i porb make more money than half u mother ****ers talkin ****. i got a college degree. and im goin to be ajuggalo till the day i die so **** off ****ers. MMFCL WHOOP WHOOP

1494 days ago


"Hey kids, want to go to the zoo?"

1494 days ago


Just a bunch of ICP following rejects. I guess these fans need to follow something at their level, which is obviously very low...

These fans make me picture the kids in the car in the movie, "Black Sheep", that David Spade meet in the sticks!

1494 days ago


It's funny when juggatrash reply back on here. You guys are clearly uneducated. WHOOP WHOOPY GOLDBERG TILL THE DAY I DIE!

1494 days ago


@53 - You have just proved everyone is right... Is "porb" a word?

1494 days ago



Which college did you go to and what's your degree?

1494 days ago


I am a 15 year juggalo veteran, I have been to 5 gatherings, and I was in attendance for this years gathering and I have to say I am disgusted that **** went down the way it did at the gathering this year. let me just let you people know that don't know about the gathering, there is at all times at least 3 or 4 different things going on. so if you don't like one of the artists on one stage you can go to another and see a comedy act or another concert or wrestling or whatever. I don't like tila tequila one bit so I wasn't near that stage when she was on. However I don't wish harm to her and feel horrible as to what happened. it is bull **** if someone planned that to happen to her and I promise you that REAL juggalos would have never done anything like that to any performer never mind a female that weighs what like 115 pounds. method man, I am a huge fan of and was in attendance for that and the second he got hit in the face, the whole crowd was pissed at the person who throw that can and was chanting what the f*** at the person who throw it. method man knew that he had a lot of fans in attendance and didn't want to disappoint them and that's why he stayed on stage and he is the man for that. I really believe that method man knew that mostly everyone there was loving his performance and we showed him mad love and that's why he stayed on stage. he got hit on like the 2nd or 3rd song and did an hour long set that was AMAZING. if any of you tmz people read this please find a way to let tila tequila and method man and anyone else know that real juggalos aint like the ass holes that did that **** to them and there are tons of us that are truly disgusted that it went down the way it did.

1494 days ago


Could be one of those gangster fans he has in that case turn the other cheek so they can hit that one too.

1494 days ago


This is what happens when not enough black people live in midwestern america. All these ignorant little white kids mistake two lumpy, middle-aged white guys for "rappers" and mistake the sounds they make for "music". I'm not saying white peeps can't rap, I'm just saying white kids in the midwest that think THESE white guys can rap need to take a trip to LA and NY.

A thousand 14 year old boys with their faces painted up more than a hooker on Sunday + whore boobies + an actual black person = disaster.

Time to get out more, kiddies!

1494 days ago
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