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Musical Passion

Inspires Huge Donation

8/19/2010 5:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The organization created to honor DJ AM is making a serious donation to a cause that was close to his heart -- helping teens who are suffering from addiction -- but the group isn't just writing a fat check ... they're also trying to change lives with state of the art DJ equipment.

TMZ has learned the DJ AM Memorial Fund is making the donation to the Phoenix House Academy in L.A. -- a residential treatment program for teens struggling with addiction -- and according to a rep for the DJ AM Fund, the goal is to give kids the chance to find a new passion through music.

According to a rep for the fund, "We wanted to find a way to continue Adam's legacy of giving back that would include music as a key component. Making a donation that includes a DJ station helps Adam's legacy live on."

No word on how much cash they're dropping -- though we're told it's a sizable amount. As for the DJ setup, we're told it includes everything from computers to turntables and everything else DJ AM would use.



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A foundation named for a dead junkie, telling kids they can survive. Don't think so. Parents...take your kids to a real rehab!!

1525 days ago

Dave, Glendale    

what are they gonna do teach kids now to mix OTHER people's music together? how was this guy a "musician?" and he sucked on that stupid intervention show he had. he was mr. cliche counselor with lines like "oh man, you need to stop this behavior," or "you can't live like this anymore."

1525 days ago


This reminds me of that clown on tv who says he can turn a kid around in 10 min if you buy his dvd's.Spend quality time with your kids and you will not need crap like this.Unhook the playstation and turn off the tv and internet and take the cell phone.Does wonders

1525 days ago

Sin D    

Try to make something good outta something bad...Way to go. World needs more of that...and less of negative comments/action.

1525 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

This fool was just a freaking junkie DJ. DJing takes no talent. How hard is it to mix songs to play together. I wish people would stop pretending DJing is some sort of god given musical talent. GEEZ!!!
The only thing this idiot taught kids was that he was a big hypocrite liar.

1525 days ago


It's really sad that so many of you think it's cool to be hateful and disrespectful about this. A.M. struggled against addiction through the majority of his time in this world and simply wanted to prevent others from ending up the same way. What's really so bad about that? And do you people really think that television and video games are really to blame for drug addiction? How asinine! So no one was abusing drugs before television and video games? Really, think about what you say. Oh, and if it's not too much to ask, could you be a little less insensitive and venomous when speaking about someone who is no longer here to defend himself?

1525 days ago


How hard is it to mix songs to play together? What are you some saint who never does anything bad?
Why don't you try it before you run your mouth? Not only does djing take a natural ability to follow beats, it uses a lot of math skills, dedication, practice, and money. There are a lot of different of styles of music out there and you have to know how to mix them if you want to dj. There is a a formula to it.
Have you ever header of Dj Qbert, Mix Master Mike, Short Cut etc..or the DMC World DJ Championships? Probably not since you have no respect. So I challenge you do even attempt what those DJS at the DMC do then tell me how hard it is.
This donation is great! Djing saved my life, it kept me out of trouble and in return I was getting paid a lot of money to play out. Like I said-it takse a lot of dedication and time. Since I have a family now I haven't had the time to focus on it, but I will someday. I know a lot of people who got out of trouble and stayed out of trouble, because of the world of djing.
So poster, try and hold a crowd of 1,000 people wanting to dance. Try to pick the right song for those people and take requests while mixing and not getting off beat. Why dont you try and play live on the radio with the whole city listing and you not messing it up.
I dare you.
DJ Am was a great DJ.

1525 days ago

DJ PM    

Wasn't he in Iron Man 2?

1525 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

#7 Yes, I am the patron saint of chimps, seated at the right side of the cage. DJing is for talentless people just like DJ AM. LOL!!! Your defense of DJing is pathetic. Beats, Math Skills, Dedication, Practice, Money.....All monkey poop to me.

1525 days ago


Beautiful. Just beautiful.

How many of you are contributing anything to society to try and make this world a better place?

1525 days ago


Ok number 9...Yep, you just prove me right. You have no clue about djing or what your talking about it. Your comment back has nothing to offer and no substance. High Five! You fail!
Now, I just feel sorry for you and I'm not going to cast any more pearls before a swine.
Good luck with you. Maybe one day you will stop pushing out hate.
“fear is the path to the dark side. fear leads to anger. anger leads to hate. hate leads to suffering. ~ yoda
Oh keep this in mind...The ability to speak does not make you intelligent.

1525 days ago


Why would you have a memorial to a looser like DJ AM? He survives a plane crash and fire, then kills himself overdosing on drugs. What a fine example for kids.

1525 days ago


Carol, its an outlet for kids. Did you forget that part let me refresh for you...
"the goal is to give kids the chance to find a new passion through music."
You people have a lot of nerve saying negative comments when you don't know or haven't met a person. What do you know about DJ AM other than what the controlled media tells you?
Carol, what kind of large contribution do you shell out for children? You should read comment number four.
Yeah, and I am sure your just a fine example for kids.

1525 days ago


Jedi, I can read that it is an outlet for kids. I don't need you to refresh me on anything. You have alot of nerve with your statement. Yes I am a fine example for kids, I don't do drugs, and I don't get paid millions to screw up my life like these so called stars do. If they were real role models, they would keep themselves off drugs and out of trouble. Poor DJ AM couldn't deal with life, was given a second chance at it, then finished himself off like all the other low-life's in any type of entertainment does, and then people like you stick up for them. I'm sure the controlled media gives us a toned down version of what these idiots are really doing!

1525 days ago


Number fourteen...
If your such a fine example, why do you detest a constructive music outlet that could potentiality be a life changing moment in a trouble child's life?
I quote you..."Poor DJ AM"
You come off as cold as stone with your harsh comments. You act like he wasn't a person. Yet you say your a fine example for a child? What do you think he wasn't a human who isn't entitled to make mistakes or have problems? Or are you the only one who can make mistakes and have issues?
Then you go on......I quote you again..
"I'm sure the controlled media gives us a toned down version of what these idiots are really doing!"
Yeah smarty, controlled media. Exactly. You even said it ..controlled media. Since we both agree it is controlled.. Then what you are told in the media about DJ Am might not even be true since it's controlled. Did he overdose? Did someone really overdose him? Did he really die of a overdoes or was it something else? It's OK number fourteen, go on thinking what the media tells you. Follow like a good little sheep knowing the media is controlled, yet still follow.
Lies come easier than the truth, and at a lower cost.
DJ AM was more then just a DJ he was a human being. Nobody is perfect and we all have obstacles to overcome.

1525 days ago
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