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Howard Stern Rips Dr. Laura: 'She's Such an A**hole'

8/18/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Howard Stern ripped Dr. Laura Schlessinger a new one this morning on his radio show -- calling her an "a**hole" for the way she handled her racist controversy on "Larry King Live" last night.


It all went down on the "Howard Stern Show" on Sirius/XM -- where Howard picked Dr. Laura apart for saying she's quitting after her n-word rant ... and also schooled the doc on exactly how her "First Amendment rights" actually work.

Just listen ... it's awesome.



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I hope "my kid's mom" realizes her son's army buddies might even kick the crap out of him for stuff like this. Plus, I hope he marries a black woman.

1504 days ago


I heard her son is gay and he hates her

1504 days ago


Howard Stern is an embarrassment to any American. Such low class trash, no matter how much money he makes, he will go down in history as a joke, low class, who would want a son like that, only other trash!!! Dr Laura was taken out of context, HS would love to have her ratings.

Posted at 11:19 AM on Aug 18, 2010 by Edward

Howard would starve and not make the $$ he is paid if he only had her ratings!!!!!

@The Desolate One
I don't care what ANYONE invites me to do. Because only *I am responsible for *MY* actions, I wouldn't call someone a 'n word' based on my own disgust for not only the word, but for the label.
I don't have black friends.
I have friends, some of them happen to be black.
there is a difference between those 2 statements.

@by texasdraw
and that is the whole point Howard has proven. People will do most anything for that 15 minutes of fame... and he is willing to oblige.

1504 days ago


Every one messes up as we see daily on TMZ. It doesn't mean all of their work and characters should be trashed. After listening to her show on and off for years, she is someone we should want to have on the air. She helps a LOT of people and provides clarity on so many topics. It's a tragedy that differences of opinion and free speech are subjective and under attack today.

The fact that a moron like Stern is attacking Dr. Laura says she must be doing something right. How can he ever comment on someone being inappropriate? He is inappropriate 24/7, and makes a career out of it.

We are hoping Dr. Laura changes her mind. The world is a worse place without her show.

1504 days ago


As a proud member of the Tribe, Stern is one of the ugliest mofo's out there. He probably smells like grease, methol, and ammonia.

Dr. Laura, meh.

1504 days ago


Sheeeesh, those two pictures should never be side by side! They look like the runners up in an UGLY Contest! He's always tried and failed at going for the rock star wannabe look and she looks like something about to come out of someone's stomach.

1504 days ago


Stern certainly knows plenty of A**holes. Most are his listeners.

1504 days ago


Stern certainly knows plenty of A**holes. Most are his listeners.

1504 days ago

Rico Suavy    

If people would listen more than just sound bites, they would realize that Howard has made some interesting points when it comes to celebrity & how they act & perceived themselves. He is very honest about himself & how he is perceived.


1504 days ago


Fake Doctor. Fake Jew. Fake moralist. The only thing real about this woman is her wrinkles

1504 days ago


Well honestly, I think some Americans are stupid. I've lived in a predominately black country and a predominately white country and traveled throughout the world. I have white and black relatives (including Americans) and Hispanic relatives also. I've never heard black people in other countries refer to themselves using the N word. I don't understand why some Americans do. I'm thinking it's a very small percentage like rappers. White Americans should not conclude that all black people are comfortable with the word.

The argument that black people use it so why can't white use it makes no sense either. Most blacks don't use it. Perhaps because white people don't go around calling themselves the H or C word, they can't understand this. However, it's not a stretch to see that if a white person called another a H or C it probably wouldn't be offensive to them but if a non-white person called them a H or C it would be insulting. If two gays are sitting at a table and they refer to each other using the F word it wouldn't be as insulting to them as if a heterosexual walked by and referred to them as F's. Why can't an educated woman like Dr. Laura understand that. I don't comprehend how Americans reason. They use this stupid argument over and over. There's a difference if used between the same ethnic group. I assume the reference is different for rappers etc. However, it's true that if African Americans don't want to be referred to using that term, they shouldn't use it themselves but white folks should have the good sense to see that only a handful of African Americans use it anyway. Some people are just plain racist and others just want to be cool and think it's alright slang if rappers use it but how many people really care about rappers anyway?

1504 days ago



1504 days ago


They should settle this in the ring. Who would win in a fight between Dr. Laura and Stern. My money is on Dr. Laura. Is that a scary looking woman or what.

1504 days ago

You Betcha    

She won't be able to sleep her way to the top again.

1504 days ago


I think God did this to her face

1504 days ago
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