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Method Man -- The Explosive Shot to the Face

8/19/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained video ... of the moment some dumbass at the Gathering of the Juggalos fired a beer can at rapper Method Man -- striking him in the face and opening a pretty nasty wound. 

As we previously reported, Meth plans to "sue the motherf**kers" responsible for the incident -- but he was unclear if he will go after the event organizers or the person who tossed the object.


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the super fanatic and incredibly obsessed fans of ICP cheered on VANILLA ICE for his "NINJA SONG" because ICP regards their fans as "juggalos," who are also ninjas; ninja is part of their weird ass persona...they put out a do***entary on ICP a few years back and man, these fans are crazy and super dedicated outcast types who love getting soda thrown all over them and need an outlet...really violent, mostly middle america and detroit (ICP's origins) based...anyone who hates on the infamous WU-TANG CLAN is just a misguided and uneducated "HIP HOP HEAD"


1336 days ago


Who are the idiots comparing 50 Cent with Method Man? 50's was nothing like this! That was a crime/drug dealer issue and this was a concert, not some beef or whatever 50 had with his enemies. Performers should not be getting hit in the damn face with objects! He could have been blinded if it cut his eye. I would sue, too! They should cover my medical and some pain and suffering.
I've never heard of this venue, but it should be shut down if they go wild like that yearly. Next year it won't be two performers with cuts to their face, but someone may die or sustain permanent injuries.

1336 days ago


Method man is just looking to make a quick buck cause he hasn't put out anything relevant since before he went to jail for tax evasion or some damn thing like that and yeah he needs to toughen up , i mean jesus hes supposed to be so hardcore , please i have earwax tougher than him , and as for suing just like tila he doesn't have a case cause he signed a release waiver plus he chose to keep going during the performance

1336 days ago

Jon-Paul Stone    

Horrorcore is stupid!!!!! ICP is even stupider, and their fans or "Juggalos" as they call themselves are the stupidest and by the the most retarded groupies ever. Anybody can rap about blood and guts, and smashing peoples brains in and eating them or what ever other **** that "Juggalos" are into. I am guessing that one of the Horrorcore dudes was hatting on Meth for not being cool because he dose not dress up like a clown and act like he is a serial killer. So this hatter "Juggalo" decided to chuck a beer at Meth.....What a douche. I think they need to ban The Gathering of the Juggalos,ever since that kid murdered those girls and their parents I really am scared of Horrorcore fans. The music is sick, and sadistic, and has no place in decent society. It is instilling in are youth a sense that murder, and violence, and even cannibalism is something cool that should be revered. It is all about blood, guts, and gore, murdering, raping, and dismembering bodies. I don' know any normal person who would enjoy listening to that.

1336 days ago


Listen to the lyrics of some of his songs. All this hard sh*t. Gets hit in the face with a can and now he's cryin like a bitch. Color has nothing to do with it ya'll. Black, white, whatever...A ***** is a *****.
Method Man, maybe you should stick to the studio where you're safe and your mama can stand by and protect you.

1336 days ago


I think it is great that Method Man took time to be at the GOTJ. He didn't deserve to be hit with the can. However, it is well known that throwing bottles of water, Faygo, Etc. is something that is done during the concerts no matter who they are, and it is well known ahead of time by the performers. So to sue Psycopathic Records and ICP is uncalled for. Now if he wants to sue the guy who hit him thats another story. Btw the throwing of water, Faygo, etc. Is just their way of getting wet and having fun. It was never meant to hurt anyone. JMO

1336 days ago


They should just have them perform behind bullet proof glass. Then we'll see how bad-ass the juggalosers think they are. People go there to perform to entertain them, if they don't like the entertainment line-up, then leave.

I hope Method Man sues the sh&* out of the promoters and organizers. Then they'll get serious about keeping these retards under control so they don't assault performers.

1336 days ago


You all are ridiculous. I saw hundreds of comments from people that came to bat for Tila when she swore she was hit by flying object when it was clear that she did not get hit with anything. Now when we see a full can of beer aimed at someones head and making contact, everyone is in silenc, or worse telling him that he should stop whining?
*praying that everyone who think and act like savages, saying that he should not be upset about getting hit in his face by a flying object, get hit by a car, I mean really mowed down, and hop back up and walk it off*

1336 days ago


and thats entertainment..........not !!!

1336 days ago


Stuff like this happens at every Gathering of the Juggalo's, hell last year Monoxide from Twiztid got hit in the eye with a huge Mag-Light last year and he kept going. This was my 8th Gathering and I HATE that people throw stuff and wish it would stop but unfortunately it won't

1336 days ago

Moe Greene    

So TMZ and other sites think it is funny that Tila got hurt but Method Man was hit by a dumbass. Class.

1336 days ago


Hey, where are all of the incoherent and illiterate Juggalo apologists? They must still be working the morning shift at Jack in the Box.

1336 days ago


Splashing water may be fun and normal at a concert or whatever the hell this venue is supposed to be, but a can of beer is heay, dangerous and could break the bones in someone's face.

1336 days ago


Correction: a can of beer is heavy

1336 days ago


Wasnt Method Man the same one firing a bebe gun from his tour bus and hitting innocent bystanders that happened to be his fans not to long ago? Karma a bitch.

1336 days ago
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