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More Photos of Dr. Frank Ryan Fatal Jeep Crash

8/18/2010 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has just obtained more photos showing rescue efforts in the fatal Jeep crash involving famous plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan.

Dr. Frank Ryan Death


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Wow, his dog survived that?
Amazing! Don't txt and drive kids.

1525 days ago


I thought TMZ tried to have a little class... I recall a TMZ Live where Harvey was talking about how their photogs are instructed to leave someone alone if they ask not to be filmed because it's a matter of respect. But I guess you can get around showing these pics because the good doctor was dead and couldn't ask you to put the camera away. I have been a TMZ fan for about a year but I am really disappointed in you guys on this one. Take these pictures down. This is just wrong. I don't want to see pictures of a dead doctor, a dead, MJ, princess Di, or anyone else because it's tasteless and wrong.

1525 days ago


I'm sorry, TMZ, but do you really need to post these pics when the man was dying if not dead already. (May he rest in peace. Bless his family). It is too sad......get your A$$es to the court house...I wanna see pics of the russian golddigger looking defeated......

1525 days ago


god rest his soul... what a terrible tragedy... let this be a lesson to us all that we have to take THE UTMOST CARE when driving ANY vehicle at ANYtime... Life is very fragile and can be taken from us at any given moment...

to the people saying hey was twittering and driving... DO NOT PREJUDGE... no one has proven ANYTHING yet... it could have been any scenario... animal on the road... blown out tire... use your head ppl this was a real person who has died in a tragic cir***stance...

1525 days ago


Was he wearing a seat belt?

1525 days ago

Chris D    

Shame on you TMZ! Show some respect. Take these photos down.

1525 days ago


Moonbeam, look at the crash scene and the Jeep. Do you think a seatbelt would have mattered here?

1525 days ago


As horrible as this is and I pray for his family, this guy could become the poster child as for why you should not text and drive. Its just stupid, nothing is so important that you cannot wait until your out of your car. And from what I have read he was texting about his stupid dog.

1525 days ago


Not Cool! Why put these up?

1525 days ago

Where's KOOKY?    

I'm divided in my opinion on these photos. On the one hand, I want to say, "shame on you, TMZ! Show some class!" But then I feel that if -- IF -- it's found that the good doctor WAS texting while driving, these pics should be a lesson to us all on the dangers of this reckless habit. Peace and God bless to Dr. Ryan's friends and family. What a terrible waste of a productive life.

1525 days ago


It looks like the front right tire came off of the rim. Could it have been a front tire blow-out. That would be my guess.

1525 days ago

Rick T    

I felt dirty when I clicked on the link to SEE CRASH PICTURES. I am so sorry I did.I apologize to the family for clicking on the link. Please take the pictures down. Please, in the name of decency. Please

1525 days ago


well at least we know that if he would have lived he would have had his face fixed by lots of his other plastic surgeon friends!

1525 days ago


TMZ ghouls strike again. Totally tastless and unnecessary to publish these photos.

1525 days ago


ever wonder why mel gibson didn't make sense when he drove his new car into the hillside in the same area as dr. ryan ?

1525 days ago
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