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Sisters in 'Survivor' Case -- Put the Will To the Test

8/19/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The sisters of Bruce Beresford-Redman's murdered wife think her signature was forged on a will -- and now they're asking the court to let a handwriting expert determine if it's legit.


Long story short, Monica had two wills -- one from 2004 which says Monica's sister gets custody of their two children ... and a 2008 will that gives custody to the godfather of one of the kids.

In documents filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Monica's sisters ask the judge to let them have a handwriting expert analyze Monica's signatures to determine which draft is the real deal.  According to the papers, they think Monica's signature on the 2008 will is fake.

Bruce's parents currently have custody of the kids. Bruce continues to fight extradition to Mexico where he's been charged with Monica's murder.


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Leigh Ann    

So far there is NO JUSTICE for Monica. Why is her husband allowed to flee Mexico, avoid extradition, enjoy his children, keep all her personal property and be surrounded by his own parents? She was murdered and her family continues to suffer. This is complete injustice.

1491 days ago

Yep I said that    

Those sisters need to STHU all they want are the kids and will do any thing to get them.

1491 days ago


Just out of curiousity, are they fighting to get the kids because they are family or does a small fortune get deposited into a bank account with their custody?

1491 days ago

Christtina G.    

He looks guilty. Hang him.

1491 days ago



1491 days ago

Joseph L. Arevalo    

He is very guilty, if not, why that he flee from Mexico even when he was told not to leave the Country, with out his passport? and how that he got into U.S. ?? he is hiding something, to me he is guilty, lot's of motives, he should arrested and sent back to Mexico to face the law there.
To me his kids are in danger with him, God only knows what he can do to them when he gets corner, this guy is very dangerous and a psychopath, the U.S. authorities need to act now, before is to late.

1491 days ago

Joseph L. Arevalo    

This guy is very guilty, if not ..why that he flee from Mexico even when he was told not to leave?? they took his passport, how that he managed to enter into the U.S.?? listen there is a lot of motives, and if he was able to murder his own wife, the mother of his children, then he is capable to even kill his own children if he gets corner... to the U.S. authorities please arrest this guy before another tragedy happens. he needs to face the Mexican authorities, he is the only suspect in this murder

1491 days ago


Oh my... so... the sisters now are the ones that want to profit with their own sister murderer... just funny... because the only one who filled for TWO life insurances a week before she was murdered was this narcissistic psychopath of her 'husband'... he is just trying EVERYTHING to change the focus of the media from him... but... he CAN'T!!



1491 days ago

john smith    

The 2008 will is obviously fake, Bruce can't even tell you who the witnesses are that signed the will. Their signatures are illegible and Monica's was forged. Why would Monica leave her estate to Bruce's parents who she hated and nothing to her family. Also the fake will gives custody of the kids to Bruce's friend in Florida instead of her sister. Bruce will be extradited soon and once jailed in Mexico he will most likely suffer and very painful death. Adios Bruce, your life expectancy is very short.

1491 days ago


SOME PARENTS THIS POOR EXCUSE OF A "MAN" HAS! An innocent "man" stands tall and defends himself but, a guilty "man" RUNS! Shame on his parents for "raising?" such a sissy! Evidently, they feel he is guilty, too, otherwise they would encourage him to give himself "up" and come out fighting for his life! If he did the "crime" he will do the "time." That is the way our justice system works!!! His day is coming! He cannot "hide" forever!

1490 days ago


I really hope the judge allows the sister to get a handwriting expert to look at this 2008 will. The terms in the "new" will defy all common sense and logic. What woman would give their children to a friend of her husbands rather than her sisters who were very close? Even more unbelievable - what person would give their separate property to their in-laws rather than her children? The problem is the judge seems a bit biased towards the narcisstic psychopath BBR.

1486 days ago

M G    

If he is innocent why he doesn't care about who really killed Monica? Why he doesn't worry about who did that awful thing with a mother of his babies? He supposed to be there until they find who did that. But instead of that, he is just runaway. And he never shows any worries about whom killed her. So, I think that's a real solid proof that he did it. He killed Monica. If not, why he is not looking for who did? As an american he could ask to American's Authorities to help him to find the murderer, but he knows if he does something like that, probably he could go to jail faster.

1435 days ago

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