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The Hoff -- No Hard Feelings After Ultra-Brutal Roast

8/19/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He was called an alcoholic ... a disgrace ... a disaster -- but David Hasselhoff claims he has no hard feelings from Sunday night's Comedy Central Roast ... telling us, "No one laughed harder than me!"

Hoff -- whose liver was described as being "so black and bloated, it could've starred in 'Precious'" -- made his triumphant return to L.A. last night.

During our convo, it sounded like his speech was a little slurred after the long flight from Biloxi -- but we're hoping it's just because he was tired. 


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Most drunks are good sports.
I know I am, although the Hoff
could drink me under the table!

1437 days ago

Big D    

DD and msfaye, your so right. Its really only funny when black people make fun of white people huh? Because it DOES go both ways. You can watch BET or anything showing a black comic and they wouldn't have any material if they weren't making fun of white people. So I hope you feel the same way about that too.

1437 days ago


I was impressed with David. He was a great sport and he got the last laugh on every one of them.

1437 days ago


I agree with you 100 percent #16. These people are like drug addicts. They need to hit rock bottom. Maybe that joke could be there rock bottom to change. Telling ssomeone they are beautiful when she is not, she is sick and going to die. I hate when people say you can be healthy and overweight.

1437 days ago


What's a grow the hell up pill??? Besides and incredibly g@y term lmao

1437 days ago


Were they zinging the Hoff or the girl from Precious? Sounds like the latter.

1437 days ago


Everyone gets zinged at a roast.

1437 days ago


Big D wouldn't know dont watch BET comedy.

1437 days ago


@I am Spartacus...if you don't like my posts, don't read them. Until you own TMZ I will continue to post whatever I want...Therefore you SHUT UP! Rusty you are just plain dumb and immature.

Posted at 9:19 AM on Aug 19, 2010 by dd

This is a forum to post back and forth and people are always gonna disagree because that's how the world works. The fact you seem to think so high and mighty of yourself that if someone doesn't agree with you they have to shut up is sad. Clearly you live a very sad life and this is probably the only place you can voice opinions and think people will care but guess what we don't.

The bitch from precious weighs close to 400 lbs probably and if she doesn't get help will soon be dead, but that's her choice. Also once your famous, your fair game for jokes/hate speech, etc. and if you don't believe that should be allowed then why the **** are you on a gossip forum? The whole point of this site and the others is to destroy celebs reputations and point out that just because they're worth serious bank doesn't mean they aren't still insecure loser humans like most of us.

1437 days ago


I'm assuming you didn't read post number 16 when he told me to shut up..Are you so high and mighty that you respond without looking at both sides of the story? And I totally agree that Hoff deserved every comment he got, I just don't see how she got into the arena. Anyway gd45 this post is a give and take thats what makes it interesting I agree with you on that.

1437 days ago


If you watch the video he is def drunk. His eyes are glazed and he is talking slow. Somebuddy throw him a burger on the floor.

1437 days ago


Comedy Central is not all that funny. These Roasts are really bad. When you have a bunch of no talent comedians who try and out do each other by swearing every other word, where is the comedic talent? Hell, we can all do that.

1437 days ago


hey dd is good people so be kool with her.

1437 days ago


Thank you Midnight Toker (by the way I am a size 6)....

1437 days ago


Lisa Lamppost is a waste of space but she does get good zingers in. Why not cut a few fat jokes, several of those comedians are big, if it's still the same crew.

1437 days ago
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