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ICP -- Method Man's Bloody Face Was His Own Fault

8/20/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Violent J from Insane Clown Posse claims Method Man dug his own grave when he took a flying beer can to the face -- because according to the clown, Meth riled up the crowd first with a nasty insult.

Violent J tells TMZ, the crowd at the Gathering of the Juggalos -- ICP's trademark music festival -- were chanting the word "family" when Method Man and Redman took the stage last weekend ... a word J claims is a term of endearment among Juggalos.

J claims Method Man didn't know the significance of the word, telling the crowd, "F**k family. It's all about hip-hop" -- and according to the man in black-and-white face paint, that's exactly where MM went wrong ... and paid for it with a bloody face.

As we first reported, Meth plans to sue over the incident -- but J tells us, "I don't feel responsible at all" ... referring to the impending lawsuit as "straight b*tch sh*t."

Despite the bad blood -- Violent J adds, "We don't think it should have happened ... We respect Meth and Red to the fullest."



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At next years "Gathering of the Juggalos" the organizers should really consider making up for all of this mess by locking the exits to the venue once everybody is inside, spraying the "Juggalos" with gasoline and lighting them on fire. Do the world a solid and get rid of all of these worthless meth-head idiots. Our nation's food stamp and unemployment benefits programs would be better off. Thanks!

1533 days ago


GOOD COMMENT!!! I couldn't agree more, fat lame rappers masking their complete lack of talent with gimmicks, face paint, and high cholesterol!

1533 days ago


What's with J's teeth?

1533 days ago


lmao it sad that people actually like to listen to ICP grown men dressing as clowns

1533 days ago


The crowd became angry and violent towards the performers after taking meth? That's very interesting. I thought meth was one of those sex drugs, like the poor man's cocaine. The entire violent crowd, if it was indeed hopped up on meth at the time according to ICP front man Douchey-J, should have been screwing in the port-a-pottys or something.

1533 days ago


Grown men dressing as clowns... like KISS? Come on...

And, if we lit up all the Juggalos, they'd have to cancel Jerry Springer too! No way!

1533 days ago


Oh, and J's teeth? That's called "meth-mouth."

1533 days ago


These classy music acts need to bring a roll of chicken wire with them to cover the stage.

1533 days ago


A lot of drugs are available at the "Gathering". There are people who walk around with sings advertising their drug prices.

MDMA is even sold there for less than $20.

Why dont the cops shut this crap down?

1533 days ago


Yup meth mouth and Shaggy 2 Doped up.
Wow, out the 1000's of bands I'e seen, and I love messed up plethora of punk bands from early Black Flag to DKs..Fun, intellient people. Was at a BF shos turned-riots... They [Black Flag] took control and I've seen Rollins go OFF! Wild shows...something ICP could never dream of...

Miracles! F'i n magnet how do they work?

1533 days ago


everybody that sees sombody dressed like 1 of those clowns should pick up somthing and throw at them since ther into it so much

1533 days ago


I think it's hilarious that Violent J keeps this story going by adding his 2 cents. He acts like the leader BUT he isn't because he keeps making remarks that his freak "family" are really good people after making remarks that the entertainment was at fault. He sings the same song after each of his comments.

Same with Tila ! "Despite the bad blood -- Violent J adds, "We don't think it should have happened ... We respect Meth and Red to the fullest."<---- This is his dimwitted attempt to vindicate himself from the crowd of hoodlums !

Next year I think all the Juggalos should go on stage and perform and let the "entertainment" of the evening stand in the crowd and throw rocks, bottles, cans, and feces at the Juggalos. What an ignorant crowd of people who justify criminal behavior by making it a gathering to party !

These freaks need to find something else to entertain themselves with. Who does that kind of stuff ? Makes me glad I live in New Jersey where we don't have the time to create moronic gathering's and then beat up the entertainment !!!!

Move along Violent J...your a nusiance !!!!

1533 days ago


okay lets move on

1532 days ago


Al this was ..was a gathering for wanna-be losers who THINK they have talent but can't get REAL jobs but like to spout off at the mouth..what should of happened..did!!! Get the F**k off the stage...

1532 days ago



1532 days ago
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