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ICP -- Method Man's Bloody Face Was His Own Fault

8/20/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Violent J from Insane Clown Posse claims Method Man dug his own grave when he took a flying beer can to the face -- because according to the clown, Meth riled up the crowd first with a nasty insult.

Violent J tells TMZ, the crowd at the Gathering of the Juggalos -- ICP's trademark music festival -- were chanting the word "family" when Method Man and Redman took the stage last weekend ... a word J claims is a term of endearment among Juggalos.

J claims Method Man didn't know the significance of the word, telling the crowd, "F**k family. It's all about hip-hop" -- and according to the man in black-and-white face paint, that's exactly where MM went wrong ... and paid for it with a bloody face.

As we first reported, Meth plans to sue over the incident -- but J tells us, "I don't feel responsible at all" ... referring to the impending lawsuit as "straight b*tch sh*t."

Despite the bad blood -- Violent J adds, "We don't think it should have happened ... We respect Meth and Red to the fullest."



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Everyone involved in this story is retarded.

1523 days ago



1523 days ago


Al this was ..was a gathering for wanna-be losers who THINK they have talent but can't get REAL jobs but like to spout off at the mouth..what should of happened..did!!! Get the F**k off the stage...

Posted at 5:01 AM on Aug 20, 2010 by Andolini

To be fair, Method Man and Redman are cool and it's unfortunate the lack of disrespect shown them but you can't blame that on the band. Tila and Method Man don't have a legal leg to stand on; waivers are signed because everyone knows how insane the gatherings can get(See CYA). I reside across the river from southern Illinois(Gatherings held @ Cave-in-Rock, IL)and we hear all the sordid tales about this circus. The bodies of those who overdose, being found after the dark carnival departs, etc. If you can't stand the heat stay out the kitchen.

1523 days ago


I agree with comment number 1

1523 days ago

Skeet Skeeterson    

If any of this causes the gathering to not happen next year I feel bad for Tequila and Method Man because if they think this was bad imagine what will come if they succeed and ruin 10,000 juggalos summer vacation. ICP fans are DIE-hard. It is in their best interest to drop it.

1523 days ago

Conservatives are Cowards    


"MDMA is even sold there for less than $20."

If you think that's real X, there's a good chance you'll end up in a coma.

"Why dont the cops shut this crap down?"

There are these little inconveniences, such as the U.S. Constitution and the fact that the Hardin Co. Sheriff's Office is a very small department that make this not only illegal, but completely infeasible as well. I wouldn't want my taxpayer money wasted just to bust self-destructive people for using drugs, and I for sure wouldn't want to be the one to go in there with inadequate backup to make the arrests. I'm perfectly fine with these people going to a campground and doing a bunch of drugs...doesn't bother me one bit. They are away from me, and I'll be sure to stay away from there.

In short: the cops don't bust it because it's a waste of their time and taxpayer money.

1523 days ago


Can anyone take a moment and explain to me who these people are and what this is about? I have never heard of these juggalos.

1523 days ago


He should have warmed up a crowd of his own peeps.He got what he deserved.Maybe he can learn that white boys dont go to black concersts and visa versa.

1523 days ago


The posters on TMZ are getting funnier and funnier. Between these comments and yesterdays on Spencer and Heidi I now am on this site more for the comments than the stories. Hysterical!

1523 days ago


... It's obvious Violent J from "Insane Clown Posse" doesn't know the term of the word "Family." Moreover, his "family" attacked and harmed a women Tila Tequila that is barely over 5 foot tall. Then they throw BS at artists. This must explain why the concert was held in some hick town. Violent J if you can't control members of your family, maybe you need to stop having the Gathering.

1523 days ago

The G.O.L.    

"All about Hip-hop" HIP-HOP??
Hip-hop has been dead for nearly a decade.
Cause-of-death? Self-inflicted FOOLS.
Justice, AWAITS.

1523 days ago


If performers don't want to get involved with ICP and juggalos then don't play the show. Let those meth heads have their own show and listen to ICP and they can all throw s.h.i.t. at each other.

1523 days ago

your boss    

this whole tila tequila method man thing isn't news. openers and new comers to PSYCHOPATHIC RECORDS events should know their audience. THIS **** HAPPENS AT CLOWN SHOWS! a few years back same thing happened to Kurupt,. did he poke his lip out and file suit to draw some cheap heat publicity?, no they bashed kids chuckin **** in the face with the mike stand. then it was done. they left, and got PAID to perform half a song and get hit with **** for 30 seconds.. also, maybe a net would be a good idea for openers and of other "celebrities" ...

all you pigeon holing juggalos as s***,. just know *******s are everywhere, in every group. this is a group of hundreds of thousands... there will be some s***.{ i admit maybe a slightly disproportionate amount to society in general..}

1523 days ago

His Prince Michael    

A truly unbelievable amount of crying and complaing,
for essentially a scratch.
"Sue the M****F******"? Such bright language, so much for "science".
Then again: "We WON'T let another M****F***** Elvis happen"
Justice, AWAITS.

1523 days ago


Someone send that man some toothpaste.

1523 days ago
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