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Larry Birkhead -- Do You Swear to Tell the Truth ... ?

8/20/2010 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry Birkhead returned to an L.A. County Superior courtroom this morning to continue spilling his guts about Anna Nicole Smith's prescription drug use.

On Thursday, Birkhead testified that he saw Smith take numerous prescription drugs -- but claims that Anna had told him that she wasn't an addict. Birkhead also told the court that Anna insisted she had a high tolerance for certain meds.

Howard K. Stern, Dr. Khristine Eroshevich and Dr. Sandeep Kapoor are all facing charges of conspiring to unlawfully provide drugs to Anna Nicole. They have each pled not guilty.


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Birkhead swearing to tell the truth puts the moron in oxymoron.

1527 days ago


I think the doctors are the ones that hurt Anna. Howard would go pick up Anna's prescriptions because she didnt have a lisence to drive. He she just wanted to keep her happy and if he didnt she would raise hell. She was the boss in that household and did what she wanted. I think the female doctor needs to lose her lisence for prescribing power narcotics because she was her lover and friend and wanted her friendship and didnt care how messed up she was getting.Howard will probaly get off but the doctors are going to get charged for feeding her addiction. I bet once their charged Vergie will file a wrongful death lawsuite you just wait and see.

1527 days ago


What makes Larry more innocent then Howard. He was with her for a few years and watched her destroy herself. If he was really concerned he would of left her after a few months. I think the only ones that should be charged is the stupid female doctor that gave her powerfull narcotics. Why would she order dilaudid after her son died if she knew she could be taking methadone. What a dangerous combination. Methadone builds up in your body and then add a drug like that is a death sentence. She is wrong for giving her drugs just to be her friend. What a friend does that.

1527 days ago


Let you people know,Howard is in Dannielyn's life.It has been said by Larry,They live in the same house,that was Anna's place in Ca.Larry is a great Dad,But I am glad he is letting Howard be in the child's life,They all loved Anna.Anna would not let any one help her,she was her own boss.Good Luck to them all,People on drugs are hard to deal with.

Posted at 4:47 PM on Aug 20, 2010 by kylady

1527 days ago


I always believed you Larry Birkhead and still do.
However, change hair stylist.
Your suit is too big for you.
You were an excellent companion for Anna (too low class for him and it was so obvious) too bad she left him. She would be alive today if those other people didn't get involved in her life and especially her money, that was all the rest wanted.
He is a great dad and unbelievably sexy.

1527 days ago

Just Guessing    

Does Larry Brickhead swear to tell the "truth"? LOL!!!!! Good question TMZ. Obviously, TMZ must already know the answer to that.

Well we know Brickhead swears but tell the truth? Most everyone knows he won't. He's busy protecting the staus quo, his buddy Stern and of course....the $$$$$$$.

Hard to have any respect for a wannabee celebrity, sperm donor, pimp daddy and a cry baby liar to boot. World, meet the next Michael Lohan. No talents, no balls, no brains. Contributes absolutely nothing to the world but idle noise while partying on his daughter's money and name.

1527 days ago


Bet Larry bought that suit from the money he and Howard made from the Anna Auction.

1526 days ago


Quote: I think the doctors are the ones that hurt Anna.

Wrong, you're leaving out the KEY role of $tern. It was $tern that REFUSED to take Anna to the hospital in the clown video, at the request of the child who saw how out of it Anna was. NO, HE WOULDN'T TAKE HER TO THE HOSPITAL, where the doctors were not under HIS control, HE "wanted to make a lot of money" off of the video of Anna clearly wasted out of her mind. That's what he wanted to do when she was stoned and heavily pregnant. That is UNBELIEVABLY harmful to her.

1526 days ago


#53 Sally,

"clown video" was stolen and edited in order to discredit stern. ford shelley and his family stole and edited "clown video."
ford shelley raked millions on anna nicole's stolen personal belongings. judge perry barred "clown video" because it was stolen/edited and threfore not admissible in the court.

for the record:

"BIG MOE" said during preliminary hearing in OCT. 2009 that Birkhead gave Anna ecstasy, cocaine, alcohol (even when she was pregnant). Virgie Arthur had a contract with SPLASH and raked $400,000 from 2005-09. She sold Daniel's Texas memorial to ET for $100,000. We don't live in black-and-white world.

1525 days ago


Go to youtube type in Anna Nicole's nannies two women who were responsible for dannylyn it is worth looking at. More to this case than anyones knows "Controversy TV" a bahamian program that interviewed two women who were at the house Anna stayed in before she died.

1525 days ago



Haitian nannies DID NOT have work permit. They were ILLEGAL ALIENS in the Bahamas.

Larry Birkhead said in his deposition, Stern v. Cosby that Haitian nannies were bribed by Ford Shelley in order to make an affidavit against Anna Nicole and HKS. Birkhead said that Shelley demanded $5,000 that he gave for an affidavit, BUT Birkhead refused.

Also, Rita Cosby tried to bribe the nannies to confirm fake sex tape story. Federal judge D.Chin said: "Cosby's actions are extremley troubling and suggest that she was attempting to OBSTRUCT JUSTICE by tampering with witnesses."

1525 days ago



1524 days ago


How would Larry know what went on with the nannies he wasn't even around any of them at the time.

1524 days ago


#58 ROB,

Ford Shelley and B. Thompson are longtime family friends of Larry Birkhead. They gave him information about Anna and the baby. In fact, Birkhead introduced Anna to a wealthy old businessman G.B. Thompson in 2005 and they started a sex affair afterwards.

1523 days ago


Now we know why Larry can't tell the truth, they are still after the Marshall money.

1488 days ago
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