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Dr. Frank Ryan's Final Journey

8/20/2010 9:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Dr. Frank Ryan -- plastic surgeon to the stars -- will be laid to rest in Toledo, Ohio ... where he was born and raised.

Dr. Frank Ryan Plastic Surgeon

Sources close to the family tell us the doctor's remains will stay in Malibu for the next couple of days for a private memorial service for the doc's closest friends. Sometime after the service, Dr. Ryan's remains will be transported back to Ohio, where he will be laid to rest.

As we previously reported, Dr. Ryan -- the guy who worked on Heidi Montag -- was killed this past Monday when his Jeep veered off of Pacific Coast Highway and rolled down an embankment.


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Celebrities Suck    

so was this an accidental death, or did he commit suicide?

1434 days ago


Doesn't look like an accident to me. Suicide or murder, but not an accident.

He uploaded a pic of his dog overlooking the sea, which he logically would have done before driving.

Maybe he swerved to miss on oncoming vehicle and lost control of his jeep. I guess that would be an accident.

1434 days ago


A Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and was driving a Jeep? Business was either down or he was a down to earth guy.

1434 days ago


RIP Dr. Ryan!

1434 days ago


Well, I hope they are going to bury him with his cell phone so he can tweet us from beyond the grave.

"Darn it's sure hot here! I wish I brought my sunscreen...cause you know as a plastic surgeon, I am aware of the damage the sun can do to skin. Oh, wait...that's not the sun. Some sort of fiery lake...and here comes some surfers (I think)...Hi guys! Say, that leathery, scaly skin can't be getting you too far with the lady's...maybe I can help you with that...I have my card here somewhere...Hey! Watch it with that clam digger, or whatever it'll poke someones eye out. What? I'm dead and in hell? Yeah, like I believe, you'd have to have a hole in your head to believe that...haha!...Huh, Uh...yeah you're right...I do seem to have a hole in my head! Ok, so you Tweeters out there...well, I am not sure what reception I'm going to get further down...but you keep following me, ok? Hey, guys? My battery is getting have outlets down here where I can plug in at?"

1434 days ago


Apparently, he didn't take the Oprah NO texting pledge/oath. Reports everywhere say he was texting and had recently updated his Twitter account. I agree with Post #1, at least he didn't kill anyone else. Thank goodness his dog will be okay, because the idiot texting put his dog at risk. (The good doc will make a good plubic service announcement/commercial about the hazard to texting while driving).

1434 days ago


I hate to disappoint all the arm chair critics who are perfect and faultless, and therefore more than qualified to judge others, but Dr. Ryan was a fine human being. He was unpretentious, modest, caring, generous and a real humanitarian. But truly there is no fun in acknowledging his charities and other contributions to this world. Personally, I don't give a rat's ass about some 10 procedure wannabe. She is not the sum of Dr Ryan.
My heart is heavy with grief over the lost of Frank Ryan. He is one of the rare ppl who have ever truly impressed me. I feel honored to have known him.
So while seagulls are feasting on the last morsels of his brains and dogs are rolling his corpse down the beach, I will be deeply morning his passing.

1434 days ago


Most of you appear to be retarded, especially Wombwhat! Dr Ryan was an intelligent man, who didn't need to worry about not knowing how to express himself, etc... Please go back to school and accomplish something in your empty lives...

1434 days ago


Holy Toledo!

1434 days ago


I hope they put a cell phone in his casket. Just in case it is possible to Tweet from the afterlife.

Of course, he'll probably end up crashing into another angel as he Tweets while he flies.


1434 days ago


You failed to mention he was texting while driving, hence the crash. Maybe he was setting up yet another appointment for Heidi. Better he went off a cliff, than veering into on coming traffic and killing some innocent motorist, if in fact, he was texting while driving.

Posted at 5:21 PM on Aug 20, 2010 by GDslayer

It was reported that his last message was sent 23 minutes before he crashed, so the texting may have been done before he was driving. Certainly wasn't what caused the crash.

1434 days ago


*darn typos*

Rest In Peace Dr. Ryan

God give serenity to those you left behind.


Wow, the man isn't even buried and the vultures are circling.

1434 days ago


He looked very bizarre. Something is very wrong with his face, it's not natural.

1434 days ago


Wow, as I read the first 15 posts it seems as though we have a gathering of the saints that walk the earth....I am SURE that NONE of you have EVER broken the law and did something you were not supposed to do! Yes, it was VERY stupid for Dr. Ryan to be texting and driving, but I don't think he deserves this....I hope all of you BURN in hell, you should be ashamed of yourselves for the comments!
As far as his profession, I can only guess a lot of the comments come from wrinkled old faces who either can't afford to do "maintenance" or just don't care what you look like. He was a VERY talented man, like him or not.....having read the first 15 comments, none of you would ever be able to fill his shoes, he did not buy his way into medical school and further more he did a lot for the underserved/underprivileged teens as well as for animals and the list goes on. Maybe you *******s should take some of that negative energy and try to do an act of kindness as well for someone in need. You people are ignorant and for the idiot who asked about Dr. Ryan's wife and why he is not photographed with her.....he was not married fool, so a photo with someone who does not exist may be kind of tough....oh, I supposed you will now criticize him for that as well.
Get a life people......and I hope karma comes back at you full force.
God bless you Frank were a VERY talented surgeon and will be missed by many!

1434 days ago

Woody McBreairty    

To text while you are driving is a sick, demented thing to do. When I see people texting while driving near me, I shake my ead no and try to escape their danger zone because they veer in and out of their lane, I have almost been sidswiped several times by careless drivers/texters. I know some people who call 911 when they see this. I'm not comfortable with that, although people call 911 to report drunk drivers. Texting while driving is also risking the lives of the driver and worse, the innocent people around them

1434 days ago
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