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Oksana Says Goodbye to Important Witness

8/20/2010 10:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Oksana Grigorieva is currently attending funeral services for a close friend of hers  ... a friend who also happened to babysit for Oksana and Mel Gibson's daughter Lucia ... and may have had some critical information about Mel.


As we previously reported, the babysitter had claimed that she was at Mel's home on January 6th -- and allegedly heard the actor go crazy while Oksana was at her son's basketball game.

The woman -- who died after battling cancer -- claimed to have heard part of the explosive argument between Mel and Oksana later that day, but claims she left before any alleged blows were struck.

And ... we're told the babysitter never gave a sworn statement to police or the lawyers regarding the incident ... because she claimed she was sick and had other things on her mind.


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1469 days ago


what about all the tapes ?

1469 days ago


Rest in peace. Hope every tabloid out there is contributing to the lady's final expenses.

1469 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Harvey, really!

"The woman -- who died after battling cancer -- claimed to have heard part of the explosive argument between Mel and Oksana later that day, but claims she left before any alleged blows were struck."

NO! Ox claimed, so said ROL, the woman claimed to have heard something. GET IT STRAIGHT! STOP SLANTING STUFF.

"Oh we always report fairly." What BS.

1469 days ago

Maybe Oksana can share a cell with this "lady".

Posted at 8:49 AM on Aug 20, 2010 by Kilmerfan

1469 days ago


How many of you are getting sick of her face. Time for TMZ to pull the plug on this --- Getting old fast. First Time Post

1469 days ago


the only thing that hasn't leaked from oksana is her boobs, but then its hard to get milk from a stone

1469 days ago


I wouldn't put it past an extremely opportunistic woman to say about a dying friend (assuming re friend isn't imaginary) "Great she's dying, I'll say she witnessed something cause she won't be around to disagree."

1469 days ago

KM it is where I found it don't know if V did any more on it....
Ann...good find!

From The Times October 24, 2009

There is more to Oksana Grigorieva than Mel Gibson
Her relationship with Gibson grabs the headlines, but Grigorieva’s musical skill merits respectBen Machell Who is Oksana Grigorieva? It’s a good question, and one that after a solid hour’s conversation is still not entirely cleared up. She sits on one side of a conference room table, you sit on the other, and at the far end three publicity people hover while she does wispy vagueness in a quiet, US-flecked Russian accent. One of the hoverers is an American man with a laptop. He works for Icon Entertainment, the film production company that has made Grigorieva its first (and only) music project. Icon is owned by Mel Gibson, to whom the man cheerily refers as “Mel”. In April Grigorieva was unveiled as Gibson’s girlfriend after the collapse of his 28-year marriage, and in December she will give birth to his eighth child. She refers to him as “Mr Gibson”.

The 39-year-old’s debut album, Beautiful Heartache, is released this week, pitched as grown-up, piano-led pop, heavy on classical motifs. Gibson is credited as executive producer and Grigorieva as producer.

“I’m very lucky they offered me the chance to follow my dreams, but also to allow me to produce my own album, which is hardly ever offered to first-time artists,” she reels breathily, you guess, not for the first time. She looks at the table. “He believes in me that much. I’m really blessed ... It’s the most incredible gift that Mr Gibson could have given me.”

Gibson also directed four music videos to accompany Beautiful Heartache’s release. In the promo for the title track, the director of The Passion of the Christ engages in madcap high camp, with Grigorieva, in a ****tail dress, playing a Steinway that’s eventually engulfed in flames before she dances a tango and then has knives thrown at her. Was it easy working together?

“I kept asking him, ‘Please, give me directions!’ I said, ‘You can yell at me if you want to’. But he said, ‘No, you’re doing just fine. You’re a good actor’. He was very much into his own world, painting pictures with the camera.”

At first glance the whole project could be written off as a slightly awkward folly, an indulgent Jim’ll Fix It moment for the girlfriend of a very wealthy man. But there is more to it. Grigorieva insists that when Icon made its offer she had other “serious, reputable” deals on the table. Plus it’s not as if she lacks pedigree: born in Saransk, Russia, to music professor parents, as a child she remembers her father, who “loved jazz, blues, rock’n’roll”, making himself cry by playing House of the Rising Sun on a Russian accordion. At 15 she went to university to study piano.

“Diplomas were everything,” she explains. “It wasn’t unusual for students to play ten hours a day. Our skin would start to crack. We’d literally have bleeding fingers.”

She rolls up the sleeves of her embroidered folk dress. “But it’s given me tough forearms. And I can always spot other pianists, too. They twitch a little bit, and their hands stay in this dome shape” — she demonstrates on an imaginary keyboard. “You can tell when actors can’t really play the piano in movies. They always hold their hands wrong.”

After completing conservatoire in Kazan (“You know Lenin? He went to university in Kazan.”), she moved to London, first to study, then to teach music. A relationship with the actor Timothy Dalton resulted in a son, Alexander, now 12. “In order to support myself I started to model. I did a lot of it, print, mostly,” she says. “I’ve always looked after myself. I’ve never been dependent on anyone financially.”

Relocating to America (she has spent time in New York and LA), she continued to teach music (she has patented a method of teaching notation to children), model and work as a waitress, as well as perform and compose, producing pieces for commercials and theatre, all the while remaining a “single mother”. It sounds a slog, I say.

“Of course ... you do what you have to do,” she says, speaking, for just one moment, with a stern, measured authority. “But it doesn’t mean you have to either starve or put your career on hold.”

Her website explains how Gibson wanted to work with her after seeing her in concert. It quotes him as saying: “My jaw dropped as I watched her perform Chopin and Rachmaninov effortlessly.” She’s now turning him on to conductors such as Sir Georg Solti and Herbert von Karajan.

She says of Gibson: “He’s very down to earth, very humble. I think he’s brilliant in so many ways,” she says. “He’s had such a colourful life. He writes poems beautifully, he’s a great writer and storyteller. I’m not trying to compare his greatness with anywhere I’m at, but in arts, you do inspire one another. We definitely fulfil one another intellectually.”

Most people’s reactions to Grigorieva will be those of suspicion or cynicism, or both. But when asked if she’s worried that her reputation as a recording artist might be overshadowed by her relationship with Gibson, she gives a funny look. She is, you realise, happy beyond meaningful expression to actually, finally, even be considered a “recording artist” at all ... How could such a thing ever be a cause for worry? She talks about performing on Good Morning America. How many people watch that?

“How many people?” she turns and asks the man who works for Mel. About ten million, he says. “Ten million people,” she says softly, cheeks puffed, eyes wide. And for a moment, all the cynicism in the world can’t stop you thinking of a teenage Russian pianist with bloodied fingers.

Beautiful Heartache is released on November 2 on Icon Records

1469 days ago

Tired of toxomom    

Maybe it's just me, but no matter how sick I was, if I were to know something about about a friend or acquaintance being hurt, I would drag my azz out of my sick bed to talk to the police. At the very least, if she had any real information, she could have been deposed at her home or hospital.

Conveniently, Ox can float all this info out there, and there's no one alive to refute it.

1469 days ago


Such a good friend that she had to pull a dying woman into her little web of deceit.... Yeah, with friends like that... Anyway, RIP and condolences to the woman's family.

1469 days ago


If she were an illegal immigrant, where would she be buried?

1469 days ago


Oksana using this sick woman to spin her lies is disgraceful.

Isn't there a law against abuse of a corpse? And by abuse of a corpse, I mean having sex with Oksana,..

1469 days ago


Does it bother me that Mel Gibson is a racist? Not at all.

Does it bother me that Mel yells at women? Not at all.

Does it bother me that Mel can be violent? Not at all.

Does it bother me that Mel got involved with a butt-ugly crunt like Oksana. YOU BET YOUR A$$ IT DOES!


1469 days ago


I don't believe a word of this! If this woman was on Oksana's side she would've put something in writing knowing that she was THAT sick that she may never get the chance to help defend her. Oksana spun this story because she knew that the babysitter wouldn't be around to defend herself or Mel. The babysitter never said a word, that speaks volumes. More Ok$ana lies.
At least she doesn't have to put up with the Ox anymore. RIP

1469 days ago
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