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Rachel Uchitel -- Pissed at TMZ!

8/20/2010 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel is none too pleased with the TMZ post earlier today ... showcasing her latest Tiger moves.

Rachel Uchitel TMZ

As we told you ... Rachel posed with a real tiger for a Facebook virtual message. 

She wants to make a couple of things perfectly clear.

Thing One -- She never signed a release after shooting the virtual message -- we're thinkin' she had second thoughts, because she got $10 mil from Tiger Woods with one big string attached ... if she even appeared to be talking about Tiger, it'd be back to the whole Vegas hostess thing.

Thing Two -- The only reason she agreed to do the message in the first place is because the point of it all was to save animals, especially animals in shelters as well as endangered species.

Rachel Uchitel Tiger VideoThing Three -- The money she pulls in from the message will go to charity.


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BananaHammock took 48 posts for some simpleton to play the RACE card!!

No, all the hype isn't because Tiger is Black and Rachael is's because Tiger is a cheating piece of crap and Rachael is a cheap whore!!

Nobody, nobody should pay a prostitute more than once...

He doesn't deserve a refund...but she doesn't deserve to keep the money if she's going to pull this type of attention-grabbing BS.

1491 days ago


Once a Whore, always a WHORE!!!!

Why does this "trashy person" continue to warrant airspace?

To the majority of citizens of this great country, she is nothing but TRASH.

I'm sure her family is proud of her..... Totally classless.

My family resides in Palm Beach - believe me, she is NOT Palm Beach, or even near it. There is a word for her type. You have to live there to understand. LOL!

1491 days ago


Well this tiger is going to need some shots after that photo shoot.

1491 days ago


she should give all the money from the ad...and all future "ads" to Elin! this skank just will not go away. she really needs to be relevant. pitiful

1491 days ago


It's just a coincidence!! How can you all not see, it's right in your face, this tiger is white, the other one is black, it's totally different, duh!

1491 days ago


I wish she would do playboy!

Posted at 11:30 AM on Aug 20, 2010 by Hammer

Why Hammer? So you an every guy out there can get a good look at those genital warts? LMFAO! Skull on the bottoms there is a warning. LOL some guys don't care tho...if it looks good on the outside an is willin to spread...they jump into the fire. LMAO!

1491 days ago


this woman should just quietly take her blackmail money and go live where no-one can find her.....she knew what the tiger represented.......Tiger paid you off, now just take off, never to be heard or seen again. I hope the judge in Mel's court case is paying attention, he is dealing with the same type of blackmailing scheme.......only she is applying it in a different way, and using a baby to do it.

1491 days ago


Dear Harvey,

Is Rachel Uchitel the baby Mama of Mike Tysons' tiger?


1491 days ago


Dear: Harvey,

Is Rachel Uchitel the baby Mama of Mike Tysons' tiger?


1491 days ago

who farted    

who cares what this slut has to say

1491 days ago


This girl is pure trash & deserves to have every penny of her whore settlement taken away. The whole ditzy dumb routine of "I didn't know" only works for hot young girls, not middle-aged mediocre sluts.

1491 days ago


Skank!Slut!!Trailer Trash!!!

Ok I'm better now:)

1491 days ago

Did tiger sleep with this one also?    

hookertal not happy? well what's a whore to do?! oh well!

1491 days ago


You don't want to be looked down on as a whore? Then don't be a whore.

1491 days ago


Is the skull on her crotch a warning? "The Surgeon General has determined that touching this will cause loss of income."

1491 days ago
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