Rachel Uchitel -- Pissed at TMZ!

8/20/2010 3:10 PM PDT

Rachel Uchitel -- Pissed at TMZ!

Rachel Uchitel is none too pleased with the TMZ post earlier today ... showcasing her latest Tiger moves.

As we told you ... Rachel posed with a real tiger for a Facebook virtual message. 

She wants to make a couple of things perfectly clear.

Thing One -- She never signed a release after shooting the virtual message -- we're thinkin' she had second thoughts, because she got $10 mil from Tiger Woods with one big string attached ... if she even appeared to be talking about Tiger, it'd be back to the whole Vegas hostess thing.

Thing Two -- The only reason she agreed to do the message in the first place is because the point of it all was to save animals, especially animals in shelters as well as endangered species.

Thing Three -- The money she pulls in from the message will go to charity.