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'Chopper' Star -- I Still Love My Wedding-Skipping Dad

8/24/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Chopper" star Paul Teutul Jr. claims he still loves his father -- fellow "Chopper" star Paul Teutul Sr. -- despite the fact that Big Paul blew off his son's wedding last weekend.

Junior tells TMZ, "It's always sad when a father doesn't come to his own son's wedding, but I still love him, and the truth of the matter is it was an absolutely perfect day and I wouldn't have changed anything."

As we previously reported, the two Pauls haven't been on good terms in a while ... after they clashed over their motorcycle business.

We reached out to Paul Sr. -- but the big mustache refused to comment.



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who dat    

This show is totally scripted phony set up bs situations. That being said, the production company has no problem destroying this family for ratings. The emotions are real.

As far as the bike building is concerned, there is no competition. Jr. by far builds a superior looking bike, while Sr's ego won't allow him to admit it.

OCC sunk a small fortune into their new building right before the economic collapse. Based on their poor (chopper) designs and the economy, they will have a difficult time surviving. OCC will have to hire an outside talent to design their bikes. Cause they have no clue of what looks good since Jr's departure.

1521 days ago

who dat    

One more thing. I am surprised Sr. has survived this long. People with severe issues usually destroy themselves, one way or the other. Problem is, there is a lot of collateral damage along the way.

Sr., if you're reading this, get professional mental help. It's never too late, until you're dead.

1521 days ago


Did anybody see the new episode with the "Tech Bike" Sr built?? OMG!! Whoever heard of a HOT PINK CHOPPER??!! The tank was basically Jr's old design of course, but painted neon colors and crap! The wheels were gawd awfful!! No real man would ride that crap.

Pauly is the best at design. Daddy needs to pass the flame down and save face as much as he can now. He has children and grandchildren and the days are passing by in moments!

Be careful Paul Jr cuz you're on the path to be just like you father!!

1521 days ago



1521 days ago



When I turned 25 my Father had a surprise birthday party for me at this pool hall we went to near his home. Alot of people he worked 2nd shift with went there also.

We had a very good relationship but sometimes I felt like the parent. All of my friends wanted to hang out with him. My Dad was so cool. : )

Having said that, I didn't know there was a surprise party waiting for me, so I decided not to go. I kept telling my (now ex) husband that "those are Dad's friends, not mine. I don't wanna go out there. I just don't feel like shooting pool tonight." blah, blah, blah...

The next morning my Dad called. I sensed dissappiontment.

I remember one of the things he said during that phone call every day of my life now. He said: "That will be the last birthday party I throw you!"

My Dad was killed 11 days later in a car accident.

Long story short, you guys need to man up and put this crap behind you. When someone is gone forever you realize what petty crap does not matter.

My petty arguments were not filmed for a reality show but yours are. I would suggest you go back and watch. Put your Pride away somewhere.

One more thing, when the public is basically being asked to pick sides as in your new show....someone, if not both, will look like an epic failure on national television. We love watching trainwrecks....which is exactly what this is.

Love ya'll... but you need to man up!

1521 days ago


Why does anyone care about these guys? Why would anyone voluntarily put themselves in the company of such morons? Why would anyone think that they are cool? Doesn't anyone look up to NASA scientists anymore?

1521 days ago


For the life of me I cannot figure these Goobers out,and fail to see why they are so popular. What in hell is the attraction to them and their stupid show?

1521 days ago


Paul Sr, Is the Jerk of the family
I used to watch this show all the time

Paul Sr ruined this show

I would watch a Mikey Paul Jr and Vinny show

I vote for Paul sr being the big jerk of the Chopper Nation

I do not watch the show at all anymore

1521 days ago


anyone notice all this comes out just when they both have shows coming out,,this is soo fake and these clowns sit back and laugh at al the dumb people who fall for this crap..its all fake people

1521 days ago


Southpark episode coming soon I hope !! They did one on the Harley crowd and it was EPIC !

1521 days ago


I would have agreed that it's fake except for SR missing JR's wedding. I doubt they would have taken it quite that far. Essentially, SR is nothing more than a big baby, who can't deal with another alpha dog invading his turf, even if the other one is his own son. How pathetic. What about their mom? Why isn't she kicking SR's arse?
Ultimately, at the end of the day, OCC keeps producing Paulie's designs over and over because they have no creativity. If Paulie gets the right team to actually build his designs for him, he'll leave SR in the dust.
Time to put on the big boy pants, SR. Your insecurities are showing, bigtime!

1521 days ago


100% correct. I used to watch their show to see bikes being built. I quit when it turned into another boring show with staged arguing. It cracks me up at how many watch Reality Shows and think there is anything real about them.

1521 days ago


You will regret not going to the wedding. It could have been your wedding gift to them, peace in the family. You both let money get between you and look where it got you. It must be hard not to, doing what you do. But Sr. you messed up here,
he`s your son and that was his big day, you should have been there regardless of your differences.

1521 days ago


What kind of sunglasses is Jr. wearing? Those are AWESOME!

1521 days ago


Why bother going to a wedding with a girl who is already cheating on her hubby. Stick a fork in it, the marriage is over before it started...unless sucking of a male stripper doesn't count.

1521 days ago
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