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Dr. Murray Wants Michael Jackson Fluid Samples

8/23/2010 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ ... Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyers will ask the trial judge today for an order allowing them to get fluid samples from Michael Jackson -- to help with their defense in the involuntary manslaughter case.


We're told Dr. Murray's lawyers want to re-test some of the fluids to determine the accuracy level of the Propofol found in Michael Jackson's body.

According to the L.A. County Coroner's report Jackson died of acute Propofol intoxication.

We've learned the Coroner has fluid samples and we're told they've been preserved.

Also today in court ... Judge Michael Pastor is expected to set a preliminary hearing date.  The spokesperson for Dr. Murray's lawyer, Ed Chernoff, has said whatever date the judge wants is fine with them ... "If he wants it next week, we'll be there next week."


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I saw the life stream couple of minutes ago but now it's gone.. sucks

1466 days ago


Nope it's still there...

1466 days ago


Well, of course is it plain enough to see he wants to tamper it. I don't think that would be plausible unless the coroner is with them when they test them or the coroner should do the test in front of them!How dumb they think people are! Murray might end up going free but he will never have peace.

Michael Jackson forever! Love him more! He was the best!

1466 days ago


Mimi, who has arrived?

I can´t see live stream on the link that Chico gave earlier. Do any of you have other links?

1466 days ago


Joe, Katherine and Rebbie are there..

Don't have any other links Siggi.

1466 days ago


Yes, we also agree with the judge to make the preliminary hearing when he thinks it´s convenient, to examine the case carefully and so JUSTICE WILL BE DONE ONCE AND FOR ALL AND THIS KILLER WILL BE SENT TO JAIL FOR A LONG TIME! The truth will prevail and the liar of Murray, when all the evidence comes to light, WON´T GET AWAY WITH MURDER!

1466 days ago


the live stream is gone for me too. UGG how do I get it back on??

1466 days ago


Posted at 12:17 PM on Aug 23, 2010 by Karolina

Thank you. Are they all blind?

1466 days ago


Please let it be next week instead or October or January... haven't the family, his kids, and us, suffered enough sharing our love for the incredibly beautiful man that was Michael Jackson?

Months ago we were saying justice was slow, but they needed to get all the pieces of the puzzle to make sure to be able to give proper punishment to dr death.. but now it's been more than a year. haven't they already had time to check hat they had to check? Do they really need more time? It's just so obvious!

Give some rest to michael, and some peace to his kids, family, friends, and fans, and put that man in jail for as long as you can. Even if this will never bring back such an angel as Michael. Murray took away the brightest light of this world, now we all live in the dark, lost. Put that Murray guy in a place even darker. Just hope he'll take his life one day, would be the thing to do.

1466 days ago

Dr. H. Lector    

Jealous Ohwell...he has friends and you only have "DEB"?????
You are such a loser!

1466 days ago


Posted at 12:38 PM on Aug 23, 2010 by susie

Susie, I think a little bit yes:(
I don't understand why they do not see all this clues, it is so obvious that He is Alive


1466 days ago


I totally agree with you Peterpan!!! Darkness should be and sure will be the travel’s companion who stole the light of our lifes!!!

1466 days ago


Even if he is convicted, he will only get 4 years max, for what he is charged with, involuntary manslaughter. He will probably get probabtion.
He will use the defense that MJ was already addicted to propofol and he was weaning him off of it. MJ injected himself with more after he left the room
Either way this man is not going away for a long time. He is not going to get the electric chair.

1466 days ago



Very old movie

" She wore yelllow ribbon"

read the lyrics :)

1466 days ago


@Karolina, I'm sorry to say this but it sounds to me that you are seeing an ufo and cannot understand why we don't see it.
Did you not see Katherine's face? Do you think Michael would put his loved mother through all this, his children, the whole Jackson clan?

1466 days ago
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