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Tiger Mistress: Divorce Won't Erase Elin's Humiliation

8/24/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Despite her newly found marital freedom, Elin Nordegren will never live down the "pubic humiliation" ... this according to Tiger Woods mistress number 9ish Jaimee Grubbs.

TMZ spoke to Jaimee, who says Tiger is an "a**hole" and "deserves to be hated" for "treating all these woman, including myself, like rag dolls" -- but says deep down inside she still "feels sorry for the guy."

Jaimee also said she believes Elin's decision to dump Tiger is "totally legit" -- and says "regardless of how much money she settles on, it isn't going to erase her public humiliation from his choices."

And Jaimee knows a thing or two about public humiliation ... she was recently arrested for driving on a suspended license ... and photographed without a front tooth.

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P-town Girl    

Did anyone else notice at the beginning of this article it says...

Elin Nordegren will never live down the

"pubic humiliation" ...

this according to Tiger Woods mistress number 9ish Jaimee Grubbs

1490 days ago

Throwback kid    

What is Grubbs talking about? she is a low life skank that will spread her legs for anyone who is famous! Why did Clooney hook up with this pathetic girl?

1490 days ago


some people's selective sense of morality is amazing to watch.

1490 days ago


Do skanks rule the media world now? We'll pay them goodness knows what to yammer on like victims? They are just as dirty as Tiger! He's worse but they are right behind him in the line. He was well-known as was his marriage, and they knew what they were doing when they spread their legs. All of a sudden it's run to Gloria and cry on tv, get a reality show and not have one iota of shame for their part. Great! And we all just sit back and let this ride? Give them zero media attention! We're just spawning a new generations of groupies. Soon they'll be legitimate schools teaching them how to plot and how to look down a pregnancy. Gross!

1490 days ago


Spelling error: **LOCK DOWN A PREGNANCY

1490 days ago


My favorite quote: "treating all these woman, including myself, like rag dolls"

Rag dolls. Wash, rinse, use again. Love it. hahahahhaha.

1490 days ago


I don't care if there was 1 or 100 so called "rag dolls",bottom line,they were not lovers,he was not"in love"with them,they were"booty calls". Each and every one of them knew he was married,they knew he was not going to leave his wife for them. Let Tiger alone,he made a mistake,not the first one to make that one,not the last one either.Move on!No one knew who most of these"ladies" were before this happened,now they are known for this,their mothers must be sooo proud!

1490 days ago


I am with Whamo...what should we do put a scarlet letter on him. I am deeply saddened at any marriage that does not survive. It is a challenge to all potential marriages...but what I cant believe is what in the world do these mistresses know about Elin and her challenges..

Didnt they have any compassion on the family...wow,what times are we in..when the outside women get more publicity, or 5 minutes of fame than the couple and family. I am deeply disturbed by these women .......and have little comment except that it is not newsworthy....

jus not....I pray for them, their children and family...I also ask that the Lord protect other families and marriages that face challenges.

1490 days ago


Rachel got $10 million to hush about his Poly Max Extremes usage on the golf course to win tournaments and knows she can ruin him completely by spilling the beans about it. Tiger is in a hugh mess and cant win a tournament now because of it.

1490 days ago


Tiger should just open up a "House of Whorrors" at an amusement park. He can feature all of his new found loves, and make some money off of them.

1490 days ago


Public humiliation?for Elin?She's the most dignified divorcee ever..She's setting a great example for being a strong woman.

As for Grubbs,I have nothing to say to her except to shut her pie hole so she does not upset and anger any decent and strong women that makes sense in this country and around the world.

1490 days ago


Yea!! How dare she speak on this! She is apart of Elin's humiliation! She knew he was married and screwed him anyway. Look forward to the lake of fire CUN*!

1490 days ago

bonnie parrish    

i agree jamie should keep her mouth shut or hopefully someone will shut it for her shes a momey grabbing whore and tiger is a asshorle you go elin im behind you 1000 per cent youre the one with class and dignity not them

1490 days ago


Jamiee, you skanky whore. No one feels sorry for you and the other 20 whores. You bitches knew he was married and you still slept with him. Go away you ugly, useless bitch.

1490 days ago


Rachel Uchitel, Jamiee Grubbs, what #'s are you? 13,14 What happend to Gloria Allred?

Grubbs, your last name alone sums you right up.

All of you are not street hookers. You are Pro's looking for a sugar daddy wallet and still conduct your "business" You were all well PAID FOR SERVICES PROVIDED.

Treating all of these women like rag dolls, that's a joke.

Elin Woods, public humiliation of course. Who's getting the last laugh now? Elin has class you can't even buy.

1490 days ago
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