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Tiger Mistress: Divorce Won't Erase Elin's Humiliation

8/24/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Despite her newly found marital freedom, Elin Nordegren will never live down the "pubic humiliation" ... this according to Tiger Woods mistress number 9ish Jaimee Grubbs.

TMZ spoke to Jaimee, who says Tiger is an "a**hole" and "deserves to be hated" for "treating all these woman, including myself, like rag dolls" -- but says deep down inside she still "feels sorry for the guy."

Jaimee also said she believes Elin's decision to dump Tiger is "totally legit" -- and says "regardless of how much money she settles on, it isn't going to erase her public humiliation from his choices."

And Jaimee knows a thing or two about public humiliation ... she was recently arrested for driving on a suspended license ... and photographed without a front tooth.

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"regardless of how much money she settles on, it isn't going to erase her public humiliation from his choices."

Stop talking out of your ass you worthless whore. I'm sure the millions Tiger's ex will settle for isn't going to heal her, get f'ing real... there's no love when it comes to divorce and money.

1491 days ago


Elin's humiliation? She has conducted herself with dignity and grace from day 1. She has her priorities in place.....her children. She did the right thing..kicked the lying philanderer out - regardless of who he is! How many "stars" are caught with their pants down so to speak and yet 'work it out' with their spouse? Elin Nordegren has written the handbook for holding your head high and doing the right thing. Thumbs up Elin. Thumbs down for all the mistresses. As for Tiger? Well, I don't want my comment to be removed.

1491 days ago


She's got a big mouth, but what can we expect from a no-class whore who feels sorry for poor, poor Tiger. She should keep quiet and keep a low profile. She's nobody famous or admired. She's right about him being an A-hole, however.

If I did something wrong and got found out, I'd be the one who was humiliated by my own actions. She and Tiger need to look in the mirror.

1491 days ago


And still these 3rd wave "feminists" refuse to take ANY responsibility for the part they played in all this. No it's ALL the man's fault even though they knew damn well the man was married. That's right, you dishonest whores, hug your victimhood. Of course these bitches were the ones that made it a point to humiliate Elin by going public in order to get a payday and some fame as opposed to finding a way to pull Elin aside and discretely inform her of Tiger's behavior. The least these ****s could do is take some responsibility for their "choices". Aren't femis always going on about a right to "choose"? They sure don't like to take responsibility for the results of any of their poor "choices" though, do they?

1491 days ago


Funny how Fantasia is being hammered by the press as a "home wrecker" for an affair with a married man, yet these Tiger and Jessie WHORES are making millions on it.

WTF is wrong with America?

Posted at 7:58 AM on Aug 24, 2010 by Jennyy

that says it all WTF is wrong with America????????????

1490 days ago


Well Grubbs is a proper name for her......a grubb is a white worm like creature, that crawls and lives in the dark ground, and then slowly destroys gardens . She along with the rest of her grubb friends slowly help destroy, people and their marriages. I know Tiger is no saint, but they came crawling out of their hole in the ground to destroy him and his family. I think they have shown their hand and in doing so have destroyed themselves, KARMA is a bitch. By the way Grubbs dont like being exposed to the light, it will kill them.

1490 days ago


All of the prostitutes Tiger HIRED should go back to their pimp for a new assignment! No one wants to hear anything you have to say, least of all Elin! Get off TV and stop the worthless interviews. You are just showing folks what you are!

1490 days ago

Proud American    

His wife will be fine she is getting an education. The is a very positive start for her life without the loser. He can going on and enjoy his tramps now, but he should behave in front of his children.

1490 days ago


stupid whores need to stfu! Oh but it was ok for Tiger to cheat on his wife as long as you were the ONLY whore??? Please. Don't these whores realize the pain the continually bring to Elin for opening thier mouths. STFU and go slither into a hole skank

1483 days ago
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