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Tiger and Elin -- The Silent Treatment

8/23/2010 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that although Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren came together to finalize their divorce this morning there wasn't so much as a "hello" uttered between them.

Sources at the courthouse in Panama City, FL tell us Tiger and Elin were definitely in the same room at the same time, but they did not speak to each other at all.

We're told they kept their distance, choosing instead to stand with their lawyers -- meaning Elin was not lonely ... she had 8 attorneys present.

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So sad. He had it all and gave it up for what..??.meaningless sex with too many women to count. He would've been happier following through on his commitments and staying within his marriage in the first place. A lesson he'll learn (if he hasn't already), but not soon enough. The kids will suffer most.

1520 days ago


How many lawyers does it take to milk a Tiger?

It eight - - - or be eaten.

(sometimes I crack myself up)

Have you seen the Alfo Romao Sloth Video yet?

1520 days ago

Sin D    

I hope she got him for as much as possible.

1520 days ago


What would you expect? What's left to say? Hi honey, how are you and whose new?

1520 days ago


I give Elin kudos for having to do this in the public eye! She knew exactly what she had to do as soon as she found out, to leave this lousy excuse of a husband. You go girl!!!!!!! I admire her strength and fortitude!

1520 days ago


She had one lawyer for every 2 of his girlfriends...hummmm

1520 days ago


What was left to say?

1520 days ago


Where is the surprise? What do you expect? Elin has from the very beginning always been a CLASS ACT.

Keep your mouth shut and let the lawyers handle it and that's exactly what she did.

Good for her. It's over.

1520 days ago


Elin, you're such a pretty intelligent woman and seem to have a good head on your shoulders so how can you actually not have known about Tigers problems? I have many athlete friends and it's been known commonly throughout the community about his indiscretions for many years .. my question to you is, why would you have waited until it became public to get divorced? I'm definitely not on Tigers side by any means but you must of been getting paid way before it became public and due to the humility you are now suffering you've decided to cover it up with a divorce. You're basically just another high class hooker not much different than Rachel Uchitel so I really don't feel bad for you at all. Your marriage was a sham from jump, now you're using the pity card to gain sympathy as the unknowing loving wife who was suddenly betrayed by her big bad celebrity husband, the worst part is people are so naive they believe this soap opera. Its just too bad you had children they will grow up completely messed up not much different than other cleb kids whose names I won't mention. We'll sadly see them over the years end up on drugs, in jail, or even dead. Not wishing for any of this just won't be surprised. Good job, you are the best of the gold diggers, now try and save those kids with the 300 million you cashed in, way to set an example to the other Hollywood hookers!

1520 days ago


I can barely afford one lawyer for my divorce...not fun at all!

1520 days ago

Get real    

I hope they both move on and have happy lives. I hope their kids are ok, I hope Elin finds happiness and I hope that Tiger regains his golf abilities and moves forward.

1520 days ago

big nuts    

She needs a good white guy anyway.

1520 days ago


#10 said it all. She is no longer emotionally attached to him and that is good for her & him. They will both move on, and he will get his game back now that this is behind him and she will live a life of lux and be a happy & not so "innocent" next time around. She is a class act and handled this very well, not like the American trash out there now. (Sandra B is also a class act and very talented). They both kicked the trash to the curb.

1520 days ago


He is still the father of her children and she is still the mother of his children. For their sake, these two have to grow up and be at least cordial to one another. I hope they do that for the sake of their kids.

1520 days ago

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1520 days ago
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